Club Third Earth is here

ThunderCats™ Ho! Feel the magic, hear the roar! Those cool cats from the ’80s series are back, and we’ve got the purrfect way to collect them all. Our Club Third Earth celebrates the hit animated series with four new figures, plus a subscription exclusive. When you choose this Monthly Shipment option, we’ll ship your figures as soon as they’re released, approximately every month.

The enrollment period begins ends on Friday 2/26/16 at 11:59 p.m. PT. There will be no extensions so sign up now!



Club Figures: Planned releases are as follows (all names and release dates are subject to change):
Lion–O™ (09/16)
Jackalman™ (10/16)
Pumyra™ (11/16)
Panthro™ (12/16)
Club-exclusive: Mumm–Ra (11/16)

You can subscribe here.

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