I Geek Disney: Exclusive Indiana Jones toys

Posted on: October 12, 2014

Ever since Disney’s-MGM Studios opened on May 1st, 1989, the theme park has been selling Indiana Jones merchandise, even before The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular opened on August 25th. The merchandise was exclusive to the stunt show, as well as having exclusive figures to the park.  Despite the name change the theme park eventually went through when it became Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Epic Stunt Spectacular has remained there for the past 25 years.  Though rumors are that the stunt show will be closing, Indy is still there, outrunning the giant boulder, facing off against the Cairo Swordsman, and re-creating scenes from the greatest adventure film ever, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

IJ Epic stunt spectacular

Merchandise is sold either at the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost or at a cart near the exit of the stunt show

IJ outpost

Here are some of the exclusive figures sold for the Disney stunt show:

Mickey as Indiana Jones & Goofy as Sallah from Raiders of the Lost Ark

mickey indy goofy sallah

Indiana Jones


Marion Ravenwood


Indiana Jones

indy 2

German soldier

german soldier

German mechanic

german mechanic

Cairo swordsman

cairo swordsman

Large Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones figure

indy 4

Large Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom figure

Indy tod

Raiders of the Lost Ark PVC set

Indy pvc set

Mickey as Indiana Jones baseball

indy baseball



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I Geek Disney: Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Edition

Posted on: October 5, 2014

Earlier this year I bought the Disney Infinity for my Nintendo Wii.  The system comes with the Infinity Console, the disc, and the following three characters: Jack Sparrow, Sully from Monsters Inc. and Mr. Incredible.  The box also comes with a little cube which had each characters “world” on it, so you could either play in a pirate theme, monster theme or super hero theme.  Each character from those films could also play in their designated world, so, for example, Dash, Mrs. Incredible or Violet could all play in the Incredible’s themed world and so on.

I also got a double pack of The Lone Ranger and Tonto.  They came with their own world in which only they could play in. While other characters are available to buy that do not have their own world, you can still play them in the Infinity Toy Box.

The worlds of the characters I find pretty good while the Toy Box I find just OK.  Still, it was cool how they created this system and the characters that were coming out. Even more exciting was when they mentioned Marvel characters would soon be available, which they now are.  I was waiting for this to come out, and when it finally did, I was pretty disappointed to hear that it is NOT available for the Nintendo Wii, but only for the Nintendo Wii U.

marvel console

My issues for this is one, I have a Nintendo Wii, and I really don’t need to be spending over $300.00 on a new system when my current one works fine.  I also don’t like how the Wii U does not hook up to the TV but to the large controller, sort of like a Nintendo DS, only bigger.  Finally, I would have to then spend another $74.99 to get the new console the Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack 2.0 Edition. While this console will have Disney characters that can play on it,(Stitch, Merida from Brave, Aladdin, Tinker bell, Big Hero 6’s Baymax and Hiro), it does come with three Marvel figures: Thor, Black Widow and Iron Man, besides the Avenger’s world where the Avengers can play in.  A two pack with Spider-man is also sold with a world for the Marvel web-slinger to play in.

I really like how the Marvel heroes look. But I just can’t justify buying a new system, then a new Infinity console, just to play the Marvel characters.  The only thing I would consider is buying the figures themselves individually of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Hawkeye and Nick Fury just to put on a shelf.

While in the Disney Store this past week they had the following characters for sale:

Captain America

cap infinity


hawkeye infinity

Nick Fury (which I think is for the Spider-man world play set).

nick fury

The individual figures are priced decently, but I won’t be making any purchases soon.  Still, they would look pretty cool on a shelf.


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The Rocketeer toy line that should have been

Posted on: October 2, 2014

In the summer of 1991 Disney released The Rocketeer in theatres as well as a ton of merchandise in stores. Counting on this movie to be their summer blockbuster the movie made back what it cost plus a little extra, but Disney considered it not a profit, cut their plans to make two more films, and had all the Rocketeer merchandise shipped to the mid-west where it was drastically marked down and put in 99 cent stores.

I first learned of The Rocketeer through issues of the great comic magazine “Comics Scene”. There were a few issues about the comic itself as well as the movie. Tie in some issues of “Starlog Magazine” and I was hooked on this film. When I saw the teaser trailer for the movie before “What About Bob?” with The Thousandth Man I knew I’d be seeing this movie for sure.

The movie itself was great, a Disney-styled version of the comics and one that had the Indiana–Jones-vibe Disney was going for, and I was nuts for it. That’s when my collecting began. The comic shop I went to had tons of Rocketeer merchandise. Each week I’d work, then on Saturday’s go to the mall to buy some.  I did this for weeks when, fearing they’d sell out, I brought in $90.00 and bought the rest of what I needed.

One thing that still surprises me to this day is how Disney, in all of their merchandising, never made a series of action figures for what was their summer block-buster. Ever since 1977 with the success of Star Wars, every summer block-buster had action figures. While Star Wars could make tons of figures besides the core group of characters, after all there were so many aliens in the film; films like Raiders of the Lost Ark had a toy line that just kept to the core of the film.

Both ways worked, yet, the Rocketeer had no figures.

The closest thing it had to an action figure was a “Bend Em” figure from Just Toys (the same type of figure and company that would release Star Wars versions years later).  The Rocketeer Bend Em had a rocket pack you could put on or remove, but other than that, that was it. Limited play ability, not much of a figure for action, and other than having a really cool card design, the Bend Em looked better in the card than out of it.

rocketeer bend em

Applause released a 9 inch doll of The Rocketeer as well.  Already posed, this doll didn’t do much.  Not really moveable, this doll looked better on a shelf then it played as a toy.

rocketeer applause

While Disney has throughout the years made up for this with detailed collector dolls like the Medicom Rocketeer Scale Figure, nice statues, the 2014 Hallmark ornament, the great Funko POP! and ReAction figures, 1991 was a rough year for Rocketeer collectors. Yes, there were other collectibles out there, but what I wanted most of all was a toy line to collect.

So, today, I present The Rocketeer toy line that should have been.

The Rocketeer figures would be the size of the Kenner Star Wars / Raiders of the Lost Ark figures. Personally I find this the best size. Perhaps with bending knees like the Raiders line. The following figures would  be:

Cliff Secord/The Rocketeer – with removable helmet & rocket pack

Jenny – in regular clothes


Neville Sinclair


German soldiers

Jenny – mail-away figure in the white South Seas Club dress

Vehicle wise there would be two:

Cliff & Peevy’s Gee Bee Racer

The bi-plane from the air circus that Malcolm flies with a Malcolm figure dressed as a clown

There would be one play set essential to the movie, The Bulldog Café. This would serve not only as a play set but a carrying case for the figures. This would open on a hinge. The first level would be the café, the second the attic with an escape hatch for the Rocketeer to fly from. Close the case and you can carry it with you to wherever you’re going to play The Rocketeer.

We could debate the need for a second line of characters like Bigelow from the air circus, gangster Eddie Valentine and his gang, the pilots that hang out at the Bulldog Café and even Howard Hughes, but I find these unnecessary.  I think the core characters listed above would do well.

There we go. The Rocketeer toy line that never was. While this never will be, we can be thankful for the Rocketeer stuff Disney does release, like the Funko ReAction figure released this year. It might be 23 years after the movie and just the Rocketeer, but we finally have a Rocketeer action figure.



Ian Westhoff

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I Geek Disney: Big Hero Six Go Go Tomago doll

Posted on: September 30, 2014

New on www.disneystore.com is the 11” Go Go Tomago doll. With this being the first released, expect to see more dolls like these on   www.disneystore.com.  Big Hero 6 hits theatres November 7th.

go go tomago doll



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I Geek Disney – Big Hero 6 figures in The Disney Store

Posted on: September 30, 2014

With two months to go to its release and its first full theatrical trailer out, Big Hero 6 figures have been showing in The Disney Store.


Big Hero 6 figures

big hero 6 figures

Fred & Baymax plush

baymax fred plush



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I Geek Disney: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Tsum Tsums

Posted on: September 29, 2014

Just released at www.disneystore.com is the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Tsum Tsums. Each is priced at $4.95 and are 3 1/2″.

snow white 7 dwarves tsum tsum




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I GEEK DISNEY: Winter comes early on “Once Upon a Time” as the Frozen characters premiere

Posted on: September 28, 2014

At the end of last season we were surprised to see Elsa turn up in Once Upon a Time.  Now, tonight we’ll see just what the folks from Frozen will be doing.  I was in the Disney Store this weekend and while buying Tsum Tsum’s with my wife, we saw a little bucket with buttons of Elsa.  It was a promotional button for the new season of Once Upon a Time.  The Cast Member at the register didn’t even mention them, so my wife asked if they were for sale.  Turns out, they were free, and they told us to take some.  The bucket was full so we took a few.

ELsa buton

Perhaps after the new episode these will begin to disappear from Disney Stores, but here was a cool Disney Frozen inspired collectible that they weren’t even mentioning. Be sure to visit your local Disney Store before these buttons disappear.



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Geek Disney: more Disney/ Star Wars “mash-up’s”

Posted on: September 27, 2014

I saw this play set while on vacation.  Based off the scene in Return of the Jedi it makes for a pretty decent play set, but I don’t really like Pete as Boba Fett.

sarlacc 1

sarlacc 2



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I Geek Disney: Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Carrousel

Posted on: September 22, 2014

Walk into a Disney park and everything tells a tale. From the windows on Main Street to the themeing of each land, everything has been thought out, giving everything detail or a rich history. Walk through Adventureland and you’ll feel as if you’re in the jungle where you can climb a tree house where a stranded family lives, take a safari cruise seeing wild animals or even encounter pirates. As you keep walking through Adventureland eventually you’ll find yourself in Frontierland. Missing the gradual changes in the themeing the next thing you know is you’re there, but, if you walk and look you’ll see the subtle changes beginning to happen.

Rides have a tale to tell to, be it the journey to Never Never Land, seeing the Seven Dwarfs mine, reliving Ariel becoming a human, or even riding Cinderella’s carrousel. Many of these tales only existed in film form before the ride was created, but the Magic Kingdom’s carrousel existed even before Disney told the tale of Cinderella on film.

Before it was ever known as “Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel” it was originally known as PTC #46. Manufactured by Philadelphia Toboggan Company, which was founded in 1904 by Henry Auchy and Chester Albright, the company was known for making wooden roller coaster cars (which they’re still known for over the last century) as well as carrousels. The year varies depending on which website you go to on when PTC #46 was built. Some say it was 1916, others 1917, but if you look on the Philadelphia Toboggan Coaster (their new name) website, it says it was 1918, making this carrousel 96 years old. Philadelphia Toboggan Company made 87 carrousels, 35 of which still function today.

The PTC #46 horses were carved from Maplewood by some of the finest Italian woodcarvers. Each horse was carved differently, so none are alike. Dubbed “The Liberty Carrousel”, its first home was in Detroit’s Belle Isle Park. In 1928 The Liberty Carrousel, which is 60 feet in diameter, was transferred to its second home in Maple Wood, NJ’s Olympic Park. It would stay there well after the park closed in 1965.

Carrousels of course play a huge reason we have Disney parks today. When Walt’s daughters, Diane and Sharon, were young, every Saturday was “Daddy Day”. A day spent with their father, away from the studio where they would do something together. One of the favorite places for the girls was the carrousel in Griffith Park. Walt would sit on a bench watching his daughters ride the carrousel horses, thinking to himself there should be a place where a family could go together and enjoy themselves doing everything, not for the kids to ride and the parents to sit and wait. Thus the idea for Disneyland was born.

In 1967 Disney Imagineers bought The Liberty Carrousel. The Imagineers re-furbed the ride, keeping the original wooden horses, making fiberglass casts of those that had to be replaced, and painting every horse white, since heroes always rode white horses. Each white horse had different colors decorating them, and they even removed four original carved benches from the carrousel to fit more horses, bringing the horse count to 90. Each horse was numbered, the number appearing on the horses bridle.

Once the carrousel was installed in The Magic Kingdom Roy O. Disney was walking through during construction and noticed that, when looking at the carrousel through the Cinderella castle doors, the ride wasn’t centered in the view.  He had it moved so it would be.  Something no doubt Walt would have done himself.

Rounding out the re-furb of PTC #46 was 18 hand painted panels that sit above the carrousel telling the tale of Cinderella, and 2,300 lights to light the ride at night. Originally named “Cinderella’s Golden Carousel” in 1971, the ride had a re-furb in 1997, removing some horses so a bench could be put back on to let those who can’t ride the horses still have a chance to go on the carrousel, making the horse count 86.

On June 1st, 2010 Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel was renamed “The Prince Charming Regal Carrousel”. The themeing behind the new name went now that Cinderella and Prince Charming were married and lived in the castle; peace reigned over the kingdom, so Prince Charming took to jousting. To practice, he built an invention that helped him to practice using his lance to ring-spear. The device had a horse he sat on that went in circles. His subjects liked it so much he had one built for them to enjoy.

Horse number 37 is said to be Cinderella’s horse (look for the gold bow on its tail) while the horse next to it, number 20, is known to be Prince Charming’s horse.

This blog is dedicated to my beautiful wife Mrs. Nostalgia who recommended writing it.  One year on a Disney trip we rode the carrousel. I have a picture of her on it looking as beautiful as the day we met.  It’s one of my favorite Disney memories.



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Big Hero 6 Pop!

Posted on: September 16, 2014

Funko will be releasing POP! figures for Disney’s Big Hero 6 due this November.

Hiro Hamada

hiro pop


baymax pop

Go Go Tomago

gogo pop

Honey Lemon

honey le pop

Wasabi No-Ginger

wasabi pop


fred pop



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I Geek Disney – Captain America Christmas Ornament

Posted on: September 16, 2014

New on www.thedisneystore.com is this Captain America Christmas ornament. Just like the Spider-man one, this is priced at $12.95. The pose is good of Cap running with his shield ready and would make a fine piece on your tree with this year’s Spider-man.


cap Christmas ornament



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I Geek Disney: Turkey Leg souvenirs

Posted on: September 14, 2014

Over the years Disney had made some strange collectibles, but I can’t think of anything more so than the line of sweaters, t-shirts and even car air fresheners of their popular turkey leg snack.

tyrkey leg

turkey leg shirt

turkey leg sweater

Many believe that the turkey legs are actually emu legs, but this is untrue. The turkey legs you eat in Walt Disney World are 100% turkey. Disney sells over 1.6 million turkey legs a year which equals 2.5 million pounds of turkey.

The legs are from male turkeys that weigh between 40-50 lbs and are from the Midwest, while the legs themselves weight in at 1 1/2 lbs each. They are delivered to Disney as a “ready to eat product”. They’re smoked before ever leaving to go to Florida and once they reach Walt Disney World they are reheated. Disney will keep the turkey legs for sale for two hours. Any turkey leg that does not get sold within those two hours is thrown away. The state allows that the turkey leg scan be on sale for four hours, but Disney chooses two to serve a fresher product.


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