Marvel Products in Target

One thing I learned about being a writer for this site, whenever I run errands with my wife, be sure to bring my camera.  What starts as a weekend of running a few errands winds up going to more stores than I originally thought.  This results in a few great finds to report on for Toy-Lines.  Case in point this past weekend when my wife and I were in Target and I found the following Marvel items:

Spider-man HotWheels car

spider-man hotwheels

Avengers canvas art

avengers canvas art

Captain America canvas art


Spider-man canvas art


The canvas art pieces are really great, plus affordable at under $25.00.  The Captain America and Spider-man ones especially have the nostalgic value going since they’re actual comic covers, while the Avengers is a more modern take on the team by a modern artist.

Still, these would look great hanging on any office wall.



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