Funko Teen Titans GO!!!

Teen Titans Go!

When they are not saving they world they are just teenagers.
Teen Titans Go! is now joining even more great Funko lines.

Several characters from the animated television series
are now featured as Rock Candy, Mystery Minis,
and adorable plushies!

Teen Titans Go!: Rock Candy

Starfire and Raven now
in Rock Candy form!

Coming in October!

Teen Titans Go!: Mystery Mini

This series features several of your favorite Teen Titans Go!
characters. Look for Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg,
Jinx, Dr.Light, and many more!

In addition, we have some great exclusives!
Look for exclusives at Toys “R” Us!


Coming in October!

Teen Titans Go!: Plushies

Starfire, Cyborg, Robin, Beast Boy, and Raven
have all been turned into adorable, soft plushies!

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