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With the announcement that the Four Horsemen has acquired the license to create the POWER LORD figures, we have been getting mail asking, just who are the Power Lords.


According to their wiki:

The POWER LORDS  Extra-Terrestrial Warriors is a science fiction themed action figure line produced by Revell in 1983. Revell hired Wayne Barlowe (author/artist of Barlowe’s Guide to Extraterrestrials) to design the toys.

Each figure has an action feature. Adam Power can change into Lord Power by pushing a button to turn his torso around to reveal the Lord Power side; Shaya is a 2-sided figure who is changed by turning her cape around and removing her helmet; Arkus’ wings flap. Each figure also includes a file card, which provides a brief dossier on the character and demonstrates how to initiate its special feature.

DC Comics published a 3-issue Power Lords comic book series beginning in December 1983. A video gameboard gamejigsaw puzzle and coloring book based on the characters were also released that same year.

Adam Power is an earthling, given the cosmic Power Jewel to protect the galaxy from the evil dictator, Arkus. Arkus is a nigh invincible foe, determined to take the Power Jewel as well as Volcan Rock, Adam Power’s secret stronghold, in his quest to conquer the galaxy.

Two heroes join Adam Power in the war against Arkus. They are Shaya, the Queen of Power and Sydot the Supreme.


Recently the Four Horsemen Toy Design studio has acquired the license to update this line. Along with the line’s creator Wayne Barlowe contributing, The new Power Lords should be a very impressive reboot.



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