Mezco One:12 Captain America

Mezco toyz  One:12 has done it again, with their debut figure in their Marvel Line of figures, Captain America.

This figure is firmly rooted in the comic books, from the chain mail-style costume to the unmasked Steve Rogers portrait.



“Better than Apple pie”
Featuring 32 points of articulation, the collectible comes with a shield (with magnetic attachments so it can be carried on Cap’s gauntlets or harness), interchangeable palms, standard helmet and unmasked Steve Rogers portraits, a knife (there’s a sheath on a boot), a grenade set, interchangeable pouch and canteen, and a display stand.



cap1 cap5 cap8 cap2 cap4 cap3

Available for preorder for $80, the One:12 Collective Captain America figure is expected to arrive sometime in August or September.

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