Masters of the Universe Origins ORKO review

Orko the Trollan Magician has for years been a pretty standard figure even during the Classics era.  There was just always something not quite right when executing this figure.  The vintage figure had a special spinning feature that was fun for kids but let’s face it, the chord that makes him rotate would always get lost.

200X just looked like a weird Orko and it looked like he was hiding legs and his nose was big; it just didn’t look right.

Classics tried two different versions, one that was a SDCC exclusive where he could change color and a regular Matty Collector version.  I did like the fact that they added articulation on the arms and head for this Orko, maybe to me he just looked too small in comparison.

Origins Orko seems to me the best Orko Mattel has ever created…

The figure comes in the standard MOTU blister card showing the vintage logo and rocks blasting towards the logo.  I had to do some cropping because the card was damaged while being shipped from Walmart.

On the back shows new artwork from Axel Gimenez and the cross sell of other figures in the line.

The artwork features Orko and Man-At-Arms defeating Beastman.

The figure also comes with the wave two comic “Double Trouble”.  As far as the comic is concerned, the stories are very simple but the artwork is incredible.  I would like to see these comics online maybe on the Mattel website.  The artwork is so small that some panels are difficult to see,

The sculpt and articulation on this figure is great.  I also like the size of this figure compared to others in the past.  Orko has a ball joint on the head where you can achieve full rotation and six point of articulation on the arms, including full rotation at the shoulders, partial on the elbows and rotation at the hands.

The paint on the figure is nice even and clean,  The sculpting on this figure reminds me of the vintage Orko with the light wrinkles on his clothes.

The articulation is fine for this figure and the hands look like they were made to hold objects but he doesn’t come with anything to hold.  I would’ve like to have seen maybe different hands where he would be pointing or casting a spell type of hands.

He-man and the Masters of the Universe will be right back after these messages.”

Compared to his other figures, I have to say this one has the best Orko face.  The eyes are perfect and not too serious, almost gives you a goofy expression which is appropriate for the character.  The head is removable so you can mix and match the head with other characters.

Be careful though, when I removed there head it was difficult to put it back on and it was a little loose when it went back on.  It did tighten back up after a while.

Orko comes with a stand and a translucent pole that you can connect him to and create the illusion that he is floating.  The stand reminds me of his 200X stand and I would’ve prefer the regular stand that he came with in Classics.  Maybe they could use that funding to add some accessories with him.


I love the face and the size comparison to other figures.  Orko really compliments the line and he even fits perfectly with other lines including Classics.

I love this figure, I truly believe this is the best Orko figure ever.  The face is perfect for Orko and I believe it really makes this figure a must have for collectors.  The base is fine which again doesn’t detract from the overall  figure but I do love the fact that he can fit so well in the other lines.  Even if you don’t collect the Origins line, this Orko will compliment any He-man collection.

Orko is currently a Walmart exclusive unit 2021 when the line is available to all retailers but do yourself a favor and pick one up.  (If you can find one.)

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