I GEEK DISNEY: Winter comes early on “Once Upon a Time” as the Frozen characters premiere

At the end of last season we were surprised to see Elsa turn up in Once Upon a Time.  Now, tonight we’ll see just what the folks from Frozen will be doing.  I was in the Disney Store this weekend and while buying Tsum Tsum’s with my wife, we saw a little bucket with buttons of Elsa.  It was a promotional button for the new season of Once Upon a Time.  The Cast Member at the register didn’t even mention them, so my wife asked if they were for sale.  Turns out, they were free, and they told us to take some.  The bucket was full so we took a few.

ELsa buton

Perhaps after the new episode these will begin to disappear from Disney Stores, but here was a cool Disney Frozen inspired collectible that they weren’t even mentioning. Be sure to visit your local Disney Store before these buttons disappear.



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