Avengers Stickers

Found these stickers in a dollar store the other day while shopping with my wife.  42 stickers for one dollar I just couldn’t pass by, especially when it’s Marvel comics. With two action posed stickers of Thor, Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man, one circular sticker of each hero, and two Avengers logo, it’s a pretty cool sticker set.  As a kid, stickers were quite the collectible and sticker books were very popular to have.  Mine were always a mess the way I put the stickers in.  My wife recently showed me her sticker book from when she was a kid and everything was put in nice and neat and perfect. My wife’s collectibles from her childhood are all in great shape, she really took care of her toys.    If I had a sticker book today, these guys would join the pages, but for now, they will stay sealed and on my Marvel shelf.  Not sure if I will ever use them or not, but they’re pretty cool to look at.

avengers stickers

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