The Venture Brothers from Cartoon Networks’ Adult Swim programming is the funniest cartoon show on the network.  A twisted take on old adventure cartoons such as Johnny Quest and Scooby-Doo with a dash of Superhero antics.  The show centers on the cloned offspring of a washed up boy adventurer as they go on adventures while trying to live in the real world.

Since its beginning fans of the show have been begging for action figures of this hilarious series.  Bif, Bang, Pow tried the “Mego” way by making cloth action figure dolls but low sales have slowed down that line.  Demand however was still high for action figures and so Bif, Bang, Pow answered the fans and created a 3 3/4 inch figure line.  Brock Sampson is their first offering.

Brock Blister

 Brock comes in a standard Blister card featuring the Venture Brothers themselves on the front.  I like the background artwork of Venture Industries where the show takes place.

I will say that as far as the packaging goes, they should have more information about the line.  Perhaps showing upcoming figures from the line.

The sculpt of the figure is a decent interpretation coming from the tv screen.

 With the Huge Chest and small legs you can get an animation feel from this figure.

 The colors are solid which is respectable and does not give the figure a cartoony look.

The articulation is not surprising from a figure this size and your options of posing are limited.  Brock comes with his signature weapon his hunting knife and you could get into some action poses.  His hands a sculpted to hold the knife and you should not have any problems with him holding it.  His waist and head are also articulated so he can look around.  His legs are articulated enough for him to sit down.

Overall this is a great figure and a compliment to the Venture Bros. Series.  At $10.00 per figure sounds fair for figures that will not take up too much space on your self.  Hopefully fans will grab this figure and they will be able to make more as the list of unique characters will not end.  As far as playability, you can come up with some decent poses and the figure will not take up much space.  You could create your own adventure poses for your shelf and with other figures you could recreate your favorite scenes.

You can purchase this figure and more in the series from Entertainment Earth.

There was also a Comic-Con Variant that was available from Entertainment Earth.  Its basically the same figure with a white t-shirt with blood splattered on the shirt and hands.

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