Disney/Marvel should take a cue from WB Animation

Posted on: July 2, 2017

WB animation will be releasing a box set of every DC animated movie from their library celebrating 10 years of animated goodness.  I believe its time that Disney/Marvel follow DC’s lead and make some teen to adult animated features based on Marvel comics stories. Here are some suggestions to get started..



Kraven the Hunter has stalked and killed every animal known to man. But there is one beast that has eluded him. One quarry that has mocked him at every turn: the wall-crawling web-slinger known as Spider-Man. And to prove that he is the hero’s master, he will pull on his costume and become him… after he shoots and buries him six feet under!  If Disney would go with this plan, nothing else would show the world their new PG-13 attitude than Kraven’s Last Hunt.  


Iron Man Demon in a Bottle Tony Stark MCU Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney

Iron Man faces his most untouchable foe in criminal industrialist Justin Hammer and his army of super-villains! But can the Armored Avenger overcome an even more implacable personal demon, invulnerable to technology or wealth?  Can you imagine a animated feature that could potentially connect with certain fans that have similar demons.  This animated feature would definitely make headlines.



Peter Parker has spent a lifetime living up to the responsibilities his powers foisted upon him but his Amazing story finally ends dramatically as one of his greatest enemies Doctor Octopus has arrived and he is better in every single way. Smarter, stronger…Superior.  This is one of the best Spiderman tales of the last decade and should get the animated treatment.



The synopsis is all in the title.  An updated Fantastic Four animated feature with Galactus, Silver Surfer and Uatu the Watcher but a Fantastic Four movie done correctly in the Mighty Marvel Manner.


On an Earth much like our own, the world’s greatest superhuman champions are confronted by a society in ruins. Faced with the possibility of a new dark age for mankind, they choose the only course available to them -and take control of the world’s governments themselves! Now they have one year in which to completely restructure human society. Can their plan succeed? Will a renegade member bring about their downfall? And what will happen when the Earth’s mightiest heroes find themselves becoming instead its all-powerful, totalitarian overlords?  WB animation took a chance on an animated Suicide Squad movie that was marketed as a Batman movie.  Marvel could do the same by marketing this as a different kind of Avengers movie and introduce new characters in Marvel’s animated universe.


Hopefully someone will read this and think its a good idea for Disney/Marvel to animate from  Marvel’s vast collection of stories.  Disney is the top animation company in the world and with access to Marvel’s stories, why is it taking so long for another Marvel animated feature.


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DC Storylines that should be animated features

Posted on: July 2, 2017

The news that DC is celebrating its animated 10th anniversary by releasing a box set of all their films, here are some suggestions for the next 10…



As the war between the different Corps rages on, the prophecy of the Blackest Night descends in this hardcover collecting the best–selling BLACKEST NIGHT #0-8. Now, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps lead DC’s champions into battle to save the universe from an army of Black Lanterns made up of the DCU’s deceased heroes and villains!  Hal Jordan has certainly been better in animation than live action and a Blackest Night film is just the right vehicle to get everyone excited about Green Lantern again.



A mysterious being known as the Anti-Monitor has begun a crusade across time to bring about the end of all existence. As alternate earths are systematically destroyed, the Monitor quickly assembles a team of super-heroes from across time and space to battle his counterpart and stop the destruction. DC’s greatest heroes including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Aquaman, assemble to stop the menace, but as they watch both the Flash and Supergirl die in battle, they begin to wonder if even all of the heroes in the world can stop this destructive force.  Now that the new 52 is a thing of the past the animation continuity can catch up by animated one of DC’s best stories.



He’s a strange visitor from another world who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands’ — and who, as the champion of the common worker, fights a never-ending battle for Stalin, Socialism and the international expansion of the Warsaw Pact.A deftly written alternate take on the mythos of the Man of Steel, RED SON explores the classic tale of Superman’s origins’ — if his rocketship had landed in the Soviet Union rather than Smallville, Kansas.  This fantastic story from Mark Millar will have fans talking about the man of steel in a elseworlds story about what could have been.



Armageddon 2001 refers to a gigantic battle between all of Earth’s heroes and a villain known only as Monarch, in which the superheroes were slain and the all-powerful Monarch plunged the world into a totalitarian government underneath his rule. This Possible Future took place in the then-future year of 2001, hence the title. In the year 2030, Matthew Ryder, a scientist sent into the Timestream as a part of one of Monarch’s experiments, becomes imbued with temporal superpowers and journeys into the past as Waverider to attempt to learn more about Monarch and determine who he is so he can be thwarted. On his journeys, Waverider investigates the possible futures of almost every superhero in the DCU, some even multiple times. As the tale reaches its conclusion, the identity of Monarch is revealed as he appears in the present time to destroy all superheroes in order to make his future reign be certain.  Another movie that covers almost every character within the DCU and not only is it a great story but think of the possibility of an original movie about the Monarch.



Similar to the premise of the Smallville television series, this hardcover book takes a look at the life of a young Clark Kent as he begins to develop strange powers. Living in a small Kansas town, the boy who would grow to be the Man of Steel must come to terms with his true origin and his uncanny abilities. In this mythic tale, we witness the experiences and adventures that transform a simple country boy into the world’s greatest hero.  Not only does this book deserve an absolute edition but could you imagine Superman/Clark voiced by Tom Welling.  If anything PLEASE WB ANIMATE THIS BOOK!!!


DC comics is filled with years and years of stories just waiting to be animated, so congratulations to 10 years of great animation and here’s to another ten, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.


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WB to release DC Animated mega animation film set

Posted on: July 2, 2017

BURBANK, CA (JUNE 28, 2017) – Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Entertainment celebrate a decade of heroic animation with the release of the DC Universe Original Movies: 10th Anniversary Collection, a comprehensive box set of all 30 films, 5 animated shorts, new special features and exclusive collectible items coming November 7, 2017 to Blu-ray™. The entire 30-film set will also be available on Digital starting August 15, 2017.

Launched in 2007 with the landmark release of Superman Doomsday, the DC Universe Original Movies are based on or inspired by storylines and/or characters from within the ever-expanding DC library. Produced by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation, the stories range from films based upon iconic DC Super Hero stories (Superman Doomsday, Justice League: The New Frontier, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: The Killing Joke) to films inspired by themes from within DC history (Batman vs. Robinwas inspired by “The Court of Owls,” Superman vs. The Elite was inspired by “What’s so Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?”) to original stories (Justice League: Gods and Monsters, Batman and Harley Quinn).

The DC Universe Original Movies: 10th Anniversary Collection will include all 30 films – from Superman Doomsday to the all-new Batman and Harley Quinn, as well as newly released commemorative editions of Wonder Womanand Justice League: The New Frontier. The 32-disc box set will also include all five “DC Showcase” animated shorts – The Spectre, Green Arrow, Jonah Hex, Catwoman and Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam. The details of the special features will be announced later this summer.

“It’s been an amazing journey from the initial concept of bringing comic book pages to screen to the completion of 30 animated films spotlighting the mesmerizing characters and stories of the DC library,” said Mary Ellen Thomas, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Vice President, Family & Animation Marketing. “We are proud to celebrate this first decade of filmmaking with an impressive box set filled with exciting extras beyond these stunning films themselves.”

The 30-film DC Universe Original Movies: 10th Anniversary Collection (Blu-ray) will include:

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Mezco One:12 Space Ghost review

Posted on: June 27, 2017

I grew up watching re-reuns of Hanna-Barberra cartoons in the 80s and one of the most interesting cartoons for me was Space Ghost.  Not only did this show introduce me to the concept of aliens on other worlds (I was 4 years old) but I thought the idea of a black hooded ghost like being was appealing to me visually.

One of the cool unique ideas that I find fascinating is that One:12 creates these incredible figures of characters that aren’t necessarily popular by today’s standards.  Now one may argue that its nostalgia that allows figures like Space Ghost to come to the current market but I believe the One:12 team has a serious love for these characters and it definitely shows in the final product.

Take note that there are two versions of this figure, a Previews Glow-in-the-dark figure that will retail for $80.00 and a regular version which we will be reviewing.  Not much difference between the two versions other than the obvious fact that one glows in the dark and the other doesn’t.

The box is a sturdy representing Space Ghost’s color scheme and font that screams of the 1960s when the show debuted.

The side of the box shows Space Ghost’s symbol and the rear displays the figures in different poses.

One of the great ideas that has become a One:12 standard is the fact that you can remove the figure from the package without damaging the box or tray.  You can also return the figure to the tray without causing damage.


You can open the outer cover of the box like a book and inside you can see a pencil and inked drawing of Space Ghost that looks as if Alex Toth drew it.  (Alex Toth was the HB artist that designed the look for Space Ghost)  The other side shows the tray with the Space Ghost and Blip the monkey figures.  Also displayed on the top tray is the other changeable head, 3 pairs of interchangeable hands and other laser, ice and fire blast effects that attaches to either his wrists or hands.  The second tray underneath; includes a stand and an translucent arm to achieve the best poses you can think of.


IMG_2738 IMG_2740 IMG_2741 IMG_2742

Outside of the box this figure is amazing and is another One:12 achievement.  (Click on each photo for a full screen view)

The figure stands about 6 1/2 inches tall.  The material on the suit is clean and form fitting and does not hinder or interfere with the articulation.  The head sculpts are accurate but more on that the heads later.  The white plastic boots blend well with the material suit.  The yellow cape is the right size and compliments the white suit as it should.

The paint is clean and applied nicely, the metallic red on the power bands is a cool touch.  the only problem I had was my set of pointed finger hands had some chips on the knuckles but that could be just my figure.

IMG_2722 IMG_2726

The figure comes with two interchangeable heads.  One is a serious battle ready portrait while the other is a smiling face.  Both heads are sculpted accurately compared to his animated appearance.  Although the smiling face looks like its a forced smile and doesn’t really look good for my personal taste.

The head falls on a ball joint for full movement and the suit and cape does not interfere at all.





IMG_2732 IMG_2749

The articulation comes from the standard male One:12 buck that they use which incorporates all types of mobility including: hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, waist, knees, thighs and feet.  All the joints are tight and easy to move.  The cape includes a wire inside that allows the cape itself to have incredible articulation.  You can get some really great poses using the cape.

The only down side is that the heads come off really easy which is a nice feature but if you are trying to get him to look forward for a flying position it may be difficult to keep the head on.

IMG_2746 IMG_2750IMG_2751 IMG_2757 IMG_2762 IMG_2767

Space Ghost comes with a great amount of accessories which is another One:12 standard so you can get a variety of options to pose and play with your figure.  I just love how you can move the cape to get the best poses especially when you want him to appear flying.


The accessories are easy to apply to his fists or you can connect certain blast effects directly to the pegs on the wrists.  (Although you should always use caution when changing hands on the wrists because the peg can break if you apply too much force on the peg.  I like to rotate the pieces on the peg until it goes properly into position.)



Blip the monkey also comes with Space Ghost and limited articulation but enough to get some great action poses.

The colors are solid and bright.  The facial detail on Blip makes him look like a real monkey and far from his cartoony appearance.



Mezco’s One:12 line has raised the bar once again by creating unbelievable pieces of art.  One could argue that Space Ghost walked out of the tv set and into your home with all of the articulation and detail.  The playability (if you have time) is excellent and you can really have a lot of fun by creating your own adventures.  The poses you can create as he stands or flies on your shelf is enjoyable and the accessories he comes with makes this figure a steal at only $70.-$80.00.  I cannot stress enough if you love action figures, please treat yourself to any of Mezco’s One:12 figures.

I highly recommend this figure and if you are incline to, check out Youtube for some classic Space Ghost episodes.  However if the 60s aren’t for you try Googling “Space Stars” for 80s Space Ghost.



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NJ Toy Con

Posted on: June 26, 2017

This past weekend was very exciting for Toy Collectors of all ages as Veteri Productions, LLC hosted the NJ Toy Con in Parsippany, NJ.  


As you enter the show floor you are treated to a collector’s dream of over 250 vendor tables filled with toys, comics and all types of pop culture enjoyment from the past 50 all the way to the present.

I saw toys there that brought me back to my younger days of collecting and I even almost shed a tear at seeing a Ben Cooper Spider-man costume that I wore when I was five years old.

If you love toys this is the show for you.


IMG_2680 IMG_2683 IMG_2687 IMG_2693 IMG_2689


From Legos to Transformers and everything in between was available to purchase.

Now toys are great but this con also had a family game room where they hosted, card games and a past arcade that had active Atari 2600 games ready to play.


This con is so good that even a certain droid showed up just to get in on the fun.




ToyCon NJ happens twice a year and the next show will be November 11 and 12.

For more information and tickets go to www.toyconnj.com

Special thanks to the administration and staff at Toy Con.



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One:12 Collective Dr. Strange from Mezco

Posted on: May 17, 2017

Dr. Stephen Strange, MD was once a prominent but egotistical surgeon. Following a tragic automobile accident, he searched the world for a way to heal his badly damaged hands. After becoming a student of the Ancient One, Strange not only mastered the martial arts but the mystical arts as well. He now serves as Sorcerer Supreme and from his base in the Sanctum Sanctorum he guards the world from mystical and magical threats. Doctor Strange joins the One:12 collective with a comprehensively detailed outfit and unique character specific accessories. 

3504 3506 3507 3508 3509 3510 3511 3512 3547


  • One (1) newly developed head portrait 
  • One:12 Collective body with  over 28 points of articulation
  • Hand painted authentic detailing
  • Over 16cm tall
  • Six (6) interchangeable hands including
    • One (1) pair of fists (L & R)
    • One (1) pair posing hands style A (L & R)
    • One (1) pair of posing hands style B (L & R)



  • Two (2) interchangeable Eye Of Agamotto (open and closed)
  • Sculpted gloves on each hand
  • Cloak Of Levitation with integrated wire for dynamic posing 
  • Intricately tailored cloth  outfit 



  • One (1) Astral form projection (attaches to posing post)
  • Spell effect- defensive  (attaches to forearm)
  • Spell effect- offensive (attaches to forearm)
  • One (1) One:12 Collective display base with logo
  • One (1) One:12 Collective adjustable display post


Each One:12 Collective Doctor Strange figure is packaged in a deluxe, collector friendly box, designed with collectors in mind there are no twist ties for easy in and out of package display.

Order yours today at Mezco.com

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and now a special message from One:12 Headpool…

Posted on: May 7, 2017

“Hey you there, yeah you!!”

“Listen here head lovers.  This place Mezco, they make incredible toyz, so if you want my beautiful face to collect dust on your bookcase; order one today.  Oh and my body’s owner is coming too.”









3318 3319 3320 3321 3323 3324 3326


“See look at all you get on the cheap.”



“So if you want to hang with some winners like us, log onto to the Mezco website.

“Do it!  Do it NOW!!!”


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One:12 Nightmare Batman on sale from Mezco

Posted on: May 7, 2017

Born in the fevered dreams of Bruce Wayne, Knightmare Batman inhabits a world gone wrong. Gotham has been replaced by a post-apocalyptic desert patrolled by a military loyal to the Last Son Of Krypton. Knightmare Batman joins the One:12 collective with a comprehensively detailed outfit that perfectly recreates the cinematic look of the character.

3493 3494 3495 x800-3492 3496 3497 3498 3499



  • Three (3) head portraits
    • Standard portrait
    • Alternate portrait
    • Unmasked Bruce Wayne portrait 
  • One:12 Collective body with  over 30 points of articulation
  • Hand painted authentic detailing
  • Over 16cm tall
  • Five (5) interchangeable hands including
    • One (1) pair of fists (L & R)
    • One (1) posing hand  (R)
    • One (1) gun-holding hand (R)
    • One (1) holding hand (L)



  • Removable goggles
  • Leather-look duster coat with integrated wire for dynamic posing
  • Fabric shemagh scarf
  • Sculpted bandana-wrapped gloves on each hand
  • Intricately tailored cloth outfit with battle damaged insignia
  • Utility belt with pouches
  • Thigh holster
  • Desert trousers with knee-pad detail
  • Sculpted boots


  • One (1) handgun
  • One (1) machinegun with removable ammo clip and joker card detail
  • One (1) One:12 Collective display base with logo
  • One (1) One:12 Collective adjustable display post

Each One:12 Collective Knightmare Batman figure is packaged in a deluxe, collector friendly box, designed with collectors in mind there are no twist ties for easy in and out of package display.

Log onto Mezco and order your today

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Super 7’s MOTU Classics and Club Grayskull pre-order begins tomorrow

Posted on: May 4, 2017

On may 5th Super 7 will open up pre orders on Masters of the Universe Classics and Club Grayskull (Filmation) figures.

The magical portal to collect these newest editions to the Masters of the Universe family will be opened for a limited time only, don’t get left out in the Fright Zone! Pre-orders will be open Friday, May 5th at 12noon PST, only at Super7’s Store, and remain available until June 2nd. Each assortment is offered as a set of four figures, with the option to add additional figures individually. Each set of four figures is offered at $139.99, and each individual figure added at $34.99.

A payment plan option will be available to split payment into three monthly installments.
Figures are expected to ship October 2017.

Super7 is excited to announce the pre-order for the next wave of the Masters of the Universe Classics action figures! The line of deluxe 7-inch action figures continues with four brand new characters, sculpted by The Four Horsemen.

Price, sale dates and more info coming soon.

The pre-order for both 2017 Wave 1 of MOTUC Collector’s Choice and MOTUC Club Grayskull starts this Friday, May 5th at Super7’s Store.

2017 CC Wave 1 includes:
• Quakke
• Fang-Or
• Hawke
• Lodar
2017 CG Wave 1 includes:
• Hordak
• Man-At-Arms
• Teela
• Tri-Klops

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Titans and Young Justice to be exclusive to DC Streaming Service

Posted on: April 25, 2017

WARNER BROS. TELEVISION AND DC ENTERTAINMENT ANNOUNCE ALL-NEW LIVE-ACTION SERIES “TITANS,” FROM EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS AKIVA GOLDSMAN, GEOFF JOHNS, GREG BERLANTI AND SARAH SCHECHTER, TO DEBUT IN 2018 “YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS,” THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED THIRD SEASON OF WARNER BROS. ANIMATION’S “YOUNG JUSTICE,” ALSO TO BOW NEXT YEAR Series Will Air Exclusively on Upcoming DC-Branded Direct-to-Consumer Digital Service (April 25, 2017 – Burbank, CA) Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment today announced that executive producers Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter are teaming up for the all-new live-action drama series “Titans,” which will debut in 2018. Additionally, Warner Bros. Animation’s “Young Justice: Outsiders,” the highly anticipated third season of the popular “Young Justice” series, is also ramping up for its first mission next year.


Both fan-driven series are in early stages of production and will air exclusively on a DC-branded direct-to-consumer digital service in 2018. Operated by Warner Bros. Digital Networks Group, the new digital service will deliver an immersive experience designed just for DC fans. “






Titans” follows a group of young soon-to-be Super Heroes recruited from every corner of the DC Universe. In this action-packed series, Dick Grayson emerges from the shadows to become the leader of a fearless band of new heroes, including Starfire, Raven and many others. “Titans” is a dramatic, live-action adventure series that will explore and celebrate one of the most ppular omic book teams ever. “Titans” will be written by Akiva Goldsman (“Star Trek: Discovery,” “Underground”), Geoff Johns (President & Chief Creative Officer, DC Entertainment; “The Flash,” “Arrow”) and Greg Berlanti (“Arrow,” “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” “The Flash,” “Supergirl”). Goldsman, Johns, Berlanti and Sarah Schechter (“Arrow,” “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” “The Flash,” “Supergirl”) are executive producers of the series from Weed Road Pictures and Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.




In “Young Justice: Outsiders,” the teenage Super Heroes of the DC Universe come of age in an animated world of super-powers, Super-Villains and super secrets. In the highly anticipated new season, the team faces its greatest challenge yet as it takes on meta-human trafficking and the terrifying threat it creates for a society caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy. Equally praised by critics and viewers for its impressive visuals and rich storytelling, “Young Justice” reached more than 25 million unique viewers in each of its two seasons on Cartoon Network. This passionate fan support set the stage for the new third season. Sam Register (“Teen Titans Go!,” “Justice League Action”) is executive producer of “Young Justice.” Brandon Vietti (“Batman: Under the Red Hood,” “Superman Doomsday”) and Greg Weisman (“Star Wars Rebels,” “Gargoyles”) are producers of the series, produced by Warner Bros. Animation. Emmy Award winner Phil Bourassa (“Young Justice,” “Justice League Dark,” “Teen Titans: The Judas Contract”) serves as the series’ art director.


For updates join the DC Stream mailing list

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