He-man and the Masters of the Universe Documentary on Kickstarter *UPDATE

Hey Toy-fans,


Less than 48 hrs. to go on Fauxpop Productionsand Definitive Films’ He-man and the Masters of the Universe Documentary.

From filmmakers Rob McCall (Nintendo Quest) and Randall Lobb (The definitive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).  This is sure to be a part of He-Man history, covering everything from MOTU’s secret origin at Mattel through every incarnation of the figures through the cartoon series.  Faux pop is interviewing everyone associated with Masters of the Universe.

The Documentary will also feature She-Ra Princess of Power and her journey into the hearts of fans everywhere.

The rewards are definitely worth supporting, including tickets to their Los Angeles Premiere, your own customized action figure from Joe Amato and you may actually be in the movie yourself.

For more information please log-on to their website at Hemandoc.com

Support their Kickstarter here.   This is one Kickstarter not to be missed.




*UPDATE 2/24/16

These guys have done the unimaginable, not only have they added new stretch goals and achieved them but they will create the most detailed documentary ever about the most powerful man in the universe and his history.

Now is the time to join in on the excitement about the history of He-man and the Masters of the Universe.


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