IronMan 3 Assemblers

Posted on: January 19, 2013

Hasbro has released images via their facebook page of Iron man Assemblers.  3 3/4 figures that will have 25 different armor combinations for both Ironman and War Machine.

The assembler will be released in February.  Enjoy.


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It’s time for another trip down memory lane with Mr. Nostalgia

Posted on: January 19, 2013


















When I was a kid, my hero was Indiana Jones. From the minute I first saw him in Raiders, I knew this was the guy for me. Cool coat and hat, bullwhip, daring adventures, this guy was “it”.


Like all summer-blockbuster films Indy received his own toy line, and it was the Indiana Jones figure I wanted most of all. At a local 5 and Dime (anyone remember those stores?) my sister and I found an Indiana Jones dressed in German disguise figure. (Years later my figure wound up losing his head and my dad some how drilled a scew into the body and re-attached the head to it). For a birthday I received the Cairo Swordsman, Arabian horse, Belloq, and the German mechanic that Indy fights at the air field. But still I didn’t have my Indiana Jones figure.


While visiting an aunt in Long Island I found a Well of the Souls playset, and at a Toys R Us with my dad I got the German convoy truck that carried the Ark. Somewhere along the lines I got a Toht figure and years and years later as a teenager I would wind up getting the Streets of Cairo play set, the Map Room play set (that came with an Indy in disguise costume) and the Belloq in ceremonial garb figure.


But at the time, I was Indy-less. To try and make do, I would pretend my G.I. Joe Sgt. Slaughter figure was Indy. I mean, he had a hat after all, that was something, right? But still, it was a very poor excuse for Indiana Jones, and this was years before Ebay was invented and I was too young to go to conventions. I was sure I’d never get my figure.


All that would change one day in my grammar school playground.


I don’t know how or why the next thing happened, but fate seemed to be with me that day. Someone on the play ground owned the figure. Most likely his older brother handed it down to him. One day at school he had told me about it. I must have been 12 at the time when this happened and I offered him a trade. I would buy him two bags of onion rings (total value of 50 cents) for his Indy figure. I knew it was a lousy offer and the toy was worth way more than that, but I was 12 for Pete’s sake and had been searching for this thing for years.


He said yes and the next day he brought it in. It was so cool. The leather jacket, the hat, the holster. He didn’t have his gun or whip with him but he still looked so awesome. Oh man, THIS was THE toy! The toy I so desperately wanted. I bought the onion rings, he handed me the figure, and I was FINALLY the proud owner of an actual Indiana Jones toy.


All in all I almost had the complete set of figures with the exception of Sallah and Marion Ravenwood. A few years went by and my Well of the Souls play set was broken. I lost my desert convoy truck. My sister bought for me at a convention another Well of the Souls play set to replace my first one. As I got older I began to thin out my collection. My wife and I had bought our first house, lived there for a few years and were looking into buying our second. More money was needed so I started to list things on Ebay. Slowly my Indy colletion began to dwindle down. I sold all my figures to someone, including that very special Indy figure, and shipped them off. We bought a house and life went on. There are times when I miss that figure. He was so cool after all, but I’m glad I sold him. Besides, most likely he’d be sitting either on a shelf collecting dust or in a storage bin.


I still have this unique story of how I obtained him, which is equally as exciting as owning the figure, and all the memories of playing with the toy. Now the Indy toy lives on with another collector, awaiting his own further adventures, and I would have it no other way. I own only one special Indy collectible that I will never part with, but that is a story for another day.


Mr. Nostalgia



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Matty Collector UPDATE addressing issues

Posted on: January 18, 2013

Today Matty Collector the online store of collectors from Mattel answers some questions and raise new ones….


Club Eternia & Infinite Earths Subscribers,We’ve heard some of you are confused about the order confirmation for your January shipments and we can understand why! To help clarify, first, here’s how the initial signup and payment works: When you sign up for your subscription during the open enrollment in July/August, your credit card is charged for the membership fee, which pays for the club exclusive figure. When the first club figure ships in January, you are charged only for that January figure and tax/shipping/handling.


Now here’s where it gets tricky… When your January subscription was shipped, we sent a SHIPMENT CONFIRMATION. The Total shown on this confirmation includes both the original membership fee (which you paid last summer) and the cost of the January figure, plus tax/shipping/handling. The membership fee and the figure/tax/shipping/handling are both included because they’re technically all part of the same original order placed last summer. So even though the membership fee isn’t shown as a separate line item, the amount is included in the total on the confirmation (we’re working to rectify this for next year).

In the box with your shipment is an INVOICE. This invoice shows the actual amount you were charged for January – the first figure and the tax/shipping/handling (your bank statement will also reflect this amount). You were not actually charged again for the membership fee. Please note this only happens in January. From February through December, your order confirmations and invoices will all match. And when it’s time for the club-exclusive figure to ship, you’ll only be charged tax/shipping/handling – the figure itself was already covered by the membership fee you paid last summer. Hope that helps!


-Matty has posted a question from ToyGuru concerning the future of Club Eternia, the subscription service dedicated to Masters of the Universe Classics.

I’ve seen a lot of comments today on Facebook about Fangman not being worth $25/$27.00. I wish it was less expensive to make these figures but reality being what it is, production/material costs have risen necessitating this price increase (that in all fairness we announced back in July!).

As we start looking at a potential 2014 line, do fans want the same quality/accessories and package we have now, or would you prefer we found ways to cost reduce the figures back down to $20.00? This would likely include things like very minimal packaging (i.e. a polly bag), no accessories and reduced deco.

What say you? Keep as is or go for a less expensive version of figures that can come in closer to $20.00? Just curious what everyone’s thoughts are.


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Mortal Kombat Shao Khan Pop Culture Shock Statue

Posted on: January 18, 2013

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles has announced their new Mortal Kombat Shao Khan statue.

The hi-end Polystone statue is depicted in the epic 1:4 scale, standing an enormous 19.5″ inches tall with a price of $350 USD, strictly limited to 350 pieces.  The Statue will also come with an additional mask less head and will include a certificate of authenticity.

To find out more information and to pre order your statue beginning January 28th, log onto Pop Culture Shock Collectibles or just click on our link.


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Posted on: January 18, 2013

Fangman will be available in March from Matty Collector and Club Eternia Subscription.

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Sons of Anarchy Die Cast Bikes from Maisto

Posted on: January 16, 2013

Announced in early December, Maisto the replica car company will be producing “Sons of Anarchy” die cast 1:18 scale motorcycles.  Based on the TV show on FX Maistro will replicate the Harley Davidson Motorcycles from the show.  The models will be available in early 2013.


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Four Horsemen’s Toypocalypse 3 Featuring The Power Lords

Posted on: January 16, 2013

The Four Horsemen designers have announced the details of this year’s Toypocalypse that runs consistently with The New York ToyFair.  This year’s theme is THE POWER LORDS, which the Horsemen have recently aquired the license for the property.

The Outer Space Men Customs and Art Show was such an amazing success last year at Toypocalypse 2: Futuretro, that we decided to go ahead and do it again at the rapidly approaching Toypocalypse 3, but this time the subject matter of the show is the Power Lords!

Once again, we’d LOVE for you to submit your own artwork based on the Power Lords or extra terrestrial inspired customs or artwork to the show!

Toypocalypse 3 (details coming later this week) will begin on February 9th at 7pm, but we’ll need any artwork or customs that you’ll be submitting for the show to be delivered to us by Feb. 1st, 2013 (deadline for application & dimensions – Jan. 18th).

For all of the details about the Power Lords Customs & Art Show, and go to the link on the right side of the page – “POWER LORDS ART SHOW SUBMISSION FORM”, or just click this link:

Can’t wait to see your Power Lords creativity!!


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Save your favorite token in Monopoly

Posted on: January 12, 2013

Hasbro, makers of the hit game Monopoly has announced that they will be changing the game forever by removing one of the classic tokens and replace it with a updated token.  The final decision will be made by YOU the fans of the beloved game.  Hasbro through their Facebook account is holding a vote to save the most popular tokens.  You can vote now by going to their Facebook page at but vote soon because the voting ends on February 5, 2013.

The excitement doesn’t end there as you may also vote on the new token.  You can choose CAT, TOY ROBOT, DIAMOND RING, HELICOPTER OR GUITAR.

Fans have already taken to Twitter and other Facebook pages to save their favorite tokens.  you can be part of the fun by sending your thoughts to #tokenvote.


The MONOPOLY game was invented by Charles Darrow, whose young niece suggested he use metal charms from her charm bracelets as movers in the game. Parker Brothers liked this suggestion and decided to include die-cast tokens in the game when they started manufacturing and selling the MONOPOLY game in 1935.  The iron, race car, thimble, shoe, top hat and battleship were among the original set of movers introduced in 1935. The Scottie dog and wheelbarrow were added in the early 1950s.

Vote soon because they will replace the new token by the end of 2013.




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Masters of the Universe will now be a ongoing monthly series from DC Comics

Posted on: January 12, 2013





























DC Comics announced today that He-Man and the Masters of the Universe will now be a on-going monthly comic by Keith Giffen and Pop Mhan.

The first issue will feature Adora as Despara, Hordak’s most deadly assassin.  According to MTV a death of a major character will also take place in the book.

The book will begin in April with a cover by superstar artist Ed Benes with Terry and Rachel Dodson.



You can read more about Despara on the Digital only DC Comic of Masters of the Universe.

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Thundercats Mini-Mates Wave 3

Posted on: January 10, 2013

Here are some new images of Mini-Mates Series Three Thundercats.

They are expected to be available in the Spring of 2013, maybe in time for San Diego Comic Con.


This wave will round out your collection to include:


Cheetarah, Tygra, Wilykit, Wileykat and Berbill Bill

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Posted on: January 10, 2013

Hot Toys has released these images if their upcoming figure, The Dark Knight Joker.

Based on the Heath Ledger Joker that was featured in the Block Buster The Dark Knight.


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Mattel’s Answer to the Walmart Sales of Masters of the Universe Classics

Posted on: January 10, 2013

Last week a Walmart in Southern California (Moreno Valley) was in fact selling Masters of the Universe Classics’  Roboto and Gygor figures.  The prices were lower than offered on Matty

Mattel was bombarded with questions concerning Masters of the Universe going to retail and today Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich answered those questions on the Matty Collector boards:



It took us a few days to get to the bottom of this one. Bottom line is these items were not sold to WMT. They appear to be at only one single location and this WMT acquired them on the secondary market from a third party. Mattel did not set up this end cap or this promotion. There are no plans for MOTUC to be distributed at retail at this time. Maybe the toy aisle manager is a big MOTU fan. Not really sure, but this is not a Mattel program. That I can confirm.


There you have it just a happy coincidence but hopefully this will be a start of He-Man heading back to retail.  However with the most companies going to online only collector’s club, it may never happen.

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