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All-New 12’’ Statues Inspired by Upcoming Justice League Film Stars: Ben Affleck’s Batman, Henry Cavill’s Superman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, Ezra Miller’s The Flash, and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg!


JL_Movie_SM_Statue_v01_r01 JL_Movie_WW_Statue_v01_r01 JL_Movie_AQ_Statue_v01_r01 JL_Movie_BM_Statue_v01_r01 JL_Movie_Flash_Statue_v01_r01 JL_Movie_Cyborg_Statue_v01_r01

DC Collectibles Takes Bestselling Batman: The Animated Series to Next Level with Detailed Batcave Vignette

New DC Bombshells Action Figures and Statues Arriving in 2017
Burbank, CA (Feb. 17, 2017) – DC Collectibles, the award winning line of collectibles – directly from the source – DC Entertainment, revealed an exciting new lineup of statues, action figures and more ahead of New York Toy Fair. In 2017 DC Collectibles will debut a stunning 12’’ statue line based on the highly anticipated Warner Bros. Pictures’ film Justice League. DC Collectibles will also venture into new product categories by releasing its first-ever Batcave Vignette set inspired by the fan-favorite Batman: The Animated Series TV show. In addition, DC Collectibles will expand its highly articulated action figure offerings – adding new character designs for Batman, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman – to current bestselling lines, including DC Bombshells and DC Icons.
DC Collectibles’ new Justice League statue line will allow fans to collect their favorite characters timed to the film’s release. The first wave of statues hitting shelves in 2017 includes Ben Affleck’s Batman, Henry Cavill’s Superman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, Ezra Miller’s The Flash and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg.



DC_Designer_Series_Lucia_Bombshell_Mera_AF_v01_r01 DC_Designer_Series_Lucia_Bombshell_Katana_AF_v01_r01 DC_Designer_Series_Lucia_Bombshell_Hawkgirl_AF_v01_r01 DC_Designer_Series_Lucia_Bombshell_Batgirl_AF_v01_r01

“Our new Justice League statue line was produced with unmatched craftsmanship and precise attention to detail and I think fans of these characters are going to be thrilled with the result,” stated DC Collectibles Vice President, Kevin Kiniry.
DC Collectibles will also debut a massive 15.5”x 17”x 21” Batman Animated Batcave Vignette that will allow fans to recreate their favorite scenes from the award-winning show and showcase their treasured 6’’ BTAS action figure collection. The Batcave will feature a special LED light-up Bat-Computer, interchangeable computer screen graphics and will include an exclusive Alfred action figure with unique accessories.
“The Batcave Vignette is a great example of how we’re constantly looking for new ways to capture the most iconic and authentic moments from the DC Universe and reimagine them in three-dimensional form,” stated DC Collectibles Executive Director, Creative, Jim Fletcher. “Now Batman: The Animated Series action figure collectors have an entirely new way to display and enhance their collections.”
DC Collectibles also plans to expand its popular DC Bombshells collection with new DC heroines Supergirl, Batgirl, Mera, Katana, Hawkgirl, and Bumblebee as 6.75’’ action figures in the DC Designer Series. In addition, the clown princess of crime Harley Quinn will once again be reimagined as a DC Bombshells statue, bringing the complete original Ant Lucia concept illustration to life as a deluxe 1940s-designed statue, standing at 12” tall. Joining Harley, Starfire is the newest character from the DC Universe to receive a bombshell makeover and will debut as a DC Bombshell statue in 2018.
DC Collectibles will add several characters pulled straight from the pages of the bestselling DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH line of comic books to its fan-favorite DC Icons 6” action figure series. The new figures to follow the already announced Justice League action figure 7-pack include Robin and Superboy from the celebrated SUPER SONS comic book from Peter J. Tomasi and Jorge Jimenez, and Supergirl from the SUPERGIRL comic series by all-star creative team Ray McCarthy, Steve Orlando and Emanuela Lupacchino.
In addition to REBIRTH, the DC Icons action figure series will add characters from DC’s iconic Hush and Doomsday comic storylines.


dc_icons_Nightwing_Hush_AF_v01_r01 dc_icons_Supergirl_Rebirth_AF_v01_r01 dc_icons_Super_Sons_AF_2_Pack_v01_r01dc_icons_death_superman_DLX_2pack_v02_r01



DC Icons 6’’Action Figures:
Supergirl- Rebirth
Robin & Superboy (SUPER SONS)- Rebirth Action Figure 2-Pack
Doomsday and Superman- Death Of Superman Action Figure 2-Pack
Nightwing- Hush




BM_BW_Matthews_Batman_v01_r01 BM_BW_Romita_Batman_v01_r01 BM_BW_Conner_Batman_v01_r01 DC_cvr_girls_death_lau_1 BM_BW_Conner_Harley_Quinn_v01_r01

Batman: Black & White Statues:
Batman by Amanda Conner
Harley Quinn by Amanda Conner
Batman by John Romita Jr.
Batman by Jonathan Matthews



Batman_v_HarleyQuinn_Statue_v01_r01 BTAS_Harleys_Holiday_Statue_v01_r01 DC_Designer_Series_Aquaman_Mera_Gleason_v01_r01

Medium Size Statues:
Batman vs Harley Quinn Battle Statue
Harley Red, White & Black Harley Quinn By Stanley “Artgerm” Lau
DC Cover Girls Death by Stanley Lau

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