Father’s Day

For years, fathers have taken a less active role in their child’s life, leaving the work to their wives, and only being involved when it comes to taking the training wheels off their bicycles or teaching them to like their favorite sports team.  These fathers’s might go to their daughter’s dance recital, or son’s piano concert, but they spend those moments staring down at their smart phones instead of their child.  Just because you go to work to earn money to buy them food, put a roof over their heads or buy them clothes doesn’t automatically make you a father.



Being a father is a thankless job, and Father’s Day seems like a useless holiday.  Yet, there is more to being a father than most men know.  A father is there to chase the nightmares away from their kids, to be there to comfort them when a thunder storm rolls in, to read to them as a child, play Candy land 5,001 times because their kids likes that game, to know, when they get older, exactly who their friends are, their parents, the music they listen to, the TV shows they watch, the movies they watch, the video games they play, the websites they look at.  They’re there when their kids are having a problem at school because the kids go to them.  These fathers put down their phones, turn the TV off, and actually listen to them.  They instill in their children values, discipline them when needed, teach them how to behave, and always love them, much like God loves us, when they do something wrong.

That is what a father is.

Even if they don’t know the answer to a problem, they’re there for their children ready to help them figure it out. Studies show that a father who is home with their children and a part of their life have huge impacts on a child’s emotional, physical, mental and intellectual growth.

By being there, toddlers become better at problem solving, boost their daughters self esteem, decrease the risk of their children suffering from anxiety, depression, more likely to get better grades and graduate from both high-school and college, and just by being a part of their life, help their children stay away from drugs, alcohol and early sexual activity.

Being a father means you have a great power in your child’s life, and with that power comes a great responsibility.

Being a father, just like a mother, is a tough job, but one so worth it.  So to all those dad’s out there who do put down their cell phones, know their children’s friends names, deny them access to inappropriate material like violent music, television, video games and websites. Toy-Lines wishes you the happiest of Fathers Days and wish you to continue what you’re doing.

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