Fox’s new animated series SON OF ZORN

Posted on: February 27, 2016














FOX recently greenlit a new live-action/animated hybrid comedy called SON OF ZORN. Executive produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The Last Man On Earth, The LEGO Movie), the series looks to leverage its parody of retro cartoons like Thundarr the Barbarian and Masters of the Universe as a jumping off point to tell the story of Zorn (Jason Sudeikis):

a legendary animated warrior looking to reconnect with his live-action son, Alan (Johnny Pemberton), and ex-wife, Edie (Cheryl Hines), while suffering through a mundane office job and the banality of suburban life, [finding it] harder than waging actual war in his distant, mystical homeland of Zephyria.


“This is utterly unique, there has literally never been a show like this. And, of course, it is very, very funny,” said David Madden, President, Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company. I’m guessing he’s never seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit? or he’s referring to the whole ancient barbarian meets modern-day son schtick. Either way this sounds promising and I look forward to seeing more when Son of Zorn debuts during the 2016-2017 season.

Source: Bubble Blabber

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Jay and Silent Bob the video game

Posted on: February 27, 2016











With the help of Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, and the SmodCo team, we bring you the appropriately named, Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch. Pushing the boundaries of humor and stories portrayed in games, we are co-designing an experience that weaves together the tone and wittiness of Kevin’s movies with fast-paced combat.

Kevin and Jason will contribute voiceovers and storyline feedback for continuity and dynamic gameplay. We will work with many talented folks who have taken part in other Kevin Smith classics such as Chasing Amy and Mallrats in order to keep the worlds consistent and true to the View Askew-niverse.


Jump in the shoes of Lunch Box and Mr. Snoogans in a colorful Side-scrolling 2.5D over-the-top multiplayer brawler! Play as the dynamic duo alone or with a friend in a tag team combo fight fest. Destroy your enemies with fists, feet, and the magic of self-esteem destroying shit talk while you embark on a mission to find your long lost pot customers trapped in an Orwellian shopping center.
Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch is a colorful side-scrolling tag-team beat-em-up where players swap back and forth between our heroes on the fly or perform special moves simultaneously with a friend. Our heroes embark on an epic adventure from the humble corners where they ply their trade to the gates of hell itself.


Log onto fig to donate and help this video game see the light of day.

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Mcfarlane Toys 2016

Posted on: February 27, 2016

Depicting Rick’s transformation from peace-keeping-deputy to judge, jury and executioner.

Pick up this blood splattered 10-inch figure in stores near you



Bring the show to life and pick up your favorite characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead. In stores near you!



The shelves are heating up with this next series of NBA action figures taking center court! In stores now.


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Funko Pocket POP Keychains

Posted on: February 27, 2016

Pocket Pop! Keychain: Fallout®

Vault Boy is coming as a Pocket Pop! Keychain!

Don’t forget to add the Power Armor Pocket Pop! Keychain
to your keyring for the ultimate back-up!

jpeg-1 jpeg


Coming in April!


Pocket Pop! Keychain: Skyrim®

Fus ro dah! The Dragonborn is coming as a Pocket Pop! Keychain!

Dovahkiin, the prophesized hero born with the power of The Voice, dons his signature helmet,
leather armor, and iron sword to make for the ultimate cohort!





Pocket Pop! Keychain: Civil War

This means war!

Civil War Pocket Pop! Keychains include the nefarious
Crossbones and newcomer, Black Panther!


jpeg-3 jpeg-4


Coming in May!


Pocket Pop! Keychain: Peanuts

Good grief! More Peanuts Pop! figures!

Add Snoopy and Charlie Brown to your keyring next month!


jpeg-6 jpeg-5

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Mezco Toyz Bride of Chucky 12″

Posted on: February 27, 2016

Mezco expands their ever-growing line of hit Chucky action figures and collectibles with one of the most frequently requested characters: Tiffany.

First introduced in the film Bride Of Chucky, Tiffany was the devoted girlfriend of killer Charles Lee Ray before his soul transferred into the Good Guy doll that would come to be known as Chucky. After Chucky ended up in a police evidence vault, Tiffany used her feminine wiles to rescue him. After Chucky electrocutes her in a bathtub, he transfers her soul into a bridal doll. Now trapped in a doll body, Tiffany joins Chucky on his quest to find the Heart of Damballa, the amulet that can transfer their souls into human bodies.

Tiffany is as deadly as she is beautiful; a perfect mate for Mezco’s previously released 15inch Chucky figures as well as their upcoming 15inch Chucky Good Guy figure.

Tiffany is perfectly screen-matched from her bleached-bond hair to her black work boots. Dressed in her bridal gown with “leather” jacket, she comes complete with her TIFF necklace, tattooed décolletage, and lacquered fingernails.

Just as she did in Bride Of Chucky, Tiffany has lots to say. She speaks six phrases direct from the film, activated by a discrete button on her back. Tiffany also features realistic glass-like eyes, and nine points of articulation.

Tiffany comes packaged in her own collector-friendly window box perfect for display.

Watch for Tiffany to start slashing her way into your heart in August/ September


4b35aa45-db6a-43a2-bc0c-bc6c5cbef397 480cfdf5-8230-4d27-b723-c6079529b5d1 aaea6adb-97c4-4775-aba9-1b22e71731bd

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Mythic Legion by the 4 Horsemen pre-sale

Posted on: February 26, 2016

Just a reminder that the pre-orders for the next group of Mythic Legions figures (ML1.5) will begin tomorrow – Friday February 26th – at 3:00pm EST. We’re going to run this pre-order until Monday, March 14th at 3:00pm EST, so that only gives you a couple of weeks to get your orders in for this pre-order release. Depending on the amount of pre-orders we get, there may be some up for sale through Store Horsemen again once the figures are in stock, but if there are, we don’t expect there to by too many, so pre-ordering now is your best bet to get the characters you want before they’re gone.




We apologize for the short pre-order time period, but we’re trying to get these pre-orders done and get the final orders in to the factory so that they can be finished and shipped to us in time for the figures to make their debut at the 2016 Power Con in June. It’s going to be tight, but it’s a good possibility that we can do it. The two trolls may take slightly longer, but we’re going to have them finished as well. Fingers crossed.
In the current images we have, the Forest Troll isn’t shown with a weapon. Rest assured that he will come with a huge spiked mace, and as soon as we have new photos of him with that, we’ll be posting them. Some of the other images are also shown with different weapons than were shown at the 2016 Toy Fair. The figures that were shown at Toy Fair a couple weeks ago depict a more accurate representation of the weapons they will each have.
It’s time to begin expanding the Legions. Tomorrow is your chance to start. Don’t miss out!




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Quick questions with Eric “Corn Boy” Mayse

Posted on: February 26, 2016
From L to R. Eric Treadway, Jim Preziosi, and Eric “Cornboy”Mayse



The excitement of New York Toy-Fair is unparalleled, seeing the toys that could potentially be your favorite in the upcoming year is only enhanced by meeting the people that create these toys.  I was fortunate enough to interview one of the most talented creators of action figures today, this man along with his partners are taking action figure fan’s dreams and turning them into plastic realities.  They are the architects of successful toy lines He-man and the Masters of the Universe, Power-Lords, Thundercats, Outer spacemen and now they have their own successful toy line, The Mythic Legion, I present to you my interview with Eric “Corn boy” Mayse of 4 Horsemen studios.

TL:  First of all, thank you for doing this.


CB: Thank you.


TL: You have finished your successful Kickstarter Mythic Legion, when do you expect them to ship?


CB: Actually, we’re supposed to ship just before the holidays; we were hoping to hit it before Chinese New Year, but we didn’t make it. So it got delayed by a few weeks, so we’re thinking it will hopefully ship right after all the workers come back from Chinese New Year.  We’re hoping to have it in the studio warehouse by late April/early May.


TL: Will you be adding more characters to the Mythic Legion line?


CB: Actually, we have a few on display here. We have four characters that are essentially mix-and-match parts and some repaint pieces that we’re going to have as convention exclusives this summer. Or, I’m sorry, they’re not going to be exclusives. The launches of these figures are going to be at conventions this summer.


11782333_732214670213221_3895101716779592167_o 12715921_732214930213195_8111075303102889101_o 12747364_732214960213192_6614959832077528652_o12716231_732215086879846_6374999891328679394_o


TL: Is that another Kickstarter or add-on?


CB: No. You’re going to be able to buy them at conventions and through Store Horsemen. And then we’re showing here today, we have four other characters here today, that are going to be part of the next Kickstarter, plus we also have two big deluxe troll figures that we’re showing today that are going to be going up for pre-order probably in about a month from now.{*The pre-order is this Friday, 2/26/16} We’ll be making an announcement I think sometime next week about when that’s going to happen.


TL: Is that exclusive to the Kickstarter backers or is that in general?


CB: That’s going to be open to everybody. Since it’s a pre-order — normally when we would just sell things, we would allow our Kickstarter backers who help us launch this project and back this project — we would allow them to come in and have first access to it, to make sure that everybody got one that wanted one, but this is going to be a preorder so it’s going to be open for a certain amount of time so anybody can order them. So yeah, it’s going to be open to everybody.




TL: You already answered my next question. What’s your next Kickstarter going to be about?


CB: Our next Kickstarter’s going to be another Mythic Legions line. I’d like to say we can get it done and ready to go by Fall/Winter 2016, but it looks like it’s probably going to be early 2017 for Mythic Legions II.


TL: Now Mythic Legions II — is it going to be the same genre?


A: Yes, it’s a continuation of what we’ve done so far but with all brand-new characters and brand-new body types. There’s going to be a female, which people have been asking for. With using some of the female parts we’re still working on it, but we may even be able to work out elves, because it’s thinner-based characters. Obviously not the torsos, but maybe arms, parts of the legs, something like that. We may be able to go back and forth between females and thinner, wispier elves — things like that. We’re not sure yet. We’re still kind of in the development process on that.


TL: Along with Mythic Legions, is the 4 Horsemen coming up with any different lines, perhaps like a sci-fi genre?


CB: Our initial idea with Mythic Legions was,  an outer space legion, and a western legion. We wanted to do everything. But Mythic Legions has taken off so well, we’re focusing on this for now, and we want to get some of these deluxe figures and maybe even some possible vehicles, beasts/playsets, that kind of thing out. See how this goes, and then we may expand into some of those other realms at some point.


TL: Is there any different types of media coming out from Mythic Legions, like a comic book or poster?


CB: Actually, we’re promoting an art book that was actually on the Kickstarter. It’s an art book being produced and not only is it going to have a comic story in it but it’s also going to have at least the beginnings of a role-playing game, it’s going to have prints, it’s going to have trading cards in it, and some nice artwork from some incredible artists. We actually have one very big-name artist that we’re not allowed to announce yet that has agreed to do it and we’re kind of going back and forth with him. We’re hoping to be able to announce — we were hoping we were going to be able to announce it here at Toy Fair, but we can’t. Hopefully a week or so after Toy Fair, we’ll be able to announce that and it actually happens, but fingers crossed.


TL: Any update on the Power Lords?


CB: The Power Lords, we were actually actively working on that before we had to focus on getting the Mythic Legions stuff ready for Toy Fair. We are working on a couple of new prototypes. We’re talking about possibly doing that as a Kickstarter or maybe even a GoFundMe or one of those other crowd-funded projects, but it is still very much in development and it is very much going to happen. It’s just a matter of when.


TL: You mentioned GoFundMe and others. Why not Kickstarter again?


CB: We’re not sure yet. Kickstarter, we’ve done very well with two projects through Kickstarter, and for what we have to offer for Power Lords, we’re not sure it’s going to fit the model that we’ve kind of set up for what we do with the Gothitropolis, what we’ve done with Mythic Legions. That model I’m not sure will work as well with Power Lords. We’re going to try to fit it in there and see how well it works, but it may be something that would be better done for another site. Because with something like Power Lords, we won’t need — for Mythic Legions, say, we needed to have that fully funded before we can start, because that thing’s like a juggernaut. We don’t have half a million dollars we can pull out of our pockets and throw at a project. Something like Power Lords, which is less figures, smaller figures, so the production run is going to be lower probably, and the cost of the tooling is going to be lower. We don’t have to put everything we have into pushing it to make sure we get the full amount. We only need part of the funds and then we can probably cover the rest. So I don’t know that we need to utilize Kickstarter for that; we can use one of these other crowdfunding sites and hopefully that will work for us. We’ll see.


TL: Good luck. Switching to Masters of the Universe Classics 2.0 — how do you feel about it right now?

CB:   The Filmation-based figures, we always knew that the way that we designed the Masters of the Universe classics, we always knew that if we had to we could utilize some of the styling of the Filmation-based stuff and it would kind of work, but Mattel’s allowing us to go in and do a lot of new tooling on these things — new boots, new loincloths and things like that, not just popping a new head on it — and we’re really surprised how well it works with the Filmation-based stuff. So when we heard that we were going to be doing a Filmation line, we thought it was just going to be oh, we’re just going to pop new heads on existing bodies and slightly repaint it. But we’re really happy with the way Mattel is going with this, in allowing us to kind of pick up the ball and run with it. It’s as close as getting a Filmation action figure as we’re capable of doing right now. We’re really, really happy.


TL:  Now, there’s been a lot of controversy about the ankles on the Filmation figures.


CB: Right.


TL: Was that a Horsemen call, or was that Mattel?


CB: No, that was not a Horsemen call,  — if you look, there’s some prototype shots of the things that we did out there, and it looks completely different. We have not seen those in person yet, the ones that Mattel has shown online, so we don’t know if that’s a prototype that’s not quite put together quite correctly or what. I can’t really say much about that, because we don’t know exactly what’s going on there, but from what I saw in the photos that’s now how we had things set up, so I’m not sure what happened with that yet.


TL: ThunderCats line, has Masters of the Universe become a roadmap for ThunderCats? If you get the same results, can we expect the same handling of it?




CB: Yeah. Essentially, when we started Masters of the Universe Classics, one of our dreams was to do ThunderCats, SilverHawks, TigerSharks, and do all those. I don’t think we’ll ever get around to TigerSharks and SilverHawks. It would be great, but we’ve gotten to do ThunderCats in the Masters of the Universe Classics scale and style. I mean, it’s really exciting. But the thing about ThunderCats is that the characters in ThunderCats are a lot more diverse in body styles than a lot of the characters are in Masters of the Universe, so we’re having to be very creative in figuring out ways to use a standard buck and use body parts to go on that. I know we’re going to get to characters fairly soon that are going to be virtually new sculptures, because there’s no buck that really fits them, but that’s one of the things we like about our job. We like that kind of a challenge in trying to figure those things out. So we’re excited about it. Like I said, we’ve wanted to do ThunderCats forever. There were a couple of — it looked like it might happen and then it kind of fell apart, and now we finally get to do it and we’re excited. We’re having a blast with it.


TL: I’m sure you can’t answer this, but …


A: Probably not.


TL: Will we ever see a ThunderTank, do you think? Has that even come up?


A: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Absolutely, it’s come up, because we want — like you were asking, would we treat it like Masters of the Universe Classics? We would absolutely love to. That really all depends on fan response and how sales go and how the preorders go with the subscription and everything. If that goes really well, then I can’t imagine that Mattel wouldn’t want to do vehicles and beasts and hopefully even possibly playsets. Who knows? That’s our dream.


TL: Very nice. With Classics 2.0, do you see it as a way to fix certain things that maybe you didn’t like in the original line, like any corrections or …


A: I wouldn’t say that there was anything that we didn’t like, but there’s some stuff as artists when you finish something, you might like it and then you look at it a month later and you’re almost never satisfied with. So, yeah. Then there are things that people have called out, fans have looked at and said, you know, I would like to see this done differently. So if we’re given a chance, yeah, to hopefully go back in and correct some of these things that people think need to be corrected, or fix some of the flaws that we now see in the original things that we did — yeah, that’s one of the pluses about being able to go back into the stuff again.


TL: Thank you again.


Thank you again to Mr. Mayse for this session of quick questions and don’t forget the Pre-sale for the Mythic Legion line including those incredible Trolls on 2/26/16 on Store Horseman.



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Funko’s Walking Mystery Minis

Posted on: February 24, 2016

The Walking Dead Mystery Minis Series 4!

The next installment of The Walking Dead Mystery Minis
has something for every fan of the hit show!

Rick Grimes and Michonne sport their newfound police uniforms,
while Daryl, Bob, Noah, Sasha, and Tara come in their
traditional survival gear! You may even find yourself with Daryl’s motorcycle!

Fan favorite Beth Greene makes her Funko debut alongside aspiring
pacifist, Morgan, who comes masked and unmasked! You’ll need the whole
gang to escape the assortment of walkers in this series!




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Super 7 Masters of the Universe retro figures are up for Pre-order

Posted on: February 24, 2016

The iconic Masters of the Universe toys re-imagined as 3.75″ action figures from the golden age! Skeletor, Evil Lord of Destruction, is now available as a full-color retro action figure with five points of articulation and sword accessory, packaged on a period authentic blister card with brand new artwork by Jason Edmiston. Now you can relive all the exiting action of Masters of the Universe!

This item is a pre-order, product ships April 2016.

You can pre-order them here



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Funko Hero POP

Posted on: February 24, 2016

Pop! Heroes: DC

Funko is proud to introduce the latest Pop! figures from DC Comics!

The newest installment includes powerful heroes like Firestorm, Supergirl, Power Girl, and Cyborg!

It’ll take the whole team to bring down supervillian Black Manta!


jpeg-1 jpeg jpeg-2 jpeg-4 jpeg-3

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He-man and the Masters of the Universe Documentary on Kickstarter *UPDATE

Posted on: February 24, 2016

Hey Toy-fans,


Less than 48 hrs. to go on Fauxpop Productionsand Definitive Films’ He-man and the Masters of the Universe Documentary.

From filmmakers Rob McCall (Nintendo Quest) and Randall Lobb (The definitive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).  This is sure to be a part of He-Man history, covering everything from MOTU’s secret origin at Mattel through every incarnation of the figures through the cartoon series.  Faux pop is interviewing everyone associated with Masters of the Universe.

The Documentary will also feature She-Ra Princess of Power and her journey into the hearts of fans everywhere.

The rewards are definitely worth supporting, including tickets to their Los Angeles Premiere, your own customized action figure from Joe Amato and you may actually be in the movie yourself.

For more information please log-on to their website at

Support their Kickstarter here.   This is one Kickstarter not to be missed.




*UPDATE 2/24/16

These guys have done the unimaginable, not only have they added new stretch goals and achieved them but they will create the most detailed documentary ever about the most powerful man in the universe and his history.

Now is the time to join in on the excitement about the history of He-man and the Masters of the Universe.


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New from Diamond Select Toys Art Aylum

Posted on: February 21, 2016

X-Files Vinimates Classic Mulder & Scully Vinyl Figures
A Diamond Select Toys release! The truth is out there, and the truth is that The X-Files rules! Celebrate 23 years of The X-Files with these two classically-styled Vinimates vinyl figures. Designed in the Minimates block-figure style, these 4-inch static figures depict Agents Mulder and Scully in their original-series appearances, with hands on hips and arms crossed, as if daring the world to give them a mystery they can’t solve. Each figure features a ball-jointed neck, and comes packaged in a full-color window box.



Batman The Animated Series Robin Vinyl Bust Bank
A Diamond Select Toys release! Even Batman needs a wingman sometimes! There’s nothing more annoying than fighting crime with a pocketful of loose change, so why not give it to your sidekick to hold? This vinyl bust bank of Robin is based on his appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, and features cartoon-accurate details, as well as a coin slot in the back and an access door in the base. Once secured inside the Boy Wonder, your money will be as safe as your secret identity! Packaged in a clear polybag. Batman bank coming soon! Sculpted by Varner Studios!



Gotham TV Select Action Figures Series 2 Asst.
A Diamond Select Toys release! The world of Gotham is growing, with three new Select-style action figures based on the hit TV series! Each 7-inch action figure includes a diorama piece, and some include character-appropriate accessories. From Wayne Manor, Alfred Pennyworth comes with the mansion’s fireplace mantel. In the GCPD precinct, forensic investigator Edward Nygma comes with a mug and desk. On the streets of Gotham, Detective Harvey Bullock comes with his hat, gun and a section of alleyway — connect it to Jim Gordon’s alley to expand the crime scene! Each figure and diorama comes packaged in display-ready Select packaging, with spine artwork. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios.


HarveyBaseNew1-150x150 GothamAlfred1-150x150 GothamNygma1-150x150 GothamBullockPkg-150x150 GothamNygmaPkg-150x150 GothamAlfred-150x150

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