Star Wars Rebels Exclusive

Posted on: October 29, 2014

I would think by now the verdict is out that Star Wars Rebels is a hit with Star Wars fans.  The premiere movie has been on The Disney Channel and most recently on ABC where it had an extra scene in which Darth Vader (voiced by Vader himself James Earl Jones) made a cameo talking to The Inquisitor.

Exclusive items have begun turning out in stores, like this one:

rebels exclusive



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More Marvel Hotwheels cars

Posted on: October 22, 2014

I found these in Target the other day.  The number Hotwheels has been putting out of Marvel themed cars is just great.  I hope they keep this going because there are plenty more Marvel characters to design cars around. They could even do a line of different suites the heros wore, Spider-man sure did have a bunch during his lenghty career, now hasn’t he?  Here we have Wolverine, Falcon, Venom and Hawkeye.









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Star Wars Hotwheels themed cars

Posted on: October 20, 2014

While Disney has released their Disney Racers line of cars with Star Wars versions, as well as Pixar’s Cars cars designed as Star Wars characters, Hot Wheels will be releasing a set of cars designed to the Star Wars theme exclusive to Wal-Mart Stores.  There are eight cars in all, one designated to each Episode in the Star Wars saga as well as one for the first Clone Wars cartoons series and the other for the new Rebels series.  These will be released around the holidays.

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace car:  Gearonimo

car 1

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones car:   Nitro Scorcher

car 2

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith car:   Duel Fueler

car 3

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope car: Motoblade

car 4

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back car: Spectyte

car 5

Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi car: Ballistik

card 6

Star Wars: The Clone Wars series car: Brutalistic

cw car

Star Wars: Rebels series car: Jet Threat 3.0

rebels cr

Collect them all, and May the Force be with You



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Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich resigns from Mattel

Posted on: October 20, 2014

Over the past weekend  Mattel’s Matty Collector Brand Manager Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich resigned from Mattel this past Saturday.

After an interview on the Action Figure Insider’s Podcast, Neitlich has stated that Mattel knows what they are doing and that Matty Collector items that have been shown at various times will still be available to the customers at their release dates.


He also noted that Masters of the Universe Classics will still release their 2015 line and he has submitted all of his work for 2016 items.  However please note that it is still up to fan purchase for a 2016 line.

Neitlich did not give any details on his new venture but stay tune, the Toy Guru will release a statement when the time is right.


Scott Niedlich was the brand manager for Mattel and the man responsible for Masters of the Universe Classics as well as other Matty Collector products such as DC Classics, Ghostbusters figures and his favorite The back to the Future Hover Board.


We at Toy-Lines want to wish Scott all the best in his future endeavor and thank you for eight years of Masters of the Universe Classics.





Tom Romero

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New Disney Funko POP The Jungle Book & Robin Hood

Posted on: October 16, 2014

Due out this month are new POP! figures based on Disney’s The Jungle Book & Robin Hood.  The sets each have three figures to start with. For The Jungle Book there is: Mowgli, Shere Khan & Kaa.  Robin Hood features Robin Hood, Prince John and Sir Hiss. My personal favorite of this set is Robin Hood.  While there are many more characters to release, I wouldn’t be surprises if more were in the works already.  So, check your local stores where you find your POP! figures & be sure to get these for your collection.


shere khan


robin hood

prince john

sir hiss



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I Geek Disney: Big Hero 6

Posted on: October 13, 2014

Big Hero 6 is less than a month away now, and with Disney Stores stocking items, it won’t be long before they begin to disappear once people see the film. With Christmas only two months away, there will be lots of Big Hero 6 toys under the Christmas tree, and to hang from it, this great ornament of Baymax flying with Hiro.  Priced at $12.95 it’s now available on & no doubt in Disney Stores as you read this.

big hero 6 ornament



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I Geek Disney: Exclusive Indiana Jones toys

Posted on: October 12, 2014

Ever since Disney’s-MGM Studios opened on May 1st, 1989, the theme park has been selling Indiana Jones merchandise, even before The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular opened on August 25th. The merchandise was exclusive to the stunt show, as well as having exclusive figures to the park.  Despite the name change the theme park eventually went through when it became Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Epic Stunt Spectacular has remained there for the past 25 years.  Though rumors are that the stunt show will be closing, Indy is still there, outrunning the giant boulder, facing off against the Cairo Swordsman, and re-creating scenes from the greatest adventure film ever, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

IJ Epic stunt spectacular

Merchandise is sold either at the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost or at a cart near the exit of the stunt show

IJ outpost

Here are some of the exclusive figures sold for the Disney stunt show:

Mickey as Indiana Jones & Goofy as Sallah from Raiders of the Lost Ark

mickey indy goofy sallah

Indiana Jones


Marion Ravenwood


Indiana Jones

indy 2

German soldier

german soldier

German mechanic

german mechanic

Cairo swordsman

cairo swordsman

Large Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones figure

indy 4

Large Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom figure

Indy tod

Raiders of the Lost Ark PVC set

Indy pvc set

Mickey as Indiana Jones baseball

indy baseball



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Funko: Alien Reaction Figures series 1 & 2

Posted on: October 10, 2014

While Funko has already created a first series of Alien figures, expect a second series due this November.  New to the line will be Ripley in her spacesuit, Kane with a face-hugger alien, a Kane with a chest-burster, and the Alien figure will feature a metallic finish on the paint design.  I do hope that they will eventually make a series of Aliens ReAction Figures.  That is my personal favorite Alien movie.

Alien ReAction Series One

alien 1


kane 1

ripley 1

ash 1

dallas 1


Alien ReAction Figures Series Two

alien 2

ripley 2

kane 2

kane 3



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Marvel Products in Target

Posted on: October 8, 2014

One thing I learned about being a writer for this site, whenever I run errands with my wife, be sure to bring my camera.  What starts as a weekend of running a few errands winds up going to more stores than I originally thought.  This results in a few great finds to report on for Toy-Lines.  Case in point this past weekend when my wife and I were in Target and I found the following Marvel items:

Spider-man HotWheels car

spider-man hotwheels

Avengers canvas art

avengers canvas art

Captain America canvas art


Spider-man canvas art


The canvas art pieces are really great, plus affordable at under $25.00.  The Captain America and Spider-man ones especially have the nostalgic value going since they’re actual comic covers, while the Avengers is a more modern take on the team by a modern artist.

Still, these would look great hanging on any office wall.



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I Geek Disney: Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Edition

Posted on: October 5, 2014

Earlier this year I bought the Disney Infinity for my Nintendo Wii.  The system comes with the Infinity Console, the disc, and the following three characters: Jack Sparrow, Sully from Monsters Inc. and Mr. Incredible.  The box also comes with a little cube which had each characters “world” on it, so you could either play in a pirate theme, monster theme or super hero theme.  Each character from those films could also play in their designated world, so, for example, Dash, Mrs. Incredible or Violet could all play in the Incredible’s themed world and so on.

I also got a double pack of The Lone Ranger and Tonto.  They came with their own world in which only they could play in. While other characters are available to buy that do not have their own world, you can still play them in the Infinity Toy Box.

The worlds of the characters I find pretty good while the Toy Box I find just OK.  Still, it was cool how they created this system and the characters that were coming out. Even more exciting was when they mentioned Marvel characters would soon be available, which they now are.  I was waiting for this to come out, and when it finally did, I was pretty disappointed to hear that it is NOT available for the Nintendo Wii, but only for the Nintendo Wii U.

marvel console

My issues for this is one, I have a Nintendo Wii, and I really don’t need to be spending over $300.00 on a new system when my current one works fine.  I also don’t like how the Wii U does not hook up to the TV but to the large controller, sort of like a Nintendo DS, only bigger.  Finally, I would have to then spend another $74.99 to get the new console the Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack 2.0 Edition. While this console will have Disney characters that can play on it,(Stitch, Merida from Brave, Aladdin, Tinker bell, Big Hero 6’s Baymax and Hiro), it does come with three Marvel figures: Thor, Black Widow and Iron Man, besides the Avenger’s world where the Avengers can play in.  A two pack with Spider-man is also sold with a world for the Marvel web-slinger to play in.

I really like how the Marvel heroes look. But I just can’t justify buying a new system, then a new Infinity console, just to play the Marvel characters.  The only thing I would consider is buying the figures themselves individually of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Hawkeye and Nick Fury just to put on a shelf.

While in the Disney Store this past week they had the following characters for sale:

Captain America

cap infinity


hawkeye infinity

Nick Fury (which I think is for the Spider-man world play set).

nick fury

The individual figures are priced decently, but I won’t be making any purchases soon.  Still, they would look pretty cool on a shelf.


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Funko POP! Classis X-men figures

Posted on: October 3, 2014

Due this month is the X-men Deadpool Pop! figure.  Then in November collect “the children of the atom” as Classic X-men Professor X, Storm, Cyclops, Colossus, Mystique and even Magneto are released. Remember, Make Mine Marvel & Funko!

deadpool xmen

professor x







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Funko’s POP! Hobbit movie figures

Posted on: October 2, 2014

J.R.R. Tolkien is my favorite writer.  The Hobbit is one of my favorite books, next to The Lord of the Rings, and when I started dating my wife I made her read The Hobbit, which she liked.  Peter Jackson has done a great job in bringing both books to life, so here we’ll be taking a look at the Hobbit movie Pop! figures by Funko.


Gandalf the Grey

gandalf pop

Invisible Bilbo Baggins

invisible bilbo pop


legolas pop


azog hobbit movie pop


smau pop



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