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When you’re an Indiana Jones fan collectible news comes every now & then. So imagine my surprise when I found this article ( regarding an Ebay auction for two pieces of concept art for Kenner’s Further Adventures of Indiana Jones toy line.

Kenner’s Indy figures is one of my favorite toy lines. There weren’t many figures made & there were few play sets & vehicles but I still think they’re pretty cool.


The auction was run by Collectible Investment Brokerage & consisted of these two pieces of concept art

One for “The Raven Bar”

indy 1


The other for the temple play set.

indy 2

The Raven Bar is set in Nepal & is where Indy meets up with Marion Ravenwood when searching for the headpiece for the Staff of Ra. The play set would have included two figures


Nepalese Henchman

The following accessories

Poker, hearth, machine gun, break apart keg, table & chairs.


The temple play set is where we see Indy going after the Fertility Idol in the beginning of Raiders. The play set would have included the following figures



The following accessories

The idol, map, Forestall (mummified version that was hanging on the spikes), break apart altar with spiders, web, backpack & torches

I like the idea of these two sets being based off two great scenes in the movie. The Raven Bar is a great scene, the stunts well choreographed, while the Temple set has one of the most memorable scenes in the movie (though for me there’re so many memorable scenes in the movie).

Both sets would have given us more figures which is great considering there were only so many made. The Raven Bar giving us a second Toht figure besides the Nepalese henchman while the Temple set would have given us a third Belloq figure & one based off of Indy’s helper Satipo.

I’d like to have seen the box art for these sets.  It would’ve been great to see the boulder included in the temple set, but I think putting that into the set would have cost more despite how iconic the scene is.

So there you have it. Two possible play sets that never quite got created for Indy. Where there any other concept art for sets or figures for Indy?  Who knows, but perhaps if there were we’ll one day find out.


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