Mr. Nostalgia Wishes You a “Happy Thor’s Day!”

Posted on: August 15, 2013

In honor of Thor: The Dark World coming out 13 Thursday’s from it’s Friday premier I present to you each and every Thursday leading to that day to be “Happy Thor’s Day”. Why?

Because Thursday is named after the Norse god of thunder, Thor. In Old English, Thursday means “Thor’s Day” or in Old Norse “thorsdagr”.

Thor, in the Old Norse Legends, is represented as a red-bearded god wielding the hammer Mjolnir, which was used as a weapon against the Jotuns (giants), and heard as the boom of thunder to humans. The Vikings, who worshipped these pagan gods before Christianity spread throughout their land, never feared the sound of thunder, for they knew Thor was out battling Frost Giants.

So, “Happy Thor’s Day” to you!

Mr. Nostalgia


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Ecto-1 answers from Toy Guru

Posted on: August 13, 2013

Toy Guru posted some info from Matty Collector’s Facebook page:


Ghostbusters Fans,


Anybody seen any ghosts? How about an Ecto-1?

Okay, so it is no secret that the Ecto-1 pre-sale is a little low. I reached out to AJ at GBfans and some other big fans of the paranormal and I wanted to take a sec to address any outstanding concerns or questions folks have about the Ecto-1in case there are miscommunications or false info that might be keeping anyone from preordering what is sure to be one of the greatest Ghostbusters collectibles of all time.


First off, the price.

Yes, totally hear you. $215 is a premium item. But let me break down what you are getting and where the value is. The Ecto-1will be a 100% fully tool’d car with lights and sounds and all of the bells and whistles you can imagine (have you seen our Castle Grayskull!). A lot of folks are comparing it to the retail 1966 Batmobile, which is at a lower price. When comparing the two toys, keep in mind that the Batmobile is a two person car with a relatively normal front and back and no roof. The Ecto-1, on the other hand, is more than twice the size! It fits four, has an above average long front and back (per the original car) has a roof (with a whole mess of details and equipment on it) and unlike the 1966 Batmobile, the Ecto-1is rigged with tons of electronics including the trademark siren, engine noises, and a clip from the Ghostbusters theme song. Also, a lot of people bought the awesome Hot Wheels Elite Ecto-1 last year for $180.  Although it was diecast, the car is WAYYYYYYY smaller and had no lights and sounds. You really are getting a ton of bang for your buck.

Other folks are asking or are concerned about pre-buying when they don’t see the final product. I really do wish we could just make a prototype car, tool it up and show it to all the fans first. But with the way today’s market is and skyrocketing costs, there is just no way we can move forward on an item this big without a locked-in presale quota.

The good news is that if you preorder and we hit our goal, you will be able to watch as the toy develops as we show new models at NYTF and SDCC next year, leading up to the final product shipping in Q4 2014. And if you do not like what you see as the toy develops you can always cancel.

So if your concern is you are not 100% sure without seeing the final product, I really would urge you to come on board.  You will have the chance to cancel if you don’t like how the toy is developing and you don’t have to pay a dime up front! Your credit card will be authorized for zero dollars just to make sure it’s a valid card but you won’t actually be charged until it ships. There’s no risk but the pay off on finally having an Ecto-1in scale to your 6” line is huge!

A few other items to re-clear up if there are remaining obstacles for fans; a few folks have been concerned about older 2009-2011 product showing up at discount retailers and the Mattel Toy Store (which is open to the public at 333 Continental Blvd, 90245). Fans were asking why this product would be sold at discount and not on Matty? The bottom line is we DID offer this older product on Matty first on Cyber Monday last year. After we sold off what we could at this sale, we announced back in Dec 2012 that remaining product would be moved to clearance to both help promote the line to more casual fans and make room for all the new 2013 and 2014 product. It took 6 months but that product is now showing up and I think a few people forgot we announced this back in December.

We can’t afford to just store older product indefinitely. That increases handling fees and we don’t want to pass that on to the customer. So we needed to clear this out. 2012 product and forward had production cut way back (i.e. for MOTU there were no more second runs) and other items like the Ecto-1are built to order. So you WON’T see these items showing up years later at clearance prices. Essentially our first few years were a learning experience and we over-produced some figures beyond what the fan base was. To keep costs down they were first sold at discount on Matty and later moved to clearance retailers. You won’t see this happen again in the future simply because we have reduced production to sell through rates or are now only building to order (like with the Ecto 1). If your concern is product showing up at discount, you won’t see that again. This was a onetime deal to clear out product that is almost 3 years old and was over produced. So I hope this won’t stop you from preordering the Ecto-1!

I’ve even seen some folks say they don’t want to buy this to “punish Mattel” (?). Guys, let’s be real. Mattel does not need to make these collector toys to keep the company going. Mattycollector is a VERY small brand within Mattel run by very passionate folks. In the end, for a company like Mattel it makes more sense to just make more Barbies and Max Steels and Hot Wheels. We make GB toys and MOTU toys (and all Matty items) because we love the brands and we love our fans. Not supporting awesome toys like this is only hurting each other (I count me there as a fan too!). Mattel will move on with or without the Ecto 1. But for GB fans, this is our one chance to make this happen for us. It is about us and the toys we have been waiting for! This has nothing to do with moving the Mattel stock price. I hate to see fans not buy an Ecto-1for the that reason. We are doing this for us, the GB fans.

So in the end, if we can reach the minimum pre-order your Ecto-1is coming! This is the toy you have asked us to make for years, but it simply is not possible to invest in this much tooling without a preorder minimum. The risk is nothing — you aren’t charged to pre-order and can cancel if you don’t like where it is going. It is HUGE and has lights and sounds, we are delivering it at the lowest cost possible in order to maintain scale and quality, and all product 2012 and forward is produced in lower quotas or built to order so you won’t see it discounted in the future. We can’t do this without your help guys. Opportunities like this rarely come around. And this one won’t repeat itself. If you want an Ecto-1 to go with your 6” GB line, now is the time! The preorder minimum must be met by Aug 19th or it may just be the end of the world as we know it.

If anyone has further questions or needs anything cleared up, please head over to the ASK MATTY forums on and I will do all I can to clear up and answer all questions.



Click the link below and order an Ecto-1 today

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He-man needs your help… or Why should we help Matty Collector

Posted on: August 13, 2013

Club Eternia, The Masters of the Universe branch of Matty Collector’s Subscription service is in danger of not being renewed for 2014.  Everyone in the toy business is rallying together to save the most powerful toyline in the universe in order to finish the vintage line of Masters of the Universe as well as the “A” list characters from Princess of Power and New Adventures.


Like many of you readers, I love toys, action figure, statues and collectibles but growing up there was one icon that took my definition of hero and personified it, that hero is He-Man.  One of the limitations as a kid is that sometimes you could never get every figure of your favorite toyline (unless you were lucky) and before you know it the line ends.  Now as adults we have the opportunity to get every figure that we missed out as kids.  As a bonus these figures have grown up like us, the detail and love provided by the hard working people at Mattel and the Four Horsemen have continued the tradition of the greatest action figure line of all time.  We have even gotten characters that I thought would have never become figures.

I have already signed up for a subscription because He-man is my passion and I am fortunate enough to be able to get these figures.  Now we all realize that if you have to put gas in your car or get a subscription, I understand you have to do whatever is best for you and take care of your responsibilities.  I’m writing to the people that are on the fence about getting a subscription.


In the past Matty’s figures and service have not been the best and with rising cost of both shipping and figures, it’s starting to get very pricey.  Well here are some reasons you should subscribe from one fan to another.


Matty Collector has improved customer service.  I only have had one problem with my past subscription and even though I knew more about the figures then the customer rep did, she was able to solve my problem with no frustration on my part.  Matty has improved customer service as promised.


In the past two years Club Eternia has included characters that everyone (even me) did not want as an action figure but because of our commitment we had to purchase them. Toy Guru has restructured the “Roadmap” to include “A” list figures.  We are getting Two-Bad to start off 2014 and Modulok, a character that I thought we would never get.  WE ARE GETTING THE FILMATION POWER SWORD!!!!  This is what makes this line so incredible, as a MOTU fan did you ever think we would ever get a He-Ro or Wun-Dar.  I’m still hoping for an Eldor to come out.


Matty unfortunately cannot control the price of creating the figures or the shipping of the figures but think about this…  Are you a smoker?  Maybe its time you quit and use that extra income to either buy a sub or save it in the bank.  Look at the secondary market for these figures, all of a sudden people are asking for MOC prices for loose of these figures.  Also consider that if this is a very small collector’s line that Toy Guru proclaims that it is, think about how rare these figures are.  Who know what the price might be for a Shadow Weaver a few years down the line.

Matty is offering a subscription service that will be quarterly to help offset the price of shipping.  They are really trying their best to bring down the cost.  Plastic and Labor prices are increasing but its effecting everything.


You will also help the economy by putting people to work.  As of this date Mattel has ordered the Four Horsemen to cease all sculpting on new figures.  This is how they make their living, now I’m sure they will be all right but let’s help them out for another year.


If two years is a big commitment, then consider only subscribing for 2014 and not worry about 2015.  Hopefully they can go and do one or two figures bi-monthly or something else.  I think we should give it just one more year for He-man.  Do it for that little kid in you that missed out on a figure that he/she really wanted but missed out, I’m sure they’ll thank you for it.

You can pick up a subscription now on Matty Collector but you only have until August 19th.  (Click the link.)


Thanks for reading.

T. Romero

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Mr. Nostalgia Spends Time With…

Posted on: August 13, 2013

Yesterday my wife and I went to the movies and spent some time with these little guys:

Yes, we saw Despicable Me 2.  While I won’t go into too much detail with my short review, I will say that I do prefer the first one to this one.  Part 2 is certainly funny, the Minions, as always, provide much comic relief, and are in the film a lot more this time around.  So, too are the girls.  What I didn’t like about the film was that the story was too predictable to me, I could guess where it was going before it got there.  My favorite part of the entire movie to be honest was to watch Gru being a good father. That was a nice continuation from the first film.

We recently bought the first movie on DVD that came with a free voucher for a movie ticket for $7.50, if it wasn’t for that, and for us seeing it at a matinee, I would have been just as happy seeing it when it is on TV.  I don’t see the need to buy part 2 on DVD when it comes out, and most likely, if it is on TV, I would only watch certain parts, where if part 1 is on I usually will watch it from where I turn the TV on until the end.

Of course, this is just my opinion. 

Until next time,

Mr. Nostalgia

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Mr. Nostalgia Presents…Marvel Merchandise at Pottery Barn Kids

Posted on: August 12, 2013

Ever since the day my wife went to that baby-shower and I hung out with my buddy Rich and brought my camera to the toy store, I’ve tried to make it a habit to continue to do so whenever running errands, especially if there might be toys there.  You never know when you will see something you might want to blog about.  My wife and I had some errands to run and planned on meeting my sister at the mall afterwards for lunch.  Boy, I’m glad I brought my camera!

After taking care of the errands we met my sister at the mall, had some lunch, and then walked the mall going into stores.  We went into Pottery Barn Kids, and while I find the sales people there snotty, the store pretentious, and the prices way too high, I did find some cool Marvel merchandise in there to take some pictures of.

First up, a Captain America pin board, though I would just hang it as a wall decoration myself and not ruin it by putting pins in it.



Next is a Spider-man pin board.  It was out of the box and framed, so I’m assuming it was the same as the Captain America one.  If so, it looks very nice framed, like a nice custom piece of Marvel art.

They had Captain America bed sheets, which I thought was pretty cool.  They would of course go well with that pin board/framed piece of Captain America art they sell over the bed.

They also had Spider-man bed sheets and a Spider-man pillow case.



Finally, what wall-crawler fan’s room would be complete without a Spider-man Night Light?

While the merchandise is all over-priced, it is very nice looking and would look great in any bedroom, or the pin boards framed for a Marvel fan’s office.

Until next time,

Mr. Nostalgia



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4 Horsemen Kickstarter add-ons – Only 45 hours left

Posted on: August 11, 2013

The Four Horsemen Kickstarter Gothitropolis has 45 hours left and will be offering the following add-ons.

!!!NEW!!! THE ALL-IN ADD-ON!! This add-on will get you all of the following figures and other accessories and add-ons for one combined price and you can add any other add-ons on as well. All you’ll need to do is pledge at level one or higher and add $675.00 US and $710.00 international on to get all of the items listed below!   –   Black Raven with Black Wings, White Raven with White Wings, Griffon with Dark Brown Wings, Vulture with Dark Brown Wings, Rooster with Dark Brown Wings, Screaming Eagle with Dark Brown Wings, Falcon with Light Brown Wings, Owl with Light Brown Wings, Cardinal with Red Wings, Phoenix with Red Wings, Quetzalcoatl with Red Wings, Kickstarter Exclusive Minotaur the Duck with White Wings, Pink Flamingowith Pink Wings, one set of Bone Wings & Raven Skull, one Kickstarter Exclusive Black Raven Battle Pack, one White Raven Battle Pack, interchangeable duck feet for Minotaur the Duck, interchangeable duck feet for Pink Flamingo, one Gothitropolis Ravens T-shirt, two Gothitropolis Prints, one Gothitropolis Sticker, your name added to the “THANK YOU” list on (THIS OFFER DOES NOT INCLUDE FIGURE STANDS IF YOU WANT THOSE, THEY’LL NEED TO BE ADDED SEPARATELY)

…PLUS – ONLY WITH THE “ALL-IN ADD-ON” AND NEVER AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE – A free super-limited top secret item that will be a real hoot to collectors!  😉

The project will be funded reaching 1,233 backers with a total of $241,403.00

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Mr. Nostalgia Presents…Another Merged Toy…

Posted on: August 10, 2013

From my Disney pictures of merged toys you know I enjoy these sort of things, so I thought I would share another one I got years ago back in 2004. Back when Palisades Toys were creating Muppet figures, they made lots of exclusive figures.  One of which I really wanted, and found, of all places, on a Disney vacation with my wife in Down Town Diney Market Place in a store called Once Upon a Toy.  It’s Kermit the Frog as Indiana Jones.  (Please excuse the bit fuzzy picture below).  Now, you all know I’m a huge Raiders fan, so please note that the fertlity idol Kermit/Indy comes with is in the design of the Gonzo, which would place this figure in a Raiders of the Lost Ark period.  It’s a pretty cool toy, and one that I’m glad to have added to my Indiana Jones collection.

Until next time,

Mr. Nostalgia

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Mr. Nostalgia Reminds you…Disney’s Planes Opens Today…

Posted on: August 9, 2013

So, today is take off for Disney’s Planes.  Will it be the hit I was thinking?  We’ll see.  In the meantime, enjoy the pictures below of a Planes store display and one of the Dusty and El Chupacabra toys.


Until next time,

Mr. Nostalgia

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Mr. Nostalgia Wishes You a Happy “Thor’s Day”!

Posted on: August 8, 2013

In honor of Thor: The Dark World coming out  14 Thursday’s from it’s  Friday premier I present to you each and every Thursday leading to that day to be “Happy Thor’s Day”.


Because Thursday is named after the Norse god of thunder, Thor. In Old English, Thursday means “Thor’s Day” or in Old Norse “thorsdagr”.

Thor, in the Old Norse Legends, is represented as a red-bearded god wielding the hammer Mjolnir, which was used as a weapon against the Jotuns (giants), and heard as the boom of thunder to humans. The Vikings, who worshipped these pagan gods before Christianity spread throughout their land, never feared the sound of thunder, for they knew Thor was out battling Frost Giants.


So, “Happy Thor’s Day” to you!

Mr. Nostalgia




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Mr. Nostalgia Presents…Tolkien Inspired Book Ends

Posted on: August 6, 2013

Sometime during the years 2001-2003 when The Lord of the Rings movies were coming out, my beautiful wife bought me this Tolkien inspired book ends from Barnes and Nobles for a Christmas present.

The book ends are richly detailed in design and really capture the image of the scene.  Now, it can be argued that this scene shown above of Gandalf at the door and Bilbo on the other side, can be from either The Hobbit book or The Fellowsip of the Rings book.  Why?  Well, let’s discuss. From The Hobbit side of things, once Bilbo “Good Morning’s” Gandalf several times and Bilbo invites him to tea the next day, Bilbo goes inside and shuts the door and heads to his pantry for some cake and a drink to calm his nerves.  During this time, Gandalf is still outside, laughing to himself. “After a while he stepped up, and with the spike on his staff scratched a queer sign on the hobbit’s beautiful green front door.”

This sign, of course, would be the mark for a, “Burglar, wants a good job, plenty of Excitement and reasonable Reward.”, as Gloin says in the book. Gandalf of course confirms the mark that he put there, and thus begins the starting point of Bilbo’s journey of The Hobbit.

Or, of course, it could also be Gandalf paying a visit to see his old friend Bilbo for “A Long Expected Party” that Bilbo was throwing for himself (he was turning 111 after all) and his heir Frodo Baggins (who he adopted when he was 99 as Frodo always was the favorite of Bilbo’s cousins, and took him in to live with him.  Bilbo and Frodo both shared the same birthday of September 22nd, and while this was a big birthday for Bilbo, it was also one for Frodo because he was turning 33, “…an important number: the date of his ‘coming of age’.”  When Bilbo adopted Frodo, “… he was still in his tweens, as the hobbits called the irresponsible twenties between childhood and coming of age at thirty-three.”

But, studying the book ends closer, and considering the year this was released, and the fact that Bilbo looks more like Ian Holm’s Bilbo, I would go the latter.  Of course, in Peter Jackson’s movie, they make no mention of Frodo turning 33, and focus on Bilbo’s eleventy-first birthday.

The book ends also came with a hard cover copy of The Lord of the Rings (further cementing the decision above) which had all three books in one, but the books shown in the picture above are my very first copies of The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King.  I figured they deserved a place of honor, and between the book ends my wonderful wife bought me seemed just like the spot.

Here is a view from the outside where Gandalf is standing:

One also from the inside where Bilbo is standing:

I just love the attention to detail they provided for both the outside and the inside.  Barnes and Nobles no longer sells these, but I’m sure if one was to do an eBay search they could find them if they spent the time doing so.

So, this is one of my favorite Tolkien collectibles I wanted to share, and, for those of you who are reading The Hobbit or any of The Lord of the Rings books right now, might I suggest getting this as a page saver:

That’s right, a 3D Gandalf bookmark.  How cool is that?

Until next time I remain,

Mr. Nostalgia

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It’s Time for another Trip Down Memory Lane with Mr. Nostalgia…where he looks at the History of Crayola Crayons?

Posted on: August 3, 2013
I know what you’re thinking, this is a toy collecting site, so why is he talking about crayons so much? But one thing I know for sure, both Tommy and I as writers, and you as our readers, all share in common the fact that when we were kids we colored in coloring books, colored pictures we drew, colored cards for our parent’s, heck, we might have even colored on the walls, and we all used Crayola Crayons, the go-to crayon when it comes to coloring. There is nothing more nostalgic than Crayola when it comes to crayons, even thinking of the word crayon makes you automatically picture that green and yellow box Crayola’s come in. Crayola goes to crayons like hot dogs goes to summer barbecues.
It’s a quality product that has been around for 110 years, and no doubt will be around for another 110 more. Crayola not only puts their product through rigorous procedures for safety measures when it comes to their crayons from start to finish, they’re also an extremely environmentally friendly company using recycled plastics for their markers, as well as taking any chipped or broken crayons during production that they can’t sell and melting them down again to be recast, as well as many other interesting environmentally friendly things they do, and if I may say so, they are also the best type of crayon to use when coloring.
So, for this blog, I thought we’d take a little history lesson on Crayola products, which, might sound boring at first, but I promise you, by the end will find pretty interesting. So, let’s take a look at their history, complete with time line, ways they help the environment, and a complete color chart that is pretty darn spectacular to read. Don’t believe me? Then read on!
Crayola got it’s start, though it wouldn’t be known as Crayola for many years later, in 1885 when cousins Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith took over Binney’s father’s pigment business (a pigment, for those who don’t know, is a dry substance that cannot be dissolved, usually a dust or powder, that, when suspended in a liquid, becomes a paint or ink). Early on they began with a red oxide pigment which was used for barn paint and a carbon black that was used in car tires. It wasn’t until 1903, when they realized the need for a safe, wax crayon of the highest quality, yet affordable for the times, and this is when everything got interesting.
In 1903 Binney an Smith made the first batch of crayons, which consisted of 8 colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown and black), and sold them for five cents. The name Crayola was created by Edwin Binney’s wife Alice, who took the word “craie” (which is French for chalk) and ola (from oleaginous which means having the nature or qualities of oil). Thus Crayola crayons were born.
In 1958 a box with a built-in sharpener was created featuring 64 different color crayons. In 1978 Crayola crayons celebrate their 75th anniversary and Crayola markers are created. 1984 saw Binney & Smith’s Craoyla purchased by Hallmark Cards Inc. (Just check the bottom of any Crayola product and you will see the Hallmark name.) 1987 Crayola creates washable markers and colored pencils. In 1993 Crayola celebrates it’s 90th birthday with a box that holds 96 crayons, which features 16 new colors. 1996 makes the record as the 100 billionth Crayola craon is created. In 2002, not only does Crayola create the Crayola Craoyn Maker (which allows you to melt your broken crayons and create new ones), but Crayola Twistables are created, basically crayons that look like a pencil, but you twist the top to make the color come out. 2003 celebrated Crayola’s 100th birthday, to celebrate, on October 11th, Crayola created the World’s largest Crayola Crayon which weight 1,500 pounds, was 15 feet hight and 16 inches wide, made in the color blue (which beat the old record in the Guinnes book of 10 feet high).
Quite a history lesson. Besides all these accomplishments, Crayola can also claim being extremely environmentally friendly in how they create their products. Not only does Crayola have a solar panel farm on 20 acres of land that includes over 30,000 solar panels, it provides enough power to make 1 billion Crayola crayons and 500 million Crayola markers a year. As far as their color pencils are concerned, they are created with reforested wood plantations, and for every tree used another of the exact same kind is planted, and they do NOT use trees of endangered species or from tropical rainforests.
Now, you might be wondering just how many Crayola crayons there are in total? There are 120 core crayon colors. The following is a list of crayons and anything printed in bold is either a discontinued color, retired colors and their replacements or has had its name changed with the reason why as a footnote. So, sit back folks, this is one heck of a list:
1903 – 8 colors: Black, Brown, Orange, Violet, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
1949 – 1957 – 48 colors: Apricot, Gold, Orange, Silver, Bittersweet, Gray, Orange Red, Spring Green, Black, Green, Orange Yellow, Tan, Blue, Green Blue, Orchid, Thistle, Blue Green, Green Yellow, Periwinkle, Turquoise Blue, Blue Violet, Lemon Yellow, Pine Green, Violet (Purple), Brick Red, Magenta, Prussian Blue, Violet Blue, Brown, Mahogany, Red, Violet Red, Burnt Sienna, Maize, Red Orange, White, Carnation Pink, Maroon, Red Violet, Yellow, Cornflower, Melon, Salmon, Yellow Green, Flesh, Olive Green, Sea Green, Yellow Orange
Prussian Blue – Name changed to “midnight blue” in 1958 in response to teachers’ requests.

Flesh – Name voluntarily changed to “peach” in 1962, partially as a result of the U. S. Civil Rights Movement.

1958 – 1971 – 64 colors (All colors previously listed plus the following colors added in 1958): Aquamarine, Copper, Lavender, Raw Sienna, Blue Gray, Forest Green, Mulberry, Raw Umber, Burnt Orange, Goldenrod, Navy blue, Sepia, Cadet Blue, Indian Red, Plum, Sky Blue

 Indian Red is renamed Chestnut in 1999 in response to educators who felt some children wrongly perceived the crayon color was intended to represent the skin color of Native Americans. The name originated from a reddish-brown pigment found near India commonly used in fine artist oil paint.

1972 – 1989 – 72 colors (All colors previously listed plus the following fluorescent colors added in 1972): Chartreuse, Ultra Blue, Ultra Orange, Ultra Red, Hot Magenta, Ultra Green, Ultra Pink, Ultra Yellow

1990 – Fluorescent colors name change:

Atomic Tangerine, Hot Magenta, Outrageous Orange, Shocking Pink, Blizzard Blue, Laser Lemon, Screamin’ Green, Wild Watermelon

1990 – 1992 – 80 colors (All Colors previously listed plus the following fluorescent colors added in 1990): Electric Lime, Purple Pizzazz, Razzle Dazzle Rose, Unmellow Yellow, Magic Mint, Radical Red, Sunglow, Neon Carrot

In 1990, eight colors were retired and replaced by eight new shades:

 Retired Colors:

Green Blue, Orange Red, Orange Yellow, Violet Blue, Maize, Lemon Yellow, Blue Gray, Raw Umber

 Replacement Colors:

Cerulean, Vivid Tangerine, Jungle Green, Fuchsia, Dandelion, Teal Blue, Royal Purple, Wild Strawberry

 Retired colors were enshrined in the Crayola Hall of Fame on August 7, 1990.

1993 – Number of colors 96 – 16 new colors added (named by consumers): Asparagus, Macaroni and Cheese, Razzmatazz, Timber Wolf, Cerise, Mauvelous, Robin’s Egg Blue, Tropical Rain Forest, Denim, Pacific Blue, Shamrock, Tumbleweed, Granny Smith Apple, Purple Mountain’s Majesty, Tickle Me Pink Wisteria

1998 – Number of colors – 120 – 24 new colors added: Almond, Canary, Fern, Pink Flamingo, Antique Brass, Caribbean Green, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Purple Heart, Banana Mania, Cotton Candy, Manatee, Shadow, Beaver, Blush, Mountain Meadow, Sunset Orange, Blue Bell, Desert Sand, Outer Space, Torch Red, Pink Sherbet, Eggplant, Piggy Pink, Vivid Violet

2000 – (All previous colors mentioned above with these exceptions):

Thistle was removed from the 120 count to make room for indigo, torch red renamed scarlet

2003 – Number of colors 120 – (4 new colors added, 4 retired):

New Colors: Inch worm, Jazzberry jam, Mango tango, Wild blue yonder

Retired Colors: Blizzard blue, Magic mint, Mulberry, Teal blue

 That wraps up out look at some of Crayola’s history. 

Until next time I remain,

Mr. Nostalgia

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Mr. Nostalgia Discusses Planes (no trains) and Automobiles…

Posted on: August 2, 2013

By now I’m sure you’ve all seen the commercials for Disney’s Planes movie that “flies into theatres” (a little plane humor there) August 9th. Set in “from the world above Cars”, Planes bares a striking resemblance to the animation style of Cars, which was no mistake. (Planes look is based on the look of Pixar’s Cars, while Cars resembles the look of Susie, the Little Blue Coupe, a film released by Disney in 1952). While Planes does borrow types of “characters” from Cars, such as the little fork lift guys for helpers or the tractor-cows, make no mistake, this movie was not animated by Pixar but by Disney, but it is also a really great way to blend the concept of Planes and Cars together. While Disney owns Pixar, and thus their characters, Planes merges the two companies together in this film by placing it in the Cars universe, which means, having Dusty, the star of Planes, fly by while Lightning McQueen is racing by, or even having them race each other, wouldn’t be something they couldn’t do.

Do I think Planes will be successful? Well, before I answer that, let’s take a look back at the Cars franchise, and build from there what my answer will be. We were first introduced to the world of Cars in their original teaser trailer in 2005 where we meet both Mater (voiced by Larry the Cable Guy) and Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) for the first time. While the teaser starts off with some humor, it then goes into “top speed” (some race car humor there) and the race car scenes, which are truly impressive and have nice quick cuts of pit stops, tires being changed, and then more racing, is shown to Green Day’s Westbound Sign (and in honor of that trailer I wrote this blog while listening to that song).

The film was released in 2006 and my wife and I went to go see it. While not my favorite Pixar film, I enjoyed it a lot. There was lots of humor, great animation, excellent voice casting, and a story about a conceited race car named Lightning McQueen who wants to win the Piston Cup so much that he is ready to give up everything, even his Sponsor that got him started (Rust-eze) just to win. His only friend really is Mack, (voiced by John Ratzenberger, one of Pixar’s good luck charms who has been in EVERY Pixar film to date), the truck that drives him from race to race. On the way to the next race Mack loses McQueen who freaks out when he realizes he doesn’t know where he is, and in his panic, tears up the street.

Finding out he is in Radiator Springs, a town in Carburetor County, McQueen gets fined to Community Service and must fix the road he destroyed. It is here where he begins to learn that there is more to life than just winning Piston Cups, which one of the residents, a former Piston Cup winner himself Doc Hudson (voiced by Paul Newman) can testify to, and he also makes his first real friend in Mater, who becomes something of a sidekick to him. Once McQueen finishes his Community Service, McQueen does something nice for everyone in the town to help them all out, and it is here where Mack comes and finds him, and Lightning McQueen’s new pit crew.

With an estimated budget of $70,000,000 Cars US Gross was $244,082,982. Merchandise wise it broke records for toys based on a Disney/Pixar film estimating $1 billion dollars in sales and when released on DVD in two days it sold 5,000,000 copies. To say the movie was a success is an understatement. I even remember going to Disney World with my wife and having my picture taken with an actual Lightning McQueen car and Mater tow-truck that drove around to the tune of Rascal Flatt’s cover of Tom Cochrane’s “Life is a Highway”.

While I stated above that, even though I enjoyed the movie, it wasn’t my favorite, over the years the movie has grown on me more and more so that I now enjoy it more than I once did and will watch it whenever it’s on, and I think the next part of this franchise had a reason for doing that. In 2008, Pixar begin animating, and The Disney channel began showing Cars Toons: Mater’s Tall Tales, eleven five minute shorts where Mater (still voiced by Larry the Cable Guy) would tell Lightning McQueen (voiced this time by Keith Ferguson) of different adventures he would have, and when McQueen would call him out on it, Mater would remind him that he was there too, and they’d show the end of the adventure with them. Mater was no doubt the star of these shorts with McQueen acting as the side-kick this time. All in all, between the years of 2008-2012 they made the following episodes:

Season One:  Rescue Squad Mater, Mater the Greater and El Materdor.

Season Two:  Unidentified Flying Mater, Tokyo Mater, Monster Truck Mater, Heavy Metal Mater, Moon Mater, Mater Private Eye.

Season 3:  Air Mater, Time Travel Mater.

Each short would have them in different paint jobs, which meant more Cars car toys to be made, which meant more toys being sold, and sell they did. Between the Cars and Disney Racers line sold in the Disney Parks, it seemed as if Disney had finally found their niche in the toy car market, and they were doing very well with it, after all, what little boy, or girl, doesn’t like playing with cars, especially ones made after Pixar characters.

In 2011 Pixar released Cars 2 which had Lightning McQueen (voiced once more by Owen Wilson) and Mater (as always voiced by Larry the Cable Guy) head off overseas so McQueen could race in the World Grand Prix race where McQueen races someone who might be even faster than him, Italian race car Francesco Bernoulli (voiced by John Turturro). It is here where the story gets a little confusing, with McQueen off racing, and Mater being mistaken by British spies Finn McMissile (voiced by Michael Caine) and Holley Shiftwell (voiced by Emily Mortimer) as an American spy they’ve been waiting on for help.

While both story lines finally play into one another in the end, watching the film gives you the feeling that they don’t. It almost feels like Mater is now the star of the film and McQueen has been reduced to side-kick status. When I left the theatre with my wife I was a bit disappointed in this film, it was the first Pixar film I really didn’t like, but thinking of it now from this angle where I know that both story lines play a greater part in the end, watching it that way would, I think, help me enjoy it more, and is something I would like to try one day.

Cars 2 was budgeted at $200,000,000 and its US Gross was $191,450,875. I think many older Pixar fans, especially those of the first Cars film, were a bit let down with this film. Also, story wise, it felt like it was geared more towards children with the Mater plot.

Another movie with new characters meant more merchandise, and merchandise they made. The Cars car toys sold well. Even to this day, two years after the last Cars movie, not only does the Cars toys sell very well, but the characters of Mater and Lightning McQueen are as popular as ever. How popular you ask?

Well, for starters they got their own land themed after their movies in DisneyLand’s California Adventure, and there’s even talks of bringing the “Cars Land” over to Walt Disney World. Speaking of which, the Walt Disney World’s newest resort The Art of Animation received a whole Cars themed wing, as if you were in Radiator Springs, complete with realistic size cars of each character from the first movie throughout the area where you can take pictures with (but not climb on).

Which brings us to Disney’s Planes. As I’ve stated at the beginning of this blog, this movie is set in the same world as Cars. A few things solidify this motion. One being that at the end of the first movie Cars we see Mater get his wish of getting a ride in the Dinoco Helicopter, which proves flying machines exist in this world (as does the Lightyear Blimp), the second is that Mater will be in Planes. Now, whether he has just a cameo or a bigger role I’m not going to say, I’m going to leave that for you to figure out on your own when you go see the movie! For a final reason, another Cars alumni, announcer Brent Mustangburger (voiced by Brent Musburger) from Cars 2 appears in the film as well.

In this movie we’ll meet a whole bunch of new characters, racing planes like Ripslinger (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) who seems to be the hot-shot plane and possibly Dusty’s rival, a female racing plane named Ishani (voiced by Priyanka Chopra), Bulldog (voiced by John Cleese) and my personal favorite just from the commercials, El Chupacabra (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui), as well as other characters like Rochelle (voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Dottie (voiced by Teri Hatcher), and paying homage to the 1986 movie Top Gun (I hate that movie) Val Kilmer, who played “Iceman” in Top Gun (I really hate that movie) plays a plane called Bravo, while Anthony Edwards, who played “Goose” in Top Gun (I really, REALLY hate that movie) plays a plane called Echo.

Disney has been marketing this film for some time now, starting with selling the merchandise as early as this past spring in The Disney Store, which has been “flying off the shelves” (little plane humor there). Between the early marketing of merchandise, the story of facing your fears to make your dreams come true, I think this movie will be quite successful. Academy Award winning? Perhaps, but I really don’t put much merit in what the Academy has to say about films, I prefer to base my own opinion on things and decide what I like and what I don’t like, instead of having some people decide for me what deserves an award and what doesn’t.

Will adults like it? Possibly, aviation buffs will no doubt get a kick out of it, and I’m sure there will be humor in the film that will go over kids heads and their parents will laugh at, and of course, the kids will enjoy the movie for what it is, an enjoyable Disney film, besides being “…a really compelling underdog story…” as said in the second trailer for Planes. But if you are still unsure about seeing it or not, I recommend you look up the third trailer for the movie on you tube and watch it, which just has instrumental music playing to scenes from the movie, to help make up your mind, because it sure helped me make mine. Yes, I DO think this movie will be successful.

Then again, I could be wrong. After all, I’ve been known to be “100% pro-Disney”, so perhaps that is just my Disney-side coming out, but the more I think about this movie, it’s concept of putting it in the same world as Cars, the storyline and watch the trailers, I think we’ll have a good movie coming our way soon.

Until next time I remain,

Mr. Nostalgia

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