Funko’s Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen review

Funko’s new Game of Thrones Legacy collection.  Based on the hit HBO show Game of Thrones comes one of the players that is trying to claim the Iron Throne – Daenerys Targaryen.



The packaging is a window box similar to what we are seeing in the Star Wars Black series.

The back of the box shows the character as she appears on the HBO show and the side of the box is made to look like the side of a George R.R. Martin Game of Thrones novel.



We see the figure in her Dothraki garb, standing at about 6 inches.  Right out of the box you notice that her paint on her skin is on kind of thick but I did not see any rub or scrape marks on her.  The rest of the paint only enhanced her sculpt.

The sculpt is incredible from the Masters at Gentle Giant Studios.  The detail on her outfit is spot on.  Her clothing is made out of a really soft plastic that does not hinder her articulation.



I also wanted to point out the amazing detail on her hair. Every twist and curl exactly how it appears on the show.  You have to give extra credit to Gentle Giant for added touches like this.




The articulation on this figure is incredible, she has a ball joint on her head which allows her to move back and forth.  Her hair is also made from the same soft plastic as her clothes and does not interfere with her head moving side to side.  Her shoulders and arms have full range of motion.  Elbow articulation (which I will discuss in detail later on).  Her hands are also articulated but not her fingers.  There is no waist movement with this figure but that is common with these Legacy figures.

Her ankles are articulated which also helps keep these figures standing.  All the joints on this figure are very tight and I had no problem keeping her standing.



You’ll notice the extra joint in her knee to get a full range of movement.



Daenerys also comes with one of her baby Dragons which you can punch on her shoulder.  He is made of the same soft plastic but you should be careful on how you handle him because he is very fragile and I have heard that his wings break easily.




IMG_1079 IMG_1063


One of the things that I was surprised about was the sculpt of the figure’s face.  It sort of resembles actress Emilia Clarke who plays Daenery but it looks more like comedienne Amy Shumer.


The Plastic Truth:

There have been reports of quality issues with these Legacy figures.  My figure unfortunately was no exception.  Aside from the face sculpt and the thick paint, you should be careful when you handle this figure.


Upon taking the figure out of the box her forearm fell off of the figure.  I gently placed the crossbar back into her elbow but as you can see, her elbow is still somewhat loose.

The joints on these figures are very tight and you should use caution when trying to put them into poses. I have also heard of paint scratches and rubs on these figures.  Just be careful when you are handling them.  After speaking with some people, I can tell you that Funko is aware of the quality issues and they are fixing them on later assortments of series one figures.



Aside from the quality issues, this really is a great figure.  The amazing amount of detail and the box itself are all worth the price.  However if you are a Mint in Box type of collector than getting these as soon as possible is the way to go.  If you do plan on taking these out of the box and creating your own scenes, I would wait for a later assortment.

IMG_1153“Granamyr does not play Game of Thrones, Granamyr wins.”

Funko’s Game of Thrones Legacy figures assortment one is available now at Barnes and Noble Bookstores until March 17th then they will be available at retail stores.

This is Funko’s first try at action figures and they should be proud along with Gentle Giant with their amazing detailed sculpts.  Any Game of Thrones fan should get excited for these figures and the series to come.  This is a great effort and I am excited for the soon to be released Funko Re-action figures.




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