Mr. Nostalgia reminds you to catch S.H.I.E.L.D. next week…

Posted on: September 18, 2013

Just a reminder that next Tuesday, September 24th on ABC at 8 pm Marvel AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. premieres.


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Mr. Nostalgia Presents…More News on Thor coming to Disneyland…

Posted on: September 17, 2013

As I wrote in my last article in regards to Disney owning the Marvel Comic heroes but not being able to have them in the Walt Disney World Parks, I mentioned Thor would be coming to Disneyland, and now we finally have a date!

 Shawn Slater of Disney Parks Blog reported today that starting November 1  you can meet Thor!

It seems Astrophysicist Jane Foster has been very busy studying the Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge that connects Asgard to all 9 realms, including Midgard, or as we know the name, Earth.  Through her research she has discovered that the Bifrost will be opening again, this time directly in the Disneyland Park in Innoventions.

To celebrate Thor’s return, Foster and Disneyland will be setting a display of relics brought to Earth from Asgard called Thor: Treasures of Asgard.  Once done viewing the display, you enter the Bifrost itself where you will be transported across the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard itself and meeet the Mighty god of Thunder: Thor!

For those who missed my article, here is a link to it:Mr. Nostalgia tries to make some (spider-)sense out of it Disney now owns Marvel Comics, than why does Universal Studio’s Isl… 

I’ll keep you posted as more news develops!

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Mr. Nostalgia Presents…the coolest Despicable Me toy ever…

Posted on: September 17, 2013

So, I was out running errands on Saturday and took my camera with me, planning to hit a toy store I don’t normally visit, and it’s a good thing I did, because not only did I find  a toy for this very blog, but two other toys that I’m writing about.  Anyway, as I was walking down the aisle I saw something that caught my eye and I immediately knew what it was.  It was used in Despicable Me and, well, let’s just read the dialogue here to better explain it:

Dr. Nefario: And here of course is the new weapon you ordered.

(Shoots Minion with the fart gun, he instantly falls unconscious)

Gru: No, no, no. I said DART gun. Not… (fans in front of him)

Dr. Nefario: Oh yes. Cause I was wondering… under what circumstances would we use this?

I know, sounds gross but funny, right?  It is.  The toy is a Toys R Us exclusive and instead of smelling like, well, farts, it instead smells like bananas. There is a lever on the back of the gun that you pull back a couple of time, and then when you press the trigger it lets out the fart sound and then the smell of bananas.

Why this toy is so funny, I just don’t know.  But the kids seemed to be enjoying playing with it at the store, and even I had to take one, walk a few aisles away and give it a try, for the purpose of research for the blog of course!

Anyway, you just never know what kind of toy you might find these days.

Until next time,

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Mr. Nostalgia…talks about the 4th time Harrison Ford played Indiana Jones…

Posted on: September 17, 2013

I know what you’re thinking, Harrison Ford only played Indiana Jones in four movies, which is true, which means this blog would be about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.  But, what most people seem to not know, or forget, is that Ford returned as Indiana Jones in an episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, where he dons the famous fedora for the fourth time, which would make Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull the fifth time he played Indy.

Confused?  Not to worry, here is the order in which Harrison Ford has played our favorite archeologist:

1)      1981 – RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK





The Young Indiana Jones episode aired on March 13th, 1993 and has Harrison Ford in both the opening and closing scenes sporting his Indy duds and a beard (he was filming The Fugitive during the time and didn’t have time to shave it off and re-grow it for the movie). It starts out in Wyoming in 1950 where Indy and his Native American friend Grey Cloud have retrieved a sacred ceremonial pipe that belongs to Grey Cloud’s tribe and are being chased on a snowy road.  They lose their pursuers and hold up in a cabin during a blizzard.

While there, Indy finds a soprano sax and begins to tell Grey Cloud of his college days in 1920 Chicago where he was working at a restaurant called Colosimo’s and befriends musician Sidney Bechet, who encourages Indy ( played by Sean Patrick Flannery) to learn the soprano sax, an instrument Bechet himself was extremely talented at playing. When Colosimo is murdered in front of his restaurant, Indy gets caught up in the investigation with his college roommate Elliot Ness, a young reporter named Ernest Hemingway, and set out to solve the case.

At the end of the episode Indy’s pursuers find them.  How do they get out of it? Well, this is Indiana Jones we’re talking about.  He always finds a way.  I’ll leave it to you to find out for yourself.  Below is a picture of the VHS box when they were selling The Complete Adventures of Indiana Jones, it was Chapter 20, (this was the only episode I ever bought because of Harrison Ford ) as well as some images of him as Indy.


Until next time,

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Mr. Nostalgia tries to make some (spider-)sense out of if Disney now owns Marvel Comics, than why does Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure still have the Marvel Super Hero Island in their park?

Posted on: September 16, 2013

PLEASE NOTE: This blog entry in no way expresses the opinions of the entire Toy-lines Staff. It’s strictly based on my own personal understanding of the matter. I’ve long since enjoyed Universal Studio’s: Islands of Adventure’s Marvel Super Hero Island.  In fact, I even went to the soft opening when my wife and I were dating back in early May of 1999 and got to ride The Amazing Adventure of Spider-man before Opening Day, and got to experience the park with a smaller, and more enjoyable, crowd size.

When Disney announced they’d be buying Marvel Comics I was very excited since I’m both a huge Disney and Marvel Comics fan.  Once the purchase was made, I expected Marvel Super Hero Island to close down and a new themed Marvel Park would open in Walt Disney World, most likely in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  But nothing happened. I figured Disney was just waiting out the final years of the MCA/Marvel agreement they had now inherited, but after several years of waiting, I began to wonder just how long this agreement was for?

I began researching online trying to find answers, but the more I looked the more questions formed. Most articles I read seemed to regurgitate the same old lines over and over, barely going into detail about the original deal or how Disney was to handle it.  Everything I read kept saying Universal had the theme park rights to Marvel Super Hero Island “in perpetuity” or “forever” or “for as long as we want”.  Basically, as Buzz LightYear would say, they had these rights, “To Infinity and beyond!”

The more I read the more I came across the same information until finally I found this website, which linked to the actual Marvel agreement between MCA Inc. and Marvel Entertainment Group.  Clicking on the link took me to the actual contract signed on March 22nd, 1994 by MCA Inc.’s Rob Bension, Chairman MCA Recreation Services and Marvel Entertainment Group’s William Bevins, Chief Executive Officer.

Finally, some answers.

I believe the contract to be the final one in their negotiating matters, whether or not any addendum’s were later added I do not know, so this article is based off of this contract.  I’m no lawyer, nor am I studying to be one, so everything written here is based on my own understanding. Most of this article is written in my own words, anything provided in quotation marks is quoted directly from the contract to make matters more clear.

Since the opening of Marvel Super Hero Island, and the purchase of Marvel by Disney, many things have happened, especially in these past few months, so I wish to speak about all of that up to and including the most recent announcements.  I hope for those of you who’ve been wondering these questions yourself, you will find this article helpful, and possibly even answer some questions you might have had on the matter.

                -Mr. Nostalgia

They sell the merchandise in Downtown Disney, and the Disney Store.  They’ve had Avengers and Iron Man 3 monorails. Their cartoons run all over Disney XD, and recently they even met Phineas and Ferb.  So, if Disney owns Marvel Comics and has done all this stuff, why then are the heroes of Marvel still appearing in Islands of Adventure in Universal Studios instead of, say, Disney’s Hollywood Studios?  Well, the answer to that question is as tangled of a web as the one Spider-man uses to web his criminals with.

To better answer that question, we really need to take a look at the situation Universal Studios was in back in 1992 compared to Walt Disney World and go from there.  Universal Studios first opened its gates in Florida on June 7th, 1990 with one theme park and a Hard Rock Café.  By 1992 Universal had been open for two years and had “approximately 7 million visitors”.  Compared to Walt Disney World who at that same year had three theme parks ( The Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, and Disney –MGM Studios a theme park and actual working studio (the first movie to be filmed there was “Splash Too” in 1988, followed by “Ernest Saves Christmas”, the short film “The Lottery” starring Bette Midler and used as part of the Back Lot Tour, the TV show “Teen Win, Lose or Draw”, the 1990 “The Mickey Mouse Club”, and the animated 1990 short “Roller Coaster Rabbit” amongst others), two water parks (River Country and Typhoon Lagoon), a downtown shopping district named The Lake Buena Vista Village  (that would eventually be known as Disney Village Market Place) that connected to Pleasure Island,  a night time entertainment area that had eight nightclubs, and fourteen resorts on Disney property (Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Resort, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground, The Golf Resort (later renamed The Disney Inn), Treehouse Village, Disney’s Grand Floridian Beach Resort, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, The Walt Disney World Swan, The Walt Disney World Dolphin, Disney’s Beach Club Resort, Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, Disney’s Port Orleans Resort, Disney’s Old Key West Resort, and Disney’s Dixie Landings Resort).

In 1992 MCA planned on developing “a complete destination resort” which would include  a Second Theme Park,  four themed hotels, an entertainment and shopping complex,  “as well as a golf course , tennis club and spa.” The Second Park would be close to the size of Universal Studios and have as much detail and excitement plus bring in more visitors which would equal more money and time spent there. MCA estimated the Second Park would bring in at least 5 million visitors per year.

Planning to have several separate areas each themed to their own unique concept in the Second Park, once such area was “The Marvel Universe”, a “complex of attractions, stores and food venues heavily themed around the Marvel properties.” Marvel would have approval of their areas name (eventually to be known as Marvel Super Hero Island) and MCA would strictly follow “The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe”, “Marvel’s Style Guide”, and Marvel would be involved in the design of the area and it “would be subject to Marvel’s reasonable approval.”

When it came to marketing this Second Park MCA made sure Marvel would be a, “…significant focus of its marketing efforts.” Marvel also had the right of approval when it came to their trademarked items, and had the right, once they approved the art work, to notify MCA to discontinue using it when they felt it was getting too old.

This next part is very important to the contract and current state as to why Disney doesn’t have their characters in Walt Disney World.  Once opened, “…the term of this agreement shall continue for so long as the Marvel Universe shall remain open…(allowing for temporary closures for force majeure events or refurbishment…”. Also, “…The Marvel universe shall be operated…in a first class manner consistent with the highest standards of the theme park industry.” This is why Universal Spokesman or Spokeswomen can say they have the theme park rights to Marvel “forever”.

Essentially it boils down to this: MCA must run Marvel Super Hero Island with the best care.  So long as they run it this way, the Marvel characters will always be there. I’m sure once announced that Disney would be buying Marvel, MCA lawyers went through their contract, as did Disney’s which they inherited through Marvel, studying every line and page to see if there was a way in which Disney could simply get their characters. But as long as MCA practices what is in the contract, they’ll be fine.  Still, I would bet that Universal pays extra special attention to the park, making sure everything is up to contract standards just in case, and I’m sure Disney has eyes in that park looking for anything that isn’t up to standard, so they could use that as a way to get Marvel out.

In the Second Park Marvel characters would stay in their designated section, though “subject to Marvel’s reasonable approval” they could be used in other parts of the park such “…as strollers or featured elements in stores, restaurants, and the like…”.  As for any non-Marvel characters coming onto their turf, that would be “subject to Marvel’s approval” as well.

Once opened, MCA would pay Marvel a fee, as well as a yearly fee. The Second Park would carry “… a wide range of Marvel produced or licensed products and artwork, Marvel comic books, Fleer trading cards (or cards of such other licensee as may be designated by Marvel), and toys (primarily action figures) manufactured by Toy Biz, Inc. (or such other Marvel licensee as may be designated by Marvel.) Additionally, within or adjacent to The Marvel Universe there would be significant retail space dedicated to Marvel publications, software, products, and cards produced or licensed by Marvel.”

Marvel also required that “…a minimum of 10,000 square feet of retail space will be devoted to items licensed or manufactured by Marvel or its related companies…”. MCA vowed to place Marvel merchandise throughout the hotels, as well as any airport in Orlando (there are two Universal Studios Stores in MCO International Airport, both have a Marvel theme and sell Marvel products).  Marvel also made sure to also have the right to audit reviews, something which Disney now has, and I’m sure has or will use.

 “Marvel will have reasonable approval of all licensed merchandise, artwork, merchandise packaging, logos, and the like utilizing the Marvel properties…”. If an item features a Marvel property as well as other characters from the Second park “…such as posters, T-shirts, coffee mugs and the like…a procedure to arrive at a reasonable allocation of the royalty will be worked out.”

MCA also vowed to advertise their Second Park , “… (in a manner that features the Marvel properties) on the back page of various Marvel Comics…”. This I remember them doing when buying my monthly Marvel comics those years.

 “Whenever Marvel has “reasonable” rights for rejection of approval hereunder, the basic criteria to be used by Marvel may include inconsistency with (i) basic story line, (ii) the powers, (iii) basic personality traits, (iv) physical appearance (including clothing or costume), and/or (v) living habitat or environment relating to such character…”. Basically, MCA couldn’t take Spider-man, change his origin, have him dress like Wolverine and start acting like The Punisher.  They had to stick with how Marvel portrayed their characters.

Finally, ”Either party may terminate this agreement upon a material breach of the other party…”. At the time this contract was written and signed in 1994, neither would do that with all the money they were sure to make, and after Disney’s buy out of Marvel, Universal, having realized what a money maker this deal was, wasn’t about to do anything stupid to lose this license, and Disney wouldn’t go in and do something to try and break the contract, just to be sued, and most likely still having to allow Universal the right to the license.

By the time this contract had been signed and drafted, Walt Disney World had opened two more resorts, (Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort – their first value resort and Disney’s Wilderness Lodge), making the grand total at the time for Disney to be sixteen resorts.

It’s difficult to determine how much negotiating went on from reading the contract that was signed in 1994.  Obviously, it wasn’t as simple as Universal flying out to New York, knocking on Marvel’s front door and saying, “Hi, we’d like to license your characters for our second theme park we’re building.  What do you say?”  To which Marvel replied, “Sure, sign here on the dotted line for this amount of money, do whatever we say, and you got a deal”, and Universal signed away.  There would have been tons of negotiating between both sides’ lawyers, trying to work out the best deal for their company. But in the end, if you read the contract, it clearly favors Marvel in almost every factor.

That’s not to say that Universal lost.  In fact, if was really a win/win situation, for Universal now had the theme park license to the most famous comic book characters ever created for their Second Park. If I was to argue the case, I would say this was one of the three most successful theme park licensing events ever. The first being between The Disney Corporation and George Lucas when they licensed his franchises Star Wars and Indiana Jones, the second being the Marvel/Universal agreement, and the third and most recent being the Universal/J.K. Rowling Wizarding World of Harry Potter section of Islands of Adventure.

But one has to remember, this was no easy deal.  Marvel had a huge list of do’s and don’ts for Universal to follow and Marvel also had the final “reasonable say of yes or no”. Still, for all this, all Universal had to do was follow the terms and conditions and they’d have the theme park rights to the characters, something they’ve obviously been doing well since the day the park opened.

During the years of construction as Universal built their new park, Disney was busy as well.  Between the years of 1995 and 1999, the time it took Universal to build and open what would become Islands of Adventure, Disney had opened a new water park named Blizzard Beach, keeping their water park status to three (though River Country would eventually close for good in 2001).  They had opened four new hotels (Disney’s All-Star Music Resort, their second Value Resort, Disney’s Board Walk Resort, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, and Disney’s All- Star Movies Resort, their third Value Resort) making it a total of twenty resorts on Disney property.  They also opened two miniature golf courses (Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf and Disney’s Winter Summerland), renamed the Disney Inn Resort to Shades of Green, a place for the armed forces, The Disney Village Market Place and Pleasure Island were joined by Disney West Side (with more shops and restaurants) and the entire area was renamed “Downtown Disney”, and they also opened their fourth theme park (Disney’s Animal Kingdom).

In March of 1999 Islands of Adventure began a “soft opening” as things were getting their finishing touches.  This “soft opening” helped them with any issues that might happen with rides, which they could then fix so that things would work smoothly on opening day. On May 28th, 1999 Islands of Adventure officially opened.  The most popular ride that day would wind up being The Amazing Adventures of Spider-man with an average wait time close to one hour.

Islands of Adventure was a hit. Besides the new theme park, MCA also had CityWalk, which, much like Pleasure Island was a nighttime party filled with restaurants, nightclubs and shops.  Three of the four planned resorts were built and opened one after the other (Loews Portofino Bay Hotel in 1999, Hard Rock Hotel in 2000, and Loews Royal Pacific Resort in 2001). What would not open would be the “golf course, tennis club and spa.”

Islands of Adventure’s Marvel Super Hero Island delivered on everything promised and not only pleased MCA and Marvel executives alike, but Marvel comic fans as well. Now, finally, Marvel fans got to feel what it was like to live in a Spider-man comic when they rode The Amazing Adventures of Spider-man.

Things were going well for Universal.  They had a successful new theme park on the East Coast, and over on the West Coast at Universal Studios Hollywood they had Marvel “Streetmosphere”, essentially Marvel characters walking around to pose for pictures.  That wound up ending for Universal Studios Hollywood in early 2008 when the license renewal came up.  Marvel, seeing how well Marvel Super Hero Island was doing, wanted to expand their part in the Hollywood park beyond just “Streetmosphere” with something more along the lines of what they had back East with their characters, as well as more money.  Universal said no to both ideas and they ceased the license for the Universal Studios Hollywood park, which meant that any theme park “West of the Mississippi” could have Marvel characters in their park.

The next year, something so amazing would happen that even Spider-man’s “spider-sense” couldn’t warn him this was coming.  From out of nowhere the news seemed to happen, all but stunning Marvel, Island of Adventure, and Disney fans.  In a negotiation that took three months to finalize, Disney Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger and Marvel Comics Chief Executive Officer Ike Perlmutter announced that the Walt Disney Company would be buying Marvel Comics, and all seven thousand characters in their library, for $4 billion.  With that came all licenses that Marvel currently had been involved with: Disney had just inherited the Marvel/Islands of Adventure license. But as much as Disney lawyers poured over this contract, there was just no way around the agreement originally made.  Not even Marvel Super-hero by night Dare Devil and attorney at law Matt Murdoch, Dare Devil’s secret identity, could crack this contract.

Marvel fans wondered what would happen next, Island of Adventure fans wondered if they would still have their Marvel Super Hero Island, and Disney fans wondered if they’d be getting a Marvel theme park-Disney Imagineer style? The answers: nothing, yes and no.

Universal Spokesmen went out full force assuring fans that Marvel Super Hero Island was still going to be there for as long as they wanted. Disney Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger said he planned to honor the inherited agreement that Marvel had previously made with MCA. For Universal it was a strange position to be in.  They now had the theme park rights to a rival theme parks newly purchased characters, but as long as they followed the terms from the contract “East of the Mississippi” would still be theirs.

But that also meant that all the rights Marvel once had in the agreement that Universal had to follow: paying annual fees, getting confirmation on artwork or character use, paying merchandise royalties, and even audit rights, now belonged to Disney, and while “East of the Mississippi” was still out of the question theme park wise for Disney, they would find ways to incorporate Marvel themes onto their property, and theme park rights for “West of the Mississippi” was all theirs now, and all they had to do, according to the contract that MCA had signed was, “…make abundantly clear that the character only appears in the parks West of the Mississippi…”.

While Marvel Super Hero Island was delighting guests, Disney was busy too.  In Walt Disney World they opened more resorts (Disney’s Beach Club Villas and Disney’s Pop Century Resort – their fourth Value Resort), closed down all of Pleasure Island to create a more family friendly themed environment with new shops and restaurants, and opened the newly expanded Fantasy Land with Belle’s Cottage, Gaston’s Tavern, the Beast’s Castle with the Be Our Guest Restaurant, the new Little Mermaid dark ride where you can also meet Ariel after the ride, and a Rapunzel inspired rest area where you can charge your phones and use the rest rooms, as well as count the hidden Pascal’s, and see Rapunzel’s tower.

They also made an expansion, due to the Fantasy Land, to the Dumbo Ride, moving it from its original spot and made a mini-themed circus environment complete with now two Dumbo rides, a circus tent for kids to play in while they wait for their turn to ride Dumbo and a circus themed splash area where kids can cool down by being splashed by the different animals in the circus on a hot day.  Disney also opened their newest resort (The Art of Animation – their fifth Value Resort) bringing their total resort number to twenty-six, and have just recently began their soft opening of the Princess Fairytale Hall, the permanent homes  of Rapunzel and Cinderella, and visiting princesses Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, Tiana and Mulan.  (In 2014 Disney will be opening their newest roller coaster, The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.)

But let’s take a step back for a moment before we discuss what Disney has been doing with their Disney property to talk about what one can do when visiting Marvel Super Hero’s Island. (Anything in quotation marks is taken directly from the Universal website for details) You can enter Marvel Super Hero Island two ways once inside Islands of Adventure.  Make a left and walk straight and you’re there faster than you can say THWIPP! or go right and you’ll have to walk through all the islands.  Your final island will be Toon Lagoon and then you will enter Marvel Super Hero Island.

Once there you’ll see larger than life size cut outs of famous Marvel heroes and villains all around the place.  There are four attractions to ride on this island.  They are:

STORM FORCE ACCELERATION: “The mutant mastermind Magneto has returned with another plan to defeat the X-Men and threaten the world. The only thing standing between him and victory is the super hero Storm, who is able to summon the forces of nature at her command. Professor Xavier has enlisted you to help Storm battle the evil Magneto. You must board Professor Xavier’s new device, the Accelatron, and use it to help amplify Storm’s powers. As you speed faster and faster in this whirling, twirling, spinning power generator, Storm produces thunder and lightning, sending Magneto into a full retreat. “There is no height requirement for this ride, but “children must be 48” and accompanied by a Supervising Companion.” “This ride is housed in a large, gold-colored dome containing Professor Xavier’s power generator. You control how fast or slow the individual pods spin.”

THE INCREDIBLE HULK COASTER: “Enter the laboratories of Dr. Bruce Banner and marvel at the towering scientific machinery. As you approach his gamma-ray accelerator warning lights flash and sirens sound – something’s gone terribly wrong with the experiment. Your surroundings go rushing by you in a blur as you feel yourself transformed into The Incredible Hulk.” “You accelerate from zero to 40 mph in two seconds flat, with the force equal to that of a jet taking off an aircraft carrier. The world turns upside down as you experience a weightless ‘zero g’ roll. Then you feel a surge in power as you pick up speed and a menacing roar fills your ears. All you can do is hang on as you experience the rage, power and fury, of the Hulk, smashing through the sky and plummeting down to Earth on a high-speed roller coaster rampage of destruction.” You must be “54 inches to ride. The Hulk launches riders upward 150 ft. and reaches top speeds of 67 mph. The ride has a total of seven inversions and two subterranean trenches during the 2-minute 15-second ride.”

DR. DOOM’S FREEFALL: “All hail Doctor Doom! The Fantastic Four’s arch-nemesis has taken fear to new heights! As a subject of Doctor Doom’s monarchy of Latveria you have no choice but to submit to his latest evil experiment – a diabolical device created to extract every ounce of fear from your body so that he can use it against the Fantastic Four. With menacing Doombots watching your every move, you’re strapped into your seat. The tension builds. Suddenly the countdown reaches zero and you are rocketed skyward, 150 feet into the air, then hurled back down faster than the force of gravity itself. Doctor Doom’s diabolical device has done its work…he collects the fear from your body and send you on your way, ready to claim his next victim.” You must be “52 inches to ride. The initial launch at the beginning of the ride uses more thrust than a 747 jet engine and accelerates faster than the space shuttle. Doctor Doom’s Fearfall has two towers that each stand 200 feet tall.”

THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF SPIDER-MAN: “The diabolical villains of the Sinister Syndicate have stolen the Statue of Liberty and it’s up to Spidey to save the day. You’ll follow right alongside the web-slinger, careening and crashing through the streets, scaling skyscrapers and plummeting to the pavement below in a simulated 400-foot freefall. Villains include: Doc Ock, Electro, Hydroman, Hobgoblin and Scream.”  In March of 2012 the ride re-opened after a refurb that helps the rider enjoy the ride even more.  According to the official refurb press release: “All new 4K digital animation…an Infitec 3D projection system, new music score and new special 3D ‘Spider-Vision glasses’…The new animation and project systems will bring the ride to life for guests. They will actually be able to see such details as stitching on Spider-man’s gloves, flames coming from Hobgoblin’s pumpkins and electricity going through Electro’s body.” As for the rides music “…an updates rock version of the classic Spider-man theme song” played through a “…16-channel sound system…”  Spider-man co-creator Stan Lee also makes a cameo.

For those who need some food after riding these rides, there are two places to eat.

The Café 4: “On the ground of the Baxter building –headquarters and laboratory of the Fantastic Four –  you’ll find a convenient Italian eatery serving Pizza, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Fettuccini, Meatball Subs, and Chicken Caesar Salads.” The Café 4 is open from 11:00am to the closing of the park daily and is counter service type.

CAPTAIN AMERICA DINER: “This is the place where heroes hang out, and you’ll see them all over the walls of this star spangled diner.  Enjoy an All-American menu of Cheeseburgers, Chicken Sandwiches, Chicken Fingers, and Crispy Chicken Salads.” Cap’s Diner is open seasonally, and when open is open from 11:00am to the closing of the park daily and is counter service type.

As far as shopping for some Marvel products, there are a few places to spend your money.

SPIDER-MAN SHOP: ‘If you’re a fan of the web-slinger you’ll love this store filled to the ceiling with Spider-man collectibles, toys, action figures, mugs, key chains, t-shirts and apparel.”

MARVEL ALTERNIVERSE STORE: “Be the best equipped super hero in the Marvel Universe with these character t-shirts, sweatshirts, toys, collectibles, mugs, souvenirs: plus get your photo taken with The Amazing Spider-man.”

COMIC BOOK SHOP: “Official Marvel comics, books, graphic novels, posters, and collectible busts and figurines.”

OAKLEY: ”You’ll be prepared for anything the Human Torch can throw your way with these stylish shades from Oakley. Choose from an array of men’s and women’s sunglasses, sport goggles, watches, sandals, and backpacks.”  I really have no idea why a store like this is in Marvel Island, unless they sell Marvel related products as well as Oakley products.  From what the contract states it sounds like a store that does not belong in the island at all, but I would think that if this was true Disney would have had either the store pulled from the island and replaced with something else or have won the theme park rights back, but since it’s there I guess not.  Still, it sounds rather odd to be there.

KINGPIN’S ARCADE: “The Kingpin may run the mob, but he can’t prevent you from beating his machines. Try your skill and luck at these exciting arcade and video games, from high-speed driving simulations to thrilling shoot-em-ups.”

CHARACTER WISE: Have your picture taken with the many Marvel heroes’ that roam the park including: Spider-man, Captain America, Storm, Rogue, Wolverine, The Green Goblin and even Doctor Doom.

While all this was happening on a day today basis, these past two years Disney has really began to get it out there that Marvel is in fact a Disney property and has shown it on both coasts in different ways. In 2012, for the release of “The Avengers” Walt Disney World covered the entire Monorail Red with a wrap of Earth’s Mightiest Hero’s with the design on both sides.  In 2013, for the release of “Iron Man 3” Walt Disney World covered Monorail Black in a Stark Industries approved Iron Man and Iron Patriot design. Both the Avenger’s and Iron Man Monorails ran on the Monorail Express Line.  It cannot travel on the Epcot line since the Monorail has to actually enter the theme park to get to the docking station and that would have a Marvel character in a theme park “East of the Mississippi” thus violating the contract.

While Walt Disney World was busy with their Monorails, Disneyland had their own presentation for “Iron Man 3” INSIDE the park (remember, “West of the Mississippi” was now free and all Disney’s). Held in Innoventions starting April 13th “Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries” had on display Iron Man’s suites of armor from the Mark I seen in the beginning of the very first “Iron Man” movie to the Mark VII worn in “The Avengers”.  The centerpiece to this attraction is the Mark 42 suit seen in “Iron Man 3”.  You’ll also be able to try the Mark 42 in a virtual simulation that puts you in the suit and move around and even fire his repulsor blasts.  Opening on April 13th, a “Limited Time Magic” extra surprise running from April 13th-19th, or while supplies last, when you visited the exhibit you’d get a free “Iron Man 3” poster.

On the official Disney Parks Blog Jonathan Frontado announced on August 7th that Captain America would be coming to The Disney Magic in a new special area called “Avenger’s Academy” that will be starting in October. Formerly the Oceaneer’s Club, the “Avenger’s Academy” will have  junior hero’s in learning to be like Captain American, with Captain American himself stopping by to see how training is going.

On August 10th The Disney Blog’s Shawn Slater announced that at the D23 Expo, held across the street from Disneyland at the Anaheim Convention Center, that not only was Captain America appearing at the Convention Center that weekend for meet and greets, but he was also meeting in the Disneyland Pavilion until August 11th.  (Also appearing at the D23 Expo in the Convention Center was Iron Man and Spider-man.)

Finally Shawn Slater also announced that coming this fall, The Mighty Thor will be appearing in Disneyland, just in time for his second movie coming out November, with more details to come, but sorry, Thor’s half brother Loki will not be appearing (and that is most likely for the best, he will probably play a trick on you since he is Loki after all).

So, there you have it folks.  From going from the best comic book company of all time to becoming a theme park to being owned by Disney, Marvel Comics sure has seen some interesting days.  Stay tuned to Toy-Lines as I keep covering everything that has to do with Marvel Super Hero Islands  and Islands of Adventure, Disneyland incorporating their new characters in their parks, and what else Walt Disney World will be able to do.  Any news that is learned I will post here either under this blog, dated with the new news date, or in a future entry to make the reading easier on everyone.

As for me, I truly hope the Disney Company can bring the Marvel characters to Walt Disney World soon.  I’m a Disney fan at heart and that is where I’d like to see my favorite characters reside, plus, I REALLY want to see what the Imagineers would do with them. Unfortunately, the only way I can see Disney World getting to be able to include their Marvel characters in their “East of the Mississippi” park is either Universal messes up one day and Disney catches them in a breach of contract in which they will get the rights back, or, Disney offers them enough money to buy out the contact, but I would think that would have to be a large sum of money if that was to happen. But, hey, with Universal opening their fourth resort next year (Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort – their first Value Resort, and wanting to add a new attraction to Universal Florida and Hollywood each year, maybe they will need that money after all?)

Either way, I’ll keep my eyes and ears open and will post all the latest news as soon as I learn it.

Until then, I hope you enjoyed the article.

Mr. Nostalgia

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Pop Culture Shock He-man statue available for pre-order today at 3:00 PST

Posted on: September 16, 2013


Product Pre-order Launches

PCSC Exclusive Version Also Available

  LOS ANGELES, Sept 5th, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE)—  Following hot on the heels of the Skeletor Life-Sized Bust announcement, Pop Culture Shock Collectibles are proud to offer the skull-faced-one’s nemesis; He-Man. This long requested hero joins the ranks of other PCSC warriors in stark and stunning cold-cast polystone. The alter-ego of Prince Adam is rendered as he appeared in the Filmation animation, standing atop a Castle Greyskull base. Standard edition (limit of 1000 pcs) will be available at all regular retail channels. For the die-hard MOTU fan, there will be an exclusive version featuring that includes the inept wizard, ORKO,  available ONLY via PCSC’s website.   Masters of the Universe ‘He-Man’ 1:4 scale Statue  

  • High quality polystone statue
  • Size: 29” x 10” x 9”
  • Limited to 1000 pieces
  • SRP $ 324.00 USD
Masters of the Universe ‘He-Man’ 1:4 scale Statue – “Orko” Exclusive

  • High quality polystone statue
  • Includes exclusive removable Orko figure that snaps to base
  • Size: 29” x 10” x 9”
  • Limited to 350 pieces
  • SRP: $349.00 USD
  • Discount of up to 10% if ordered in the first 7 days of pre-ordering
Pre ordering will begin at 3:00PM PST on Monday September 16th!
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Mr. Nostalgia Talks…Robocop

Posted on: September 15, 2013

I first saw the movie Robocop when it was released on video (yeah, back in those days BEFORE DVDs) when I was sleeping over my friend Rich’s house.  His mother had rented it for herself not knowing how violent it was, so we took it first and checked it out.  Needless to say I was a fan from the get go.

Ever since the first film to the lastest one due out in 2014, there have been various movies and TV series of Robocop, with several different actors playing the character.  The list goes:

1987 – Robocop (movie) Peter Weller as Officer Alex J. Murphy/Robocop

1988 – Robocop (TV series 12 episodes) Dan Hennessey as Officer Alex J. Murphy/Robocop

1990 – Robocop 2 (movie) Peter Weller as Officer Alex J. Murphy/Robocop

1993 – Robocop 3 (movie) Robert Burke as Officer Alex J. Murphy/Robocop

1994 – 1995 – Robocop (TV series 23 episodes) Richard Eden as Officer Alex J. Murphy/Robocop

1998 – 1999 – Robocop: Alpha Commando (TV series 41 episodes) David Sobolov as Officer Alex J. Murphy/Robocop

2000 – Robocop: Prime Directives (TV Mini-Series 4 episodes) Page Fletcher as Officer Alex J. Murphy/Robocop

2014: Robocop (movie: new film) Joel Kinnaman as Officer Alex J. Murphy/Robocop

While out looking at toys today I saw this cool Robocop figure called Night Fighter Robocop OCP Leader (With special night fighting capabilities: Glows in the Dark) by NECA Toys.

I’ve always liked the Robocop costume and thought this was cool looking since it could glow in the dark:

I also really like the new style costume for the new movie coming out in 2014.  It even looks cool in the new color:

Until nex time,

Mr. Nostalgia

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Mr. Nostalgia says, “By Odin’s beard!” a new poster for Thor on Thor’s Day!

Posted on: September 13, 2013
A new poster has come out for the sequel to Thor featuring none other than AlFather Odin. Featuring Anthony Hopkins as the Asgardian, it is a great shot of him with his messenger ravens flying around and one perched on his arm. Two of these ravens were named Hugin (from the Old Norse meaning Thought) and Munin (from the Old Norse meaning Memory). They would fly all over Midgard and bring back information to him. Also in this picture is Odin’s spear Gungnir, a weapon that always found it’s mark, and when an oath was sworn upon it, the oath could never be broken. As well as in the first movie Odin wears his eye patch, for he gave his left eye ( though here it looks like his right? Can never tell if the photo has been reversed) to a giant who guarded the Well of Wisdom (or the Well of Mimir) where all knowledge and wisdom was kept. His eye was a payment for a drink from the well. In another tale Odin hung from the World Tree Yggdrasil for nine days and nights, pierced by his own spear, to learn the ruins and this powerful wisdom herein. Here is the poster:

While I like Hopkin’s performance in the movie, I always felt someone a little larger and with more of a commanding voice would have been perfect for the role. I would have cast actor Brian Blessed, whose booming voice was used for Clayton in the Disney movie Tarzan.

I really can’t wait to see this film!

Mr. Nostalgia

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Mr. Nostalgia Wishes You a Happy Thor’s Day!

Posted on: September 12, 2013

In honor of Thor: The Dark World coming out 9 Thursday’s from it’s Friday premier I present to you each and every Thursday leading to that day to be “Happy Thor’s Day”. Why?

Because Thursday is named after the Norse god of thunder, Thor. In Old English, Thursday means “Thor’s Day” or in Old Norse “thorsdagr”.

Thor, in the Old Norse Legends, is represented as a red-bearded god wielding the hammer Mjolnir, which was used as a weapon against the Jotuns (giants), and heard as the boom of thunder to humans. The Vikings, who worshipped these pagan gods before Christianity spread throughout their land, never feared the sound of thunder, for they knew Thor was out battling Frost Giants.

So, “Happy Thor’s Day” to you!

Mr. Nostalgia

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DC Comics items for March 2014

Posted on: September 10, 2013


Inspired by the designs from the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins video game, which introduces an original prequel storyline set several years before Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, comes four of Gotham City’s most dangerous criminals!


FIREFLY – 6.75”

DEADSHOT – 6.75”

ANARKY – 6.75”


*Action Figure* $24.95 US • Sold Separately • On Sale March 2014 * Allocations May Occur



Johnny Quick with Atomica – – 6.75” and ?.??”

Owlman – 6.75”

From their Earth to ours, the villainous members of the Crime Syndicate—Johnny Quick, Atomica, Owlman and more—invade your home with all-new action figures based on designs by superstar artist David Finch!


$24.95 US • On Sale March 2014 * Allocations May Occur




The Huntress bursts out of the pages of her monthly comic book series, World’s Finest with this striking statue designed by acclaimed artist Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.

Limited Edition of 5200.

Measures Approximately 9.8″ Tall

$99.95 US • On Sale March 2014 *Allocations May Occur





The version of the Dark Knight featured in the bestselling original graphic novel, BATMAN: EARTH ONE, by writer extraordinaire Geoff Johns and fan-favorite artist Gary Frank is the newest stunning addition to the long-running line of BATMAN: BLACK & WHITE statues.

Measures Approximately 7″ Tall

$79.95 US • On Sale March 2014 * Allocations May Occur




The Man of Steel rockets from the pages of his self-titled series with this intricately designed statue based on the artwork of fan-favorite artist Kenneth Rocafort!

Measures Approximately 8.5″ Tall

$79.95 US • On Sale March 2014 * Allocations May Occur




Sinestro was originally selected by the Guardians of the Universe to become a member of the Green Lantern Corps for his honor and fearlessness. At his height, he was considered to be the greatest of all the Green Lanterns, and Sector 1417 was almost entirely devoid of crime under his protection.

Measures Approximately 6″ Tall

$24.95 US • On Sale November 2014 * Allocations May Occur



Based on designs by Mark Buckingham


Sculpted by Mike Locascio


Display your FABLES graphic novel collection with these breathtaking gun metal silver resin bookends inspired by the best-selling, Eisner Award-winning comic book and graphic novel series FABLES by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham.


Measures Approximately 8.25″ Tall


$249.95 US • On Sale March 2014 * Allocations May Occur


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POWER CON Exclusives

Posted on: September 10, 2013

Here are some of the exclusives that will available to purchase at this year’s Power Con.

Masters of the Universe Classics’ Strobo  (Mattel)  $25.00





From the Four Horsemen The PowerLords Power Soldiers 

“Here are a couple shots of the Power Soldiers we’ll be selling at Power Con during the show and on Store Horsemen the Monday after the show. Each fully articulated and Glyos compatible figure will be 4″ scale, will come in numbered poly-bags, will come with both the staff and rifle, and will be $10.00 each with no limits on amounts purchased.”


Behold! The Power-Con 2013 Weaponeers of Monkaa Exclusive Figure! The Eternal Barbarian!




These will be offered exclusively at Power-Con next Saturday and Sunday, September 14th & 15th in Torrance, CA at the Torrance Marriott. Includes a Deluxe painted Weaponeers of Monkaa action figure, a full assortment of extra heads in extra special paint ops, a matching Close Combat Armory, and a 4″x6″ mock card back. All for just $15!


Mystical Warriors of the Ring from Fantastic Plastic.  For more information check out their website




In order to get these incredible figures for your collection, you need to attend Power Con this Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th in Torrence California.

For more information and tickets visit,


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Count Down to Power Con Featuring Master English

Posted on: September 10, 2013

This week in anticipation for Power-Con the Masters of the Universe, Princess of Power, Thundercats and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toy-Lines will present an article from each off these lines.

Today we will feature Master Customizer, Master English and his many creations.



Come meet Master English at Power Con in Torrance, Ca. on September 14 and 15th.  Stay tune to Toy-Lines for more figures from Master English.

You can get tickets at their website


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