Back to School

The other day Mrs. Nostalgia & I were in Target & I realized it’s that part of the summer. Back to school. No, not the Rodney Dangerfield movie from 1986. I’m talking about the end of August when as a kid you try to hang onto every second of your summer days & nights just knowing right around the corner is Labor Day & then the first day of school.

As a kid this usually started with this really annoying commercial of lunch ladies holding trays of lunch & this annoying song “See you in September” which had lyrics that went “See you in September, See you when the Summer’s through” while there are various versions of this song, I believe the one in the commercial was by this band called The Happenings. The end of August was good for one thing, my buddy Rich’s birthday which was always a pool party.

Still, as I walked down the aisle of back to school supplies I suddenly remembered my own days of back to school shopping for supplies & suddenly I remembered the Trapper Keeper, the coolest way to keep all your school work together, & if you found one with a Lamborghini on it, you were meant a cool start of the year, at least with the boys in your class you were (for some reason Lamborghini’s were very popular in the 1980’s).

A cool backpack was also a must.  My Catholic grammar school had one that my brother, sister & I each had once, but it wasn’t the greatest quality.   We’d usually settle for a good school bag, but I found the type you carry with two handles like a suite case (one year I had a black & yellow “Gold’s Gym” bag my dad got me from a trip) didn’t work too well, I usually slung it over my shoulder. A good backpack you could get a few years out of if you were lucky.

A cool lunch box also meant something when you were young back when I was a kid. Back then we had these square metal lunch boxes, though some were plastic.  I had a metal Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom one one year (my sister had the same one that year which was 1984) while I also had a metal Return of the Jedi one with cool scenes from Jabba’s Sail Barge & my sister had a plastic one with R2-D2 & Wicket on it (this was in 1983). By mid-year the metal lunch box would be beaten & I’d brown bag it. As I got older I’d brown bag my lunch to school but we still had those cool Trapper Keepers & backpacks.

In Target that day I saw 2 cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpacks, a lunch box as well as Spider-man, Ninja Turtles & Avengers folders.




If only there was a Trapper Keeper to keep them in.




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