Eternia Palace King Randor Review

From the imaginations of the Filmation artists and the skilled hands of the Four Horsemen designers, Toy-Lines presents to you our  review of Eternia Palace King Randor.


Randor comes in the standard MOTUC card

His card also features a brand new bio of how he became the new ruler of Eternia.  Accepting the       title of King from his father Miro.


Randor comes with a new tooled coat and new boots.  He has the same standard male buck as the other Masters figures but with new puffy arms to match his coat.


The paint shows off his royal colors and his head has a brighter crown than his first released “vintage” figure.  There is no black paint or any noticeable rubbing when posing him or moving him around.  You can even use his powerful “Right Hook” to punch out his enemies.  Not much shadowing on this figure as all of his coloring is bright.  His joints are tight and stands well on his own.


Randor comes with two accessories, his chalice which he could use to celebrate and a

spear which he uses to defend his throne.  However if he needed to join the Heroic Warriors I would just use his vintage armor for more action oriented scenes.  The articulation is standard for MOTUC figures and his garb underneath the coat limits his leg movement.  However if you are brave enough you could always just cut the slits and he should have a wider range of movement.


I have been waiting for years and years since I first saw him in the Filmation series; to me this is the defining King Randor.  I highly recommend purchasing this figure especially if you are a fan of the Filmation series.

This figure is the special treat that comes with collecting Masters of the Universe Classics, they incorporate everything from He-man’s legacy.  A special thank you to Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich and the Four Horsemen for making this figure a reality.  The wait for some of these figures is over but I think there will be more surprises in the future for Masters of the Universe Classics.


You can purchase Eternos Palace King Randor from Matty Collector.


Photographs by: M. Griffin

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