I’m in love with a geek and I need your help!!!

Hi Toy Lines, I was wonder if you can help me with a gift for my husband who has everything He-Man. He already has a subscription to Matty’s MOTU figure line and I’m all ready to get the Horde Troopers on Oct 15. 
Anything else? He is also into TMNT. Please help!!

Hello B,


Its great that your husband is a collector and you asked us to help you. Here are a couple of suggestions:


The He-man and Beastman statues as well as the Skeletor Bust are available to purchase from Pop Culture Shock. They are a little pricey but well worth the price on the pieces.

Castle Grayskull from Matty Collector will be available to purchase in November.

You say he is a He-man and Turtles fan. Stop by the Power-Con website and pick up some t-shirts featuring He-man and Turtles characters.

You can also pick him us some hoodies from 80s tees. They also have Horde Logo and Skeletor designs.


Well I hope this helps with your Christmas Shopping.

Take care B and thanks for looking.

Toy-Lines Staff

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