I Geek Disney: Disney/Pixar’s Cars/Star Wars mash-up

Disney has been very smart in their acquisitions, two of which has been Pixar & Star Wars. We’ve seen Disney do character mash-ups for their characters as Star Wars characters, and this year they’ve done another. With Pixar, comes a successful library of films, one of which fills a great niche in the Disney toy market. Toy cars. With the long lasting success of Matchbox & Hotwheels Disney finally has their own version of toy cars to sell, ones that are just as popular as the Matchbox or Hotwheels brand. When you think that both kids & collectors buy these little cars, having toys based off of the Disney/Pixar film Cars (2006) is a great idea.

As a kid my brother had tons of Matchbox. I had a few too. Every so often our neighbor down the block would come to play Matchbox with my brother. They had this little section where’d they play, at the base of a tree. They’d sit there; using the little trays the cars sat in as a garage, and set their cars in them. I too would do this, my brother getting the best spot, then his friend, then me, leaving me with a pretty boring place to play. After about a half hour of setting the cars up I’d grow bored with the whole thing & “quit”, which usually ticked off my brother.

Today he still has his Matchbox cars, as did I until a few months ago, where I gave them to his son. I didn’t have anything truly valuable in the case (least I don’t think I did) and Matchbox never really was my thing, so I thought his son would enjoy them. I don’t know if he plays with them or not, but I like to think he does, and that the ones I gave him are his favorites and remembers that his “Uncle Nostalgia” gave them to him.

Go into any Disney Store & you’ll see a whole section devoted to Disney/Pixar’s Cars. Same thing with Target. Disney World is no exception. They even have a section in their Art of Animation Resort themed to Cars with life size replicas of the characters from the movie out on display. I enjoyed the first movie Cars, like the Car Toons: Mater’s Tall Tales, but didn’t like Cars 2 (2011).

So, I really wasn’t surprised to see Pixar Cars mashed-up as Star Wars characters. In fact, I thought it was kind of cool. The idea itself might sound strange until you see them. If the Disney Racers line worked so well, which they did, & the Cars toys being such a great success, these Pixar Cars/Star Wars will be a hit, and let me tell you, from a guy who hated playing Matchbox as a kid, these are pretty cool. What’s great about them is that they look like the cars from the movie, but with the paint of the characters from the film. They even have lightsabers.

I took a few shots of the ones they had, so take a look, & when you’re next in Walt Disney World, be sure to get a few.

Ramone as Han Solo – (voiced by Cheech Marin)

Ramone Han Solo

Red as Chewbacca – (voiced by Joe Ranft)

Red CHewbacca

Chick Hicks as Boba Fett – (voiced by Michael Keaton)

Chck Hicks Bob Fett

Mater as Darth Vader – (voiced by Larry the Cable Guy)  Doc as Obi-Wan Kenobi – (voiced by Paul Newman)

Mater Vader Doc Obi



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