Jazwares Adventure time Jake the Dog Figure

From the Land of Oo comes the Adventure Time Hero Jake the Dog along with his apple pie making friend Tree Trunks by Jazwares.

Jake the Dog is the magical sidekick to Finn the Human in the Adventure Time animated series.  Taking place in a time on Earth where the planet was ravaged by an atomic war.  The series follows a somewhat Medieval adventurer teenager and his magical dog as they go on adventures and help those in need.  Jake the dog has special shape shifting abilities that help Finn on their journeys.


The packaging on this 3″ figure is the basic blister card with bubble packaging.

IMG_1167 IMG_1197

The back of the card show other figures available in this series.




Now you have to understand that this 3″ figure is made for a child.  The body is one solid piece and twists in the middle.  The arms are a soft rubbery plastic and can only move up and down.  The articulation is only on the legs and is similar to Jazwares’ Sonic the Hedgehog figure, hinged Knees and Legs.  The ankles are also articulated to move the foot around.  The sculpt looks looks exactly like the animated Jake.  No paint or plastic problems.


Jake has very little articulation and is really just made for play.



Jake comes with an accessory, the Apple Pie baking Tree Trunks.



Tree Trunks has no articulation but is a very nice figure in her own way.  The sculpt is accurate and the paint apps are clean and smooth and do not hinder any detail.


Jazwares has done a great job creating an Adventure Time series of toys and this Jake figure does not disappoint.  These are figures created for play, they can take whatever rough and tough adventure your  child’s imagination will feature them in.  As for collectibility, I would proudly display these figures on my shelf but as an “Adult” collector I prefer a more poseable figure for my shelf.  (Jazwares does have a Adventure Time 6″ line that has more articulate figures.)

As far as parents are concerned if their child enjoys Adventure Time, I would recommend purchasing these figures.  They are safe and tough enough to handle child’s play.  Just watch out for the small Tree Trunks.  (They are intended for play by children ages 4 and older).




The fact that these figures are specifically for children is nice.  Simple enough to get kids interested in action figures and they can use their own imagination when the TV is off.  So parents when you want to take an interest in what your young child is enjoying, sit by them and create your own Adventure Time with their favorite characters.



Special thanks to Kelly Tarver and Jazwares for the samples.

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