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Posted on: July 6, 2017

Do you or someone you know want to sell their comics and toys?

If so, we are buying and paying top dollar for your collectibles.  Please email – and tell us what you have.




COMING SOON   UNDER CONSTRUCTION   IT FIGURES   The brand new e-store to purchase Top Quality action figures and collectibles 








and many, many more….


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Toy-Lines Holiday wish list

Posted on: November 25, 2015

The Christmas Season is upon us once again so its time to suggest some gifts that you may help your love ones.  Let’s get started:


This year has been a unique year for He-man fans with the end of the classics line, so for the He-man collector, THE TALON FIGHTER/POINT DREAD



This amazing vehicle not only accommodates two Heroic Warriors but can attach to your Castle Grayskull classic playset.  You can get this beauty from


The Disney child in all of us will love this Funko POP! figures from The Haunted Mansion (Coming soon)



Speaking of the dead… For your Walking Dead fans, you can never go wrong with MCfarlane Toys’ Dale RV


If you love to build but want to try a different system other than Lego, this may be the new system for you and speaking of builders…

The Mcfarlane Toys’ GAME OF THRONES, THRONE ROOM will be just what the collector wanted.  This build your own scene of the famous throne room is just the beginning.

Both are available now from Toys R us.

Now that we are talking Macfarlane let’s not forget Mcfarlane’s Medieval Spawn Statue

medieval-spawn-resin-statue-mcfarlane-collectors-club-exclusive-14Available for Pre-order from Mcfarlane Toys


Your Transformer fan will love the next Masterpiece figure

reduced-image_11166_106Ratchet is available for Pre-order now.


Lets talk comics, we are in an golden age of Comic book fans and so to reflect the times may suggest these gifts…


For the Batman fan


Now available the Batman the Animated series Batmobile.  This is the ride your animated Batman figures deserve.  It not only looks cool but it lights up!!!


Next up is something that everyone here at Toy-Lines cannot wait to see up close.  From comes the Heroes in a half shell only bigger


Turtles_Full_Product_cropped_1024x1024The Mondo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

These over sized Ninjas come with a variety of accessories and each comes with their original comic book version heads.  Now available for preorder at


Going along with green heroes, here’s something for the kids…

Playmation-Marvels-Avengers-Gamma-Gear-Starter-PackPlaymation Gamma fists

Similar to the Iron Man repulser rays comes the fists from the Incredible HULK these role playing fists will spark your child’s imagination as they defend the world Loki.


Now for the serious collector comes NECA Superman figure complete with Christopher Reeve’s likeness



But on the Marvel side comes Sideshow’s  highly detailed Deadpool

sdcc2014_sideshow_106 He even comes with his own word balloons

Ghostbuster fans, who are you gonna call when you want some new Ghostbuster products


From Hollywood Collectibles this statue is available for preorder now


We didn’t forget you gamers


From Skybound games comes Superfight

You want to prove to your friends who is the greatest super being in the universe



This game needs no introduction Star Wars Battlefront has everything any Star Wars fan will want.

Flying for the rebellion -YES

Pilot the Millennium Falcon -YES

Fight as Luke Skywalker and defeat the Emperor – YES

As a Star wars fan YOU MUST OWN THIS GAME


Stan Lee we didn’t forget you, this year you can read all about the father of Marvel comics with this special edition of STAN LEE AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, FANTASTIC  biography


This special edition comes complete with a Todd Mcfarlane drawn cover and shell.


Good luck this year and stay tuned to this list, part two coming in December.






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Toy-Line’s Christmas Wish List

Posted on: November 28, 2013

Dear Santa, wants to every toy collector out there to get what they want this Christmas.  So here is some holiday gift giving ideas to help you figure out what kids (Big or Small) may want this season.



For the…

Masters of the Universe Classics fan

Castle Grayskull Available for purchase on Matty Collector in December


The kids (big and small) who love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics (Playmates)


 Ninjas in training (Playmates)

 The present day Ninja Turtles (Playmates)

 Secret Sewer Playset (Playmates)



Video Game Collector

Arkham Asylum Figures (DC Entertainment)


Halo Statue (Mcfarlane Toys)


Collector that wants a bit of everything in an action figure

 Captain Action


DC Comics fan

The New 52 DC Justice League (DC Entertainment)


Marvel Fan

Marvel Legends 5


Power Lords Fan

Power Lords Fan Club available at Store Horsemen



Younger action fan

Max Steel (Mattel)


Zombie fan

The Walking Dead Figures (Mcfarlane Toys)


Transformers fan

Ultimetal Optimus Prime (Available at Big Bad Toy Store)


Classic Animation fan

The Herculoids and Space Stars (Warner Archives)


For the Lego builder

 Pleygo Membership


Adam West Batman Fan

60s Batman (Mattel)


Hot Toys or Iron Man fan

Hall of armors (Hot Toys)


The Legend of Zelda

Link (Real Action Heroes)


Star Wars fan

Star Wars Black Series 2 (Hasbro)


Pop Vinyl (or Stan Lee) fan

 Pop Vinyl has just about any figure


The Doctor Who Fan

 11 Doctor figure set (Underground Toys)


Power Rangers Fan

20th Anniversary White Ranger


Mini-mates Robert Kirkman fan

Invincible Mini-Mates (You can probably get any type of mini mates)


Hobbit fan

Hobbits 2 Figures


Ghostbuster fan

Neutrino wand (available on Matty in December)


HeroClix fan

Available at


People that are fans and want to show it

Christmas Red Sweatshirts (80s



Finally, please don’t forget the less fortunate this year and donate at least one sealed toy to any of your favorite charities.

Good luck shopping and watch out for yourself and others.


Happy Turkey day and

Merry Christmas!!!!










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I’m in love with a geek and I need your help!!!

Posted on: November 11, 2013
Hi Toy Lines, I was wonder if you can help me with a gift for my husband who has everything He-Man. He already has a subscription to Matty’s MOTU figure line and I’m all ready to get the Horde Troopers on Oct 15. 
Anything else? He is also into TMNT. Please help!!

Hello B,


Its great that your husband is a collector and you asked us to help you. Here are a couple of suggestions:


The He-man and Beastman statues as well as the Skeletor Bust are available to purchase from Pop Culture Shock. They are a little pricey but well worth the price on the pieces.

Castle Grayskull from Matty Collector will be available to purchase in November.

You say he is a He-man and Turtles fan. Stop by the Power-Con website and pick up some t-shirts featuring He-man and Turtles characters.

You can also pick him us some hoodies from 80s tees. They also have Horde Logo and Skeletor designs.


Well I hope this helps with your Christmas Shopping.

Take care B and thanks for looking.

Toy-Lines Staff

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Posted on: January 4, 2013

Welcome to our first edition of I’m in Love with a Geek.  Here you can ask us anything about Toys and Collectibles and we will do our best to have the answer for you.

With the announcement that the Four Horsemen has acquired the license to create the POWER LORD figures, we have been getting mail asking, just who are the Power Lords.


According to their wiki:

The POWER LORDS  Extra-Terrestrial Warriors is a science fiction themed action figure line produced by Revell in 1983. Revell hired Wayne Barlowe (author/artist of Barlowe’s Guide to Extraterrestrials) to design the toys.

Each figure has an action feature. Adam Power can change into Lord Power by pushing a button to turn his torso around to reveal the Lord Power side; Shaya is a 2-sided figure who is changed by turning her cape around and removing her helmet; Arkus’ wings flap. Each figure also includes a file card, which provides a brief dossier on the character and demonstrates how to initiate its special feature.

DC Comics published a 3-issue Power Lords comic book series beginning in December 1983. A video gameboard gamejigsaw puzzle and coloring book based on the characters were also released that same year.

Adam Power is an earthling, given the cosmic Power Jewel to protect the galaxy from the evil dictator, Arkus. Arkus is a nigh invincible foe, determined to take the Power Jewel as well as Volcan Rock, Adam Power’s secret stronghold, in his quest to conquer the galaxy.

Two heroes join Adam Power in the war against Arkus. They are Shaya, the Queen of Power and Sydot the Supreme.


Recently the Four Horsemen Toy Design studio has acquired the license to update this line. Along with the line’s creator Wayne Barlowe contributing, The new Power Lords should be a very impressive reboot.



If you have any questions about toys or anything else, drop us a e-mail at

we will do our best to find the answers you need. 

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Posted on: October 27, 2012



I’m in Love with a Geek is our help you out section.

If you have a significant other and you need help understanding or try to figure out what it is they are collecting, let us know we can help.

We need more letters to help people out with their significant others’ collection(s) so we can start publishing our advice.

Send your letters or pictures to

Thank you



Contact us


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