“… Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles… ” if you know these words then you know the 1987 classic The Princess Bride…one of the greatest novels ever written…as well as the greatest films…The Princess Bride has been as timeless as films like Star Wars…Raiders of the Lost Ark & Ghostbusters.

Now Sideshow is bringing you one of the greatest looking toys based off this movie (which there aren’t many of)…Westley as the Dread Pirate Roberts…or as you also might know him as…The Man in Black…

Per the website the details for this incredible figure are as follows…

This sixth scale figure re-creates the iconic character in exquisite detail. Standing approximately 12 inches tall, every element, from his pirate’s tunic to his rapier, is authentically reproduced. He has two different heads; The masked Dread Pirate Roberts and the unmasked Westley – both with the authentic, hand-painted likeness of Cary Elwes.

The Princess Bride
Quantum Mechanix
Sixth Scale Figure

What’s in the Box?

The Westley aka The Dread Pirate Roberts Sixth Scale Figure specially features:

  • Fully articulated body.
  • Over 30 points of articulation allow the figure to be displayed in multiple dynamic poses
  • Two (2) realistic portaits. Lovingly rendered by QMX’s team of top sculptors, the heads have an exacting likeness of Cary Elwes as both the romantic Westley and the heroic Dread Pirate Roberts (mask and head scarf are not removable)
  • Each head sculpt is hand-painted
  • Nine (9) interchangeable hands including:
    – Seven (7) gloved hands
    – One (1) pair of bare hands for swashbuckling activities


  • One (1) puffy pirate shirt
  • One (1) pair of black pants
  • One (1) leather-like sword belt with electroplated buckles and sword hanger for Westley’s weapon
  • One (1) pair of pirate boots for firm footing when wrestling giants


  • One (1) electroplated pirate sword which can be wielded in either the left or right hand (critical for those who have studied their Agrippa)
  • One (1) scabbard


  • One (1) Wine goblet (never go in with a Sicilian…without the proper wine cup)
  • A round display base featuring The Princess Bride logo (it will hold up the figure even when mostly dead)

This figure truly is Inconceivable…

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