I Geek Disney – Attractionistas Dolls

One of the new items found in Walt Disney World is the Attractionista Dolls, a series of park exclusive dolls that caters to the Disney collector or doll enthusiast. If you’ve never heard of them, don’t worry, they’ll soon be the most popular Disney dolls out there, right next to the Disney Descendant dolls.

The Disney Attractionistas are actually 6 special friends who go to Disney together whenever they can. Each character has a special favorite part of the park & when they wished upon that star (as good ol’ Jiminy Cricket would swoon) their wishes came true & became something more than just a Disney fan, they became Disney Attractionistas, with a look inspired by their favorite ride.

The very first four dolls released this past summer were Maddie, based off the Mad Tea Party, Celeste, based off of Space Mountain, Gracey, based off The Haunted Mansion, & Pearl, based off The Pirates of the Caribbean. Two more dolls were just released Carrie, based off the Prince Charming Regal Carousel, & Nellie, based off The Jungle Cruise.

Each doll is 12 inches & has detailed clothing & comes with one animal sidekick. While these are park exclusives you can also order them online at www.disneystore.com

Pearl & Jolly Roger the parrot


Gracey & Grimm the bat


Maddie & Sugar the rabbit


Celeste & Rockey the greyhound


Nellie & Congo the tiger cub


Carrie & Calliope the dog



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