Marvel Legends’ Fantastic Four THING

The Fantastic Four have been around since 1961 created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.  Since then there have been many iterations of the Fantastic Four and this new line is based on their current uniform in the comics.


Benjamin J. Grimm also known as the Thing comes in a collector friendly window card.  One of the cool features about this blister card is that it is reusable.  If you remove the tape from the side of the card you can remove the figure for display or you can return the figure to the card for another display option.

The Four Horseman toy design uses a similar style with their packaging and it is nice to see other toy lines give fans display options.

On the back of the card is artwork of the Thing himself and a short bio.

This is a massive solid figure as it should be, the sculpt is incredible.  Orange rocks on top of each other almost like a moving mountain.  The paint on this figure is also good, no breaks or rubs on the paint and you even get highlights on top of his body.

The Fantastic Four belt is a separate piece  and can move with the body for posing.

I especially love this head sculpt, its a rarity that you can get different expression with just one head.

The articulation is fine, you have movement on the head, shoulders, limited articulation of the elbows.  His arms are massive  which intrudes on some movement on the forearms.  The figure also has an ab crunch and waist articulation.  Finally moving down articulation on the thighs, shorts, knees and feet.  The joints on the Thing are nice and tight, this is a quality figure.

The Thing does not come with any accessories other than two build -a-figure heads of Super Skrull which is a disappointment because I would’ve like to have seen him come with different hands like in the Walgreens version.

(The THING taking a selfie)

The playability and posing is great, I had a really good time playing with this figure while remembering that not only Thing is part of a team but was also a solo hero in his own right with his solo series in the 70s.

You can purchase the Thing (if you can find him) at most retail stores or specialty shops for a moderate price.  If you are lucky to find him at a Walgreens store, I would recommend that version because of the swappable hands.





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