Funko September POP! Release E.T.

Posted on: September 18, 2014

Coming this month will be the release of Funko’s E.T. POP! figures based off of the 1982 movie.



et pop


elliot pop


gertie pop



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Toy-Lines Looks at Funko’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles POP! Figures

Posted on: September 17, 2014

We continue looking at Funko’s great products by looking through the set of POP! figures of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



donnatello pop


leo pop


mikey pop


uncle ralph pop


splinter pop

April O’Niel

april pop

The Shredder

the shredder pop

Foot Soldier

foot soldier pop


bebop pop


rocksteady pop


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Toy-Lines Looks at Funko’s Ghostubsters POP! Figures

Posted on: September 17, 2014

We begin our look at the great figures of Funko by taking a look at the POP! figures of 1984’s Ghostbusters.

Dr. Egon Spengler


Dr. Raymond Stantz


Dr. Peter Venkman


Winston Zeddemore with the Ecto-1

winston in ecto 1



The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

stay puft

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (roasted)

mr stay puft burnt


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Big Hero 6 Pop!

Posted on: September 16, 2014

Funko will be releasing POP! figures for Disney’s Big Hero 6 due this November.

Hiro Hamada

hiro pop


baymax pop

Go Go Tomago

gogo pop

Honey Lemon

honey le pop

Wasabi No-Ginger

wasabi pop


fred pop



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I Geek Disney – Captain America Christmas Ornament

Posted on: September 16, 2014

New on is this Captain America Christmas ornament. Just like the Spider-man one, this is priced at $12.95. The pose is good of Cap running with his shield ready and would make a fine piece on your tree with this year’s Spider-man.


cap Christmas ornament



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Build-A-Bear-Workshop Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Posted on: September 15, 2014

Build-A-Bear-Workshop has gone turtley insane with their new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. These aren’t your typical Build-A-Bears in a turtle outfit, these are actually the ninja turtles that you get to choose, stuff, and have for your own. Each turtle is sold separately for the price of $25.00 and have combat gear that are sold separately too.





Get them now before they vanish like ninjas.



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Posted on: September 14, 2014

Originally a Bobblehead company created in 1998 by Mike Becker, Funko was sold to Brian Mariotti in 2005 who has ever since been creating some of the greatest pieces of collectibles out today with over 150 licenses.

Here’s a list of both POP! and ReAction figures I’d like to see Funko make. No doubt they’re already working on them.

Warner Brothers POP! – Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Marvin the Martian, Taz, Gossamer, Wile E. Coyote, Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd.

Jaws POP! – Brody, Hooper, Quint and “Bruce” the shark

Indiana Jones POP! and ReAction figures – Indian Jones, Short Round, Dr. Henry Jones

Bill & Ted POP! and ReAction figures from both Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure as well as Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

The Last Starfighter – ReAction figure

Ghostbusters – ReAction figures

The Princess Bride POP! & ReAction figures – Westley, Buttercup, Inigo Montoya, Fezzik

Gravity Falls POP! – Dipper, Mabel & Grunkle Stan

With the quality Funko puts into their products, as well as using nostalgic characters from our youth or new shows, it would be cool to see Funko create the licenses of these characters. The POP! characters come so nicely boxed and the figures themselves are so detailed. The ReAction figures card I just can’t help be reminded of the old Kenner Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark figure cards, and the figures have a nice Star Wars figure look to them.

Funko is without a doubt making some of the best collectibles today. Be sure to come back as we high light both Funko POP! and ReAction figures here at and see what Funko has made and is making.



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I Geek Disney: Turkey Leg souvenirs

Posted on: September 14, 2014

Over the years Disney had made some strange collectibles, but I can’t think of anything more so than the line of sweaters, t-shirts and even car air fresheners of their popular turkey leg snack.

tyrkey leg

turkey leg shirt

turkey leg sweater

Many believe that the turkey legs are actually emu legs, but this is untrue. The turkey legs you eat in Walt Disney World are 100% turkey. Disney sells over 1.6 million turkey legs a year which equals 2.5 million pounds of turkey.

The legs are from male turkeys that weigh between 40-50 lbs and are from the Midwest, while the legs themselves weight in at 1 1/2 lbs each. They are delivered to Disney as a “ready to eat product”. They’re smoked before ever leaving to go to Florida and once they reach Walt Disney World they are reheated. Disney will keep the turkey legs for sale for two hours. Any turkey leg that does not get sold within those two hours is thrown away. The state allows that the turkey leg scan be on sale for four hours, but Disney chooses two to serve a fresher product.


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The last Ghostbusters’ collectible I own

Posted on: September 14, 2014

Ghostbusters hit theatres on June 8, 1984.  I was 9 years old, a great age to see this movie.  I remember sitting next to my sister during the movie and in the beginning of the film when Venkman, Stantz and Spengler are in the library and see the nice old ghost librarian looking like this


then turns to this


I jumped in my seat and my sister turned to me and said, “It’s OK to be scared”.

From that point I was a Ghostbuster.

When The Real Ghostbusters toys came out I did collect them, as well as the NOW Comics comic and of course had a Ghostbusters t-shirt. I was pretty into it.  My friend and I were Ghostbusters for Halloween once.  We wore Ghostbusters t-shirts, khaki pants, and his dad made the proton packs.  They were this light weight wood frame with straps for our back, and poster board covering the frame with the logo in the center.  For the proton shooter I used my neighbor’s Star Wars Stormtrooper gun while my friend used a machine gun water pistol.  These were connected to our packs with a strap.  It was pretty cool. We even won second place in our Cub Scouts Halloween contest that year.

I had the toys like I mentioned, the 4 Ghostbusters, Slimer, the Stay Puft Marshmallow man, a few other ghosts, and the Ecto-1.  That car was so cool.  So was the toy. Eventually my Ghostbuster toys were gone and the Ecto-1 was stashed in the crawlspace in the attic. Recently I found all that remained of my Ghostbusters collection.

ty rusty e 029

A Winston Zeddemore figure and the Ecto-1.






The car had seen better days.  As you can see it’s missing basically everything except the back hatch and the driver’s side door, but it’s still cool to me.  It might be my last Ghostbusters collectible, but it certainly is mine, and that’s what matters.


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Bugs Bunny Radio

Posted on: September 13, 2014

I had this radio as a little boy.  It might have been my brother’s since he’s older, but I do remember us having it. It was a cool radio, nothing like what is out there today, but I wish I still had this, even if it didn’t work. It would like nice on a shelf. The radio was released in 1973 from Philgee International Ltd.

bugs bunny raio

Bugs Bunny is undoubtedly Warner Brother’s mascot.  What’s interesting is the fact that Bugs wasn’t Warner’s first cartoon star. Porky Pig was. Technically, a character named Bosco was the first Looney Tunes star. Bosco was created by Hugh Harman and Rudolph Ising in a pilot film called “Bosco the Talkink Kid”. At the end of this short, just as Bosco was going back into his inkwell he said, “So long, folks!” Harman and Ising pitched the character to Leon Schlesinger who was looking to get into cartoon producing at Jack Warner’s advice. A deal was struck with Harman and Ising creating the cartoons, Warner Brother’s distributing them, and Schlesinger as the liaison between them. The first ever Looney Tunes short was titled “Sinkin’ in the Bathtub” starring Bosco in 1930. A total of 39 shorts would be made with Bosco, his girlfriend Honey and his dog Bruno.

Harmon kept asking Schlesinger for more money for the shorts for the production values as well as to go into color. Schlesinger told them no, so Harman and Ising left Warner Brothers with Bosco to go to MGM were they made more Bosco shorts until 1938. Left with nothing but two cartoon titles, “Looney Tunes” and “Merrie Melodies”, as well as the phrase, “That’s all, folks!”, Schlesinger took a building on the Warner’s lot (later dubbed “Termite Terrace”) and began hiring animators from Disney and other studios to create cartoons. The next Looney Tunes character was “Buddy” who starred in 23 shorts between 1933-1935.

In 1935 a new set of Looney Tunes characters appeared on the screen in a short called, “I Haven’t Got a Hat”. Two of those characters were a pig named Porky and a character named Beans. More shorts were created, and it was around here when Fred “Tex” Avery joined the Looney Tunes gang. Having seen “I Haven’t Got a Hat” Tex made a short in 1935 titled “Goldiggers of ‘49” which, though Porky was the supporting character, made Porky the new Looney Tunes star.

Porky was originally created by Friz Freleng and it was he who decided Porky should stutter. Vocal talent went to Joe Dougherty as the voice of Porky, but his recording sessions were difficult since Dougherty had an actual stutter. Mel Blanc replaced Doughtery as Porky and was his voice for the rest of his career.

With Porky Pig the break-out star for Looney Tunes the second star was soon cast in another Tex Avery short, 1937’s “Porky’s Duck Hunt”, where Porky meets a duck who’s a little…daffy. The duck (voiced by Mel Blanc) became a favorite, and with two stars a third would soon join the ranks.

In 1938 a Porky short called “Porky’s Hare Hunt” introduced a wacky rabbit.  The rabbit would soon be seen in three more shorts: 1939’s “Hare-um Scare-um”, “Prest-O Change-O”, and 1940’s “Elmer’s Candid Camera”. Originally drawn to look more rabbit like, this rabbit was all white, had long ears, a jelly bean for a nose and a cotton tail.  He was voiced by Mel Blanc.

Just as Porky and Daffy would be redefined in look, personality and voice, the same happened to the rabbit. He soon got his name based off a nickname of one of his directors Joseph Benson “Bugs” Hardaway. In 1940’s “A Wild Hare” Tex Avery would bring us the rabbit we would soon come to know, and be the first of many shorts where Bugs would say, “What’s up, Doc?” The short would be nominated for an Academy Award and eventually Blanc would settle on a Brooklyn styled accent for Bugs.

(Blanc did indeed chew carrots for Bugs, however he would have a reaction to it where his throat would tighten and make his Bugs voice not sound right.  He would try celery and apples, but neither had the right crunch, so he would stick with carrots, crunching and chewing them at the end of the takes, then spitting them out.)

In 1945 Bugs Bunny was so popular his shorts would be voted for 16 years the “number one short subject” by the Motion Picture Herald’s poll. With 6-7 minutes each, Bugs would go on to star in over 160 shorts, out smarting hunters, ducks, martians and making us laugh hysterically.

Bugs Bunny is Warner Brothers just like Mel Blanc is Bugs Bunny.  While he might not have been the first Looney Tunes star, he certainly is the brightest.



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Friday the 12th, 2014

Posted on: September 12, 2014

toys 013

Friday the 12th, 2014. Looks like we’re safe this year folks.

Dedicated to my brother, who always seemed to find it necessary to jump out of nowhere wearing a hockey mask to scare me and who I saw two Friday the 13th movies with.


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Hot Wheels Captain Caveman

Posted on: September 11, 2014

I was never a fan of Hanna-Barbera’s cartoons. I did like their work when directing for Warner Brothers or Disney, but when they opened their own studio, the only character I liked was Captain Caveman, which I think was for two reasons. One, was his epic battle cry, “CAPTAIN CAAAAVEMAAAAAANNNNN!!!!”. The second being he was the one character I could draw.

I was quite shocked when I saw this Hot Wheels car this past weekend with a Captain Caveman on it.

captain caveman

Created by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears, Captain Caveman appeared on the show Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels with Brenda, Dee Dee and Taffy from September 10th 1977 to June 21st , 1980. A mystery solving quartet, Captain Caveman was discovered by the Teen Angels and thawed out. “Cavey” had super-strength and could fly thanks to a club which also had tools in it. He was voiced by the legendary “Man of a Thousand Voices” Mel Blanc (listen to him scream his battle cry and you can hear a bit of Yosemite Sam in it) while Dee Dee was voiced by Vernee Watson, Brenda by Marilyn Schreffler and Taffy by Laurel Page.

Captain Caveman was fond of saying “Unga Bunga”, a phrase I really don’t know what means, but remember him saying it quite a lot.


cc poic


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