I Geek Disney Tron Pop

Posted on: September 18, 2017

Based off the Disney 1982 movie Funko will be releasing Pops based off the movie Tron.

Per the site

“The ultimate tool can become the ultimate enemy.”

A computer programmer is transported into a computer mainframe and has to escape!
In order to do so he must interact with various programs.
This is none other than Disney’s classic film Tron.

Disney’s Tron, now has a few characters joining Pop!

This series features Tron – the self-monitoring security program,
and the evil program Sark! Both Pop!s hold discs from their fierce disc battle!

In addition, both Pop!s have a chase variant!
A rarity of 1-in-6.”

Due this November










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I Geek Disney Presents Disney Mystery Minis?

Posted on: September 14, 2017

The fine folks at Funko have done it again.  Coming this November Funko brings you The Disney Afternoon Collection. Included in the series are characters from DuckTales, TaleSpin, Darkwing Duck & Chip ‘n Dales Rescue Rangers.



The Gamestop stores will have their own exclusive sets



The Same with Toys R’ Us




Hot Topic as well


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NYC Comic Con Exclusive Funko Disney Pop

Posted on: September 7, 2017

Exclusive to the 2017 NYC Comic Con are new Pops.  First is the richest duck, $crooge McDuck.  Then the ever popular 1079 Disney sci-fi classic The Black Hole, the robots V.I.N. CENT & Maximillian.


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Dorbz Presents The Rocketeer

Posted on: September 6, 2017

Coming this November the Dorbz line will now have The Rocketeer.  Sold in both a colorized version as well as a 1 in 6 chaser silver color, The Rocketeer will be blasting off into your collection this fall.


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My Childhood Dream

Posted on: September 3, 2017

In 1914 Italian immigrant Antonio Pasin came to America in search of his dream.  He held several labor jobs before saving enough money to begin his own company, using his cabinet making skills which he learned from his grand-father & father to create phonograph cabinets. The company was named The Venetian Furniture Company after his home town near Venice Italy. A creative person, he built a wooden coaster he called The Liberty Coaster after the famous statue & soon he was creating & selling more wagons than cabinets.  Soon he began using steel instead of wood to create the wagons.  This is how the company became known as Radio Flyer, after the first steel wagon they built.

For 100 years Radio Flyer has been the leader in great wagons & has even created those based off of popular television shows or movies, like in the 1950’s when they teamed with Disney to put out wagons based off of the famous Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Club & Davy Crocket.

While Radio Flyer has had quite the impressive history, I think nothing could be cooler than their most recent release, something I wish was out when I was a child, an actual working Star Wars Landspeeder.  Based off of Luke Skywalker’s  X-34 speeder from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, the Radio Flyer Landspeeder can sit 2 children. The speeder comes with an interactive dashboard which features lights, actual sounds & dialogue from the movie (for sounds you get the Engine startup/shut down & the flying noise, while the dialogue has three lines, one from Luke Skywalker,  “Look it, there’s a Droid on the scanner. Dead ahead.  Might be our little Artoo unit. Hit the accelerator”, beeping noises of R2-D2 & from C3-P0, “There are several creatures approaching from the South East”.  These are the actual voices of Mark Hamill & Anthony Daniels.)

The speeder has a shift which can make it go between 2 to 5 miles forward, or 2 miles in reverse. It runs on a 12 Volt rechargeable battery & also comes with the charger.  The weight limit is 130 LBS & is for ages 4 & higher.  In Toys R Us it sells for $499.00.

I wish they had this out when I was a kid.

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The Last Jedi Funko Toys

Posted on: August 31, 2017

With 106 days left to the release of Star Wars The Last Jedi we’re jumping into Hyperspace now when it comes to new Star Wars merchandise.  Beginning tomorrow, September 1st, Force Friday II will release new & exclusive merchandise in Disney while Funko’s items start tomorrow & continue throughout the next couple of months.

There’s lots to see here, so get a cup of Blue Milk & check out the new Star Wars The Last Jedi merchandise from Funko

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Jet Packing around Disney World to Find Cool Rocketeer Stuff

Posted on: August 29, 2017

These days it’s tough to find cool Rocketeer collectibles. While Funko has released some items, pickings are often few. However, recently I found a dew while on vacation in Disney World.  There were three that I noticed, exclusive to the parks, each with different prices.

The first was a Rocketeer “Mickey Ear” which is basically figurines of Mickey Mouse designed to be something else, in this case, The Rocketeer. Priced for under $20.00 this came in the Movieland Series No. 1 & is packed with other Mickey Ears designed like Tron, The Shaggy Dog, Jack Sparrow, V.I.N. CENT from Disney’s The Black Hole & even a diver from Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

They each come blind boxed, so even though the Rocketeer is on the box this doesn’t mean you’ll get him.  Also, if you think opening the box while no cast member is looking will tell you who’s inside this won’t work either.  The figures are sealed in a foil bag.

Your best bet is to check the weight of each box. The heavier the box the more likely you’ll get either The Rocketeer, V.I.N. CENT or the diver from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The lighter the box you’ll most likely get The Shaggy Dog, Tron or Jack Sparrow.

The next item I saw is part of Disney’s D-Tech merchandise, which is custom phone cases, one of which is The Rocketeer. While I didn’t get the price (I figured it would be costly), it did look pretty cool. I was little leery bout getting one of these since smart phones constantly change & old phone cases never fit, so I didn’t get one, but I do think that even if this is the case, you’ll still have a pretty cool exclusive collectible.

Finally the last thing I saw was this piece of art work of Mickey Mouse as The Rocketeer by artist Mike Peraza. You could buy this separately as a print for under $30.00 or framed like this for close to $400.00

While it isn’t much, it’s great to still see The Rocketeer flight high in Disney World.

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I Geek Disney – Walt Disney World Exclusive Orange Bird Pop

Posted on: August 28, 2017

For the past few years the Orange Bird has been making his way back into Disney World.  Whether it be pins, tsum tsums, plush, magnets, this is one bird who’s here to stay.  The Orange Bird was created in 1971 & was found in the Magic Kingdom outside the Sunshine Tree Terrace.  The Florida Citrus Commission licensed him for merchandise which appeared in citrus & fruit stands throughout the Florida highways & state.

Now we get the latest version of the citrus bird, an Exclusive Pop figurine. To be released on September 8th, the Orange Bird will be sold exclusively in Disney World at the Pin Traders in Disney Springs as well as in the Pirates Bazaar at the Magic Kingdom.

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Star Wars Mystery Minis

Posted on: May 4, 2017
This series features Star Wars favorites such as Chewbacca,
Han Solo, Princess Leia, Stormtroopers and many more!
Coming this Summer!
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Indiana Jones

Posted on: April 11, 2017

When you’re an Indiana Jones fan collectible news comes every now & then. So imagine my surprise when I found this article (http://www.theweekinnerd.com/2017/02/see-concept-art-for-canceled-indiana.html) regarding an Ebay auction for two pieces of concept art for Kenner’s Further Adventures of Indiana Jones toy line.

Kenner’s Indy figures is one of my favorite toy lines. There weren’t many figures made & there were few play sets & vehicles but I still think they’re pretty cool.


The auction was run by Collectible Investment Brokerage & consisted of these two pieces of concept art

One for “The Raven Bar”

indy 1


The other for the temple play set.

indy 2

The Raven Bar is set in Nepal & is where Indy meets up with Marion Ravenwood when searching for the headpiece for the Staff of Ra. The play set would have included two figures


Nepalese Henchman

The following accessories

Poker, hearth, machine gun, break apart keg, table & chairs.


The temple play set is where we see Indy going after the Fertility Idol in the beginning of Raiders. The play set would have included the following figures



The following accessories

The idol, map, Forestall (mummified version that was hanging on the spikes), break apart altar with spiders, web, backpack & torches

I like the idea of these two sets being based off two great scenes in the movie. The Raven Bar is a great scene, the stunts well choreographed, while the Temple set has one of the most memorable scenes in the movie (though for me there’re so many memorable scenes in the movie).

Both sets would have given us more figures which is great considering there were only so many made. The Raven Bar giving us a second Toht figure besides the Nepalese henchman while the Temple set would have given us a third Belloq figure & one based off of Indy’s helper Satipo.

I’d like to have seen the box art for these sets.  It would’ve been great to see the boulder included in the temple set, but I think putting that into the set would have cost more despite how iconic the scene is.

So there you have it. Two possible play sets that never quite got created for Indy. Where there any other concept art for sets or figures for Indy?  Who knows, but perhaps if there were we’ll one day find out.


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