Jazwares’ Sonic the Hedgehog figure review

The speedster Sonic the Hedgehog from the Sega Genesis has found a renewed popularity including a new cartoon series coming to cartoon network and a new toy line coming soon.

But if you can’t wait and need a Sonic fix then try out Jazwares’ line of Sonic the Hedgehog 3″ figures.


Sonic JazIMG_1248

The package is a basic card and bubble that shows the figure in a normal position.  The back of the package shows the rest of the characters in this series.  A lot of interesting characters from the franchise including some that have never had an action figure before.




Outside of the packaging, the 3″ figure has a great sculpt and very good paint applications.  Bright colors that do not disrupt the details or poses.  The plastic seems to be somewhat soft which is good to get him in certain poses but the arms and legs are somewhat brittle, so please be careful when playing with these figures.

The articulation is amazing for this 3″ figure which includes Ball Joint Shoulders, Hinged Elbows and Knees, Twisting Hips, Wrists, Ankles and Head.  The Spikes on his head somewhat interfere some of the poses you can put Sonic in but with this much articulation it really doesn’t matter because you have so many other poses to choose from.



I love the sculpt on this figure, it really captures the look and feel of the video game Sonic himself.  There are also nice details on his face including his signature smirk.



Sonic comes with a stand to help him pose to any way you like.



The hole on his foot just sits on top of the beg.



One of the only problems I encountered with this figure is the size and weight of his head.  The arms and legs have to be in just the right balance to pull off some poses.  His head is just too heavy to maintain certain action poses on his body.  If you are purchasing this figure for a child, you should caution them not to play too rough with this figure.  The arms and legs are thin and the joints are just right for posing with little to no resistance.  I like the fact that he includes a stand to help him maintain a stance.

I love this figure it did take me some time to place him in these simple poses but after playing with him, I did have some fun with him and can’t wait to get others in this line.

He’s small enough where he does’t take much space on my shelf and I could never get bored of him because I could just change his stance.  This is a wonderful figure and I would highly recommend him to any Sonic fan.



Jazwares, take a bow because you have created a great 3″ figure of a fan favorite classic.  If you love Sonic the Hedgehog then go out and get a Jazwares Sonic the Hedgehog 3″figure.


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