Bendis and Oeming Powers figures from Dark Horse

Posted on: April 28, 2013

APRIL 27, CHICAGO, IL–Dark Horse Deluxe, an imprint of Dark Horse Comics, has licensed rights to create figures based on Powers, a long-running creator-owned series of comics and graphic novels by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Avon Oeming.

Projects include a limited-edition statue of Retro Girl, a central figure in the first Powers story arc, and a boxed set of vinyl figures of the series’ ongoing principal characters.

Combining the genres of superhero fantasy, crime noir, and police procedural, Powers follows the lives and cases of two homicide detectives, Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, assigned to investigate cases involving people with superhuman abilities, who are referred to as “powers.”

“We have been very particular about merchandising Powers over the years, because I wanted to make sure it was the highest-quality merchandise we could offer,” said Brian Michael Bendis. “I am a giant fan of Dark Horse and the care they give their merchandising. I am very excited about this partnership.”

“We feel that Powers is one of the best graphic-story treatments of the modern era,” Dark Horse Product Development Vice President David Scroggy remarked. “We are delighted to bring these characters forward. Brian Bendis is a master of story construction and dialogue, making him one of today’s most widely read comics writers, and Michael Oeming’s unique art style is one of the most individual in the field. Capturing their creative vision is a challenge we appreciate, and we couldn’t be more excited to work directly with these two talents in making that happen.”

The Retro Girl statue will be sculpted by Tony Cipriano, who has created many popular superhero-themed collectible statues for a variety of companies. Michael Avon Oeming, working in concert with Bendis and Dark Horse, created special art for the statue, which will be used as control art during sculpting. The statue will capture the stylized nature of the graphic art, while anchoring the figure in realism.

“To see your work translated into sculpture is always scary, but I’m very excited to be working with the amazing Tony,” Oeming stated.

Dark Horse also plans a boxed set of four-to-five-inch vinyl figures, which will include protagonists Walker and Pilgrim as centerpieces of the ensemble.

Both projects are slated for release in the fourth quarter of 2013. The prototypes will be shown to the trade and the public for the first time as part of the product display in the Dark Horse booth at San Diego Comic-Con in July.

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Mr. Nostalgia is back, Warning you to take care of your toys!

Posted on: April 28, 2013

When I was a kid, I remember having a Mego Planet of the Apes doll. Now, I wasn’t a fan of the show, so the toy might have been my brothers, I’ve only seen a few of the movies, don’t remember the live action show, and think I remember the cartoon series. ( In fact, the only thing I like about Planet of the Apes is that Roddy McDowall played a part in the movies. ) I remember it was the summer, and I had just come home from shopping with my mother, brother and sister. In the yard our kid’s pool was out filled with water from a day’s swimming, and for some reason I will never know why, I threw the Apes doll right into the pool. I never saw the toy again.


As kids, we can play pretty rough with our toys, while others we’re very careful with. For instance, after The Empire Strikes Back came out, whenever we wanted a frozen Han Solo in carbonite, or any Star Wars figure in carbonite for that matter, we would take a plastic cup, fill it with water, place the cup in the freezer and wait until it froze. I did this once with a Han Solo in Hoth outfit. I remember taking it to the basement to release him from his carbon sleep with a hammer only to crash through the plastic cup and break off his arm. Breaking the figure was far from my mind that day and I doubt a lesson was learned cause we still froze our figures.


Another example would be when my brother and I would be playing with our matchbox cars (I never cared for those personally and only had some cause my brother had some) and whenever we wanted to “prime” our cars we’d scratch them against the concrete until the paint was gone and the metal was showing. I had no idea what “prime” was, at least not until I worked in a garage with my dad and brother. (For those of you who don’t know, “prime” is used before painting. Let’s say a door is hit in an accident. If it can be fixed, the mechanic will fix it, use some bondo to cover up the place that was hit (bondo is like car spackle I guess), then “prime” over it. Once the prime is sanded out smooth, you can then paint over it and blend it into the rest of the door color.)Again, we weren’t being brutes with our toys, we were just kids being kids.


Some toys broke by accident, some we broke purposely. I remember getting a model of a Star Wars van. I went in my room, took it out of the box, and then dropped a pool ball onto the van over and over until it broke. Don’t know why, I was just a kid. Weird gift for a kid anyway since I was very young and could never put together a model, and still can’t to this day.


I think every kid played like that with some of their toys once in a while. Some we treated carefully, some we gave a beating too, but all were cherished items in our toy box. I don’t think that will ever change either. Kids play with toys. It’s what they’re made for. When we are kids we aren’t the collectors we will one day become, or else we’d be extremely careful with them. We play with the toys in the snow, mud, dirt, sand at the beach. We try to make parachutes out of tissues and drop them from windows, we crash the vehicles into walls or send them flying down flights of steps.


They’re just kids being kids, and the memories of that is what counts. Remembering, “Oh, yeah, I had a Mego Planet of the Apes doll” and then telling the story about what happened to it. I’m sure there are thousands of stories out there. Some about toys one once had, some about toys they lost, or toys they gave a beating too. Either way, it’s what nostalgia is all about and what keeps me coming back to write this column, and I hope it keeps you coming back to read it too.



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Posted on: April 23, 2013

Comedy Central announced today that the upcoming eighth season of the fan favorite hit show Futurama will be the show’s last season.


“I’m very proud of the upcoming season. If this is indeed the end of Futurama, it’s a fantastic finish to a good, long run,” creator Matt Groening said in a statement

The final season begin June 19th on Comedy Central.

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Mr. Nostalgia presents 2ND STRINGERS

Posted on: April 21, 2013
No, I’m not referring to sports terms, I’m talking toy terms. Toy 2nd stringers are the toys that you’ve always had, but can never remember where, or when or even who gave them to you. They are the toys you use as background filler for your Star Wars or G.I. Joe wars, or the toys you play with very little when you’re bored with your other toys, or the toys you take when your parents are rushing out of the house and you want to bring a toy along and they are the only ones you can quickly find. 2nd stringers also are the first to break, get lost, thrown away or sold at a yard sale. Very rarely do they last into your adult collection.
I’d like to talk about two such 2nd stringers I had as a child, two toys that I still have and have found a value in, not financially, but personally, as I’ve come to enjoy the characters. They are a Lone Ranger and Zorro action figure from the 1980’s. Despite having the two figures, I can’t remember if I had their respective horses or not.
 Designed more like the 1980 Raiders of the Lost Ark figures from Kenner than the ever popular Kenner Star Wars figures, the Lone Ranger and Zorro figures had bendable knees and hips so they could sit on their horses. They were made for a cartoon series made by Filmation in 1980 called The Tarzan/Lone Ranger Adventure Hour, and later renamed in 1981 The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour that aired on CBS. As a kid I never watched the show or even saw these toys sold in stores.
The toys were made by Gabriel toys and were poseable. The Zorro line had 4 action figures and two horses:
Zorro who came with a removable cape, sword and pistol.
Amigo, Zorro’s sidekick, who came with a sword and a pistol.
The villainous Captain Ramon who came with a sword and pistol.
Sergeant Gonzales who came with a sword and pistol.
Zorro’s horse Tempest, and Amigo’s horse Picaro were sold separately (though eventually Zorro and Tempest, and Amigo and Picaro would be sold together with their horses).
The card was orange and yellow like a sunset and featured a picture of Zorro rearing up on Tempest’s hind legs, Zorro raising his sword in the air. The figure was bubbled on the left side of the card.  On the back top of the card was a picture of the six Zorro toys with their weapons, and beneath that some back story on Zorro.  On the bottom of the card was a picture of the five Lone Ranger figures and their horses.
The Legend of the Lone Ranger toys, as the card said, was black with a profile of the Lone Rangers mask and face on the left side of the card.  On the bottom of the left side of the card was a picture of the Lone Ranger riding Silver in front of  a sun over the mountains.  The figures were bubbled on the right side.  The back top of the card had a picture of all 5 characters with their guns and 3 horses, as well as a brief back story about the Lone Ranger.
The Lone Ranger figures were:
The Lone Ranger who came with two guns
Tonto who came with a dagger and gun
General George Custer who came with a gun
Buffalo Bill Cody who came with a rifle
The villainous Butch Cavendish who came with a gun.
The Lone Ranger’s horse Silver, Tonto’s horse Scout, and Butch Cavendish’s horse Smoke were sold separately (though, much like Zorro and his horse, these figures too were sold with their horses together later on).
The card went through a variation when a small blurb reading “Free Western Town” replaced the image of The Lone Ranger riding before the sun.  On the back of the card was a picture of the Western Town.  To get it, all a child had to do was cut out the proof of purchase, which was the white name of the characters (four was necessary to send in and could have been any combination of figure and horse or just figures so long as four was sent in).  The offer expired June 30th 1982 and they would receive it by August 1st 1982.
The free Western Town was nothing more than a cardboard backdrop with illustrations that read: The Gold Nugget Saloon and Casino, Carson City Bank, Arbuckle’s hotel, jail, Bok’s General Store, Blacksmith shop and stables, and came with streets and side walks.
While I never got any more of either of these series of toys, Zorro and The Lone Ranger survived every thinning out of my collections I ever had. They reside in my parent’s attic right now.  I knew things about them as a kid such as The Lone Ranger’s horse was named Silver, Tonto always called him Kemo Sabe, and The Lone Ranger fired Silver bullets.  I even had a Lone ranger coloring book as a kid. Zorro I dressed 7 years in a row for Halloween, but it wouldn’t be until I was older that I would learn about the rich history behind these characters, such as Zorro’s first story that was published in 1919 (and would go on to have a total of 65 stories written), amazing films such as the 1920 silent film starring Douglas Fairbanks Sr. The Mark of Zorro, the 1940 Tyrone Power The Mark of Zorro, and my personal favorite the Disney Zorro TV series starring Guy Williams as Zorro that aired on ABC on Thursdays from 1957-1959 (and “MY” personal favorite version of Zorro).
The Lone Ranger too has had a long career of righting wrongs, starting with his radio serial in 1933 that aired originally on WYXZ in Detroit as well as  the ever famous TV series from 1949 (also airing on ABC) starring Clayton Moore as “the masked man”. I haven’t found “MY” personal version of The Lone Ranger yet, but I really think this summer’s blockbuster from Disney starring Armie Hammer as The Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp as Tonto will be “MY” version.
So from 2nd string toys to modern day interests, it’s interesting to see how these characters have stuck around long enough for me to get interested in them.
How about you readers out there?  Do you have any 2nd string toys you still have?
Mr. Nostalgia
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Posted on: April 21, 2013

This just in from Funko, Vinyl figure release dates:

He-man and the Masters of the Universe MAY 21st



Hannibal Lecter


  Alien and Predator May 16th


  Ace Ventura May 21st


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Posted on: April 21, 2013

We here at just wanted to say we apologize for the delay in updates.

A special thank you to Mr. Nostalgia for keeping the site going why we were fixing some problems.

In the future we will keep you updated on everything and anything toys and hopefully a few surprises along the way.

Thanks for watching


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Posted on: April 21, 2013

Pawtucket, R.I. (April 18, 2013) — For the first time in history, the Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) TRANSFORMERS brand is inviting fans of all ages around the globe to help create a new TRANSFORMERS character that will be forever added to the TRANSFORMERS world. In anticipation of the TRANSFORMERS’ brand 30th anniversary in 2014, the “Fan Built Bot” Poll kicks off today, and will run through May 5th on Hasbro invites fans to vote daily to shape this new TRANSFORMERS character. The new character will be made into an action figure featured in the “Thrilling 30” line of toys to celebrate the anniversary.

Hasbro is giving kids and fans the opportunity to make the “Fan Built Bot” character with votes determining everything from being an AUTOBOT or DECEPTICON—to its vehicle or other mode, color, personality and more. Kids and fans are encouraged to vote daily!  Also, to keep with the theme of the fans being the ones who really shape and create this new TRANSFORMERS character, Hasbro will also give fans a say in the naming of the new character. More details on the naming will be announced soon.

“Since 1984, the TRANSFORMERS brand has been bringing entertainment and excitement to kids and fans with our beloved characters like BUMBLEBEE and OPTIMUS PRIME. We invite all fans to help us kick off the 30th anniversary of TRANSFORMERS with a new character of their choice — for the first time in history,” said Jay Duke, vice president of the TRANSFORMERS brand at Hasbro. “This is the perfect way to kick off our anniversary celebration and the ‘Thrilling 30’ line of special edition figures. It will be tremendous fun for everyone to keep track of the entire process from the designing of the character; leading up to its introduction as a toy and watching it become a part of the TRANSFORMERS brand.”


The results of the poll will be announced by Hasbro at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego, as part of the official kick-off to Hasbro’s TRANSFORMERS “Thrilling 30” anniversary celebration. Kids and fans will be able to purchase the “Fan Built Bot” character as a toy and will see the new character appear in official TRANSFORMERS comic books.

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Mr. Nostalgia is back and he is not alone

Posted on: April 6, 2013
It’s time for another trip down Memory Lane with Mr. Nostalgia in… Collectors in Arms
One of the greatest things I’ve learned about collecting isn’t the finding of the toy, it’s about getting there. “Life’s a journey, not a destination” they say, and I think that is true with toy collecting. There is more excitement in trying to get that “Holy Grail” you’re looking for than actually buying it. Case in point, all those days and nights in the early 90’s when I would go out with my friends looking for toys, trash talking each other, talking about movies, quoting lines from films, talking about toys and books in the most detailed way, observing every angle of the story, wondering what would happen if Darth Vader didn’t turn good at the end of Return of the Jedi, or just talking about our jobs.
Those were some of the greatest times ever, and even if we didn’t find anything we still walked out of the store smiling and laughing, not bothered in the least. So, to you, all my “Collectors in Arms”, this blog is dedicated to you and my many thanks for those great memories of going to toy stores and conventions.
First to my wife, Mrs. Nostalgia, who went on toy hunts with me when we were dating and wondered what she got herself into, but also for vacationing with me every year in Disney World, sharing my love for Disney, and collecting Disney art, pins, and anything else Disney related. For watching every Disney special that they air on TV even though we have already seen them 1,000 times already, and for being you.  I love you, Mrs. Nostalgia.
To my brother Chad, for never letting me play with your Star Wars toys but I did anyway. For those times in the 90’s when you’d go on toy hunts with us for the latest “new” Star Wars toys, looking for the potato chip bag to get the proof of purchase to send away for the Ben Kenobi Force figure and going to the Chiller Horror Movie Convetions. Thanks, and I swear I don’t have your signed Alex Ross Spider-man poster.
To my twin sister Jodie, who always went on toy hunts, collected more than I did, and got me tons of Disney stuff while away at Disney College Program, who went to conventions with us to Chiller, and talks Disney with me and Mrs. Nostalgia and Disney collecting. Thanks.
To Rich, who went to practically every convention I ever went to, for being my friend that all started with a tauntaun (you’ll read about that soon), and for hanging out constantly in the 90’s when we were in toy hunt fever, thank you. Now, give me my tauntaun back.
To Tommy, owner of this website, who lets me write about whatever I want and never says no, who went to conventions with me and Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash here in the great state of NJ, thank you for giving me this opportunity to write and for always watching out for Jodie when hanging out with her, and for being a great friend. Here’s to you, and move back to NJ already!
To my cousins Brian and Mark, who were younger than me in the 90’s but still went for rides with me and looked for toys for me.  I always looked at you two like younger brothers and I hope you saw me as an older brother, just one who didn’t give noogies.  I thank you for all those times, for playing Aladdin on Sega, for eating your dad’s Hungarian goulash, and for being great cousins.
To Jacques, who took me into New York City for autograph hunts, showed me the sights of the city, took me to collectible stores, went on toy hunts with me, and sends me and Mrs. Nostalgia tons of Disney stuff from Florida, thanks, and I will see you in a few weeks.
I like to think of these people as not only friends and family, but my fellow Collectors in Arms, and I value the collected memories I have of going out with them, looking for toys, sometimes finding them, sometimes not, but spending that time together. They were great times and make the 90’s special for that reason.
Mr. Nostalgia
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