Mezco One:12 Moon Knight

Moon Knight, the multiple personality street level hero of the Marvel universe, has gotten the One:12 treatment from the creative minds of Mezco Toyz.

Note* Our box was damaged on arrival, these pictures are from the internet

The box is their standard bookcase that most One;12 figures comes in with multiple collector friendly trays.

The figure stands about 6 1/2 inches tall with some hard plastic armor pieces.  The suit is nice and tight and does not hinder the articulation.  One nice touch is with this suit you do not have to worry about tearing the it.  The articulation is standard at the head, shoulders, elbow, hands, waist, thighs, knees and due to the two piece foot and leg armor it limits the ankle articulation, but you can get some amazing poses from the figure.

The cape is weighted and does not come with wire for poseability but does come with clips that can maneuver the cape to get some interesting poses.  The weight makes the cape hang better and can fold nicely over the shoulder or you can cover the whole figure with the cape.

The paint is plain white with a dark wash to shadow certain parts.  Since the entire figure is all white the shadowing fails on the body as opposed to the variant Crescent Moon Knight which  has too much black paint.


The figure comes with different heads, a masked head and battle damaged face.  The mask face has some nice detail around the face and mouth which creates a  realistic texture.  The damaged head has some beautiful detail on the face and the scaring is actually sculpted.

The hood removed is a plastic piece that is hard to adjust on the figure and does hinder the head articulation.  If there is one negative to this figure, it is this hard plastic piece.  The hood on is also difficult as it is a separate piece from the head, which creates difficulty when moving the head.  I understand the reason to use the hard plastic but it would’ve been interesting to see if the hood on was one piece with the tased head.



The figure comes with six different hands and four weapons which is fine for this figure: Nunchuks, staff, grappling hook and moon boomerang.

The hands work well with the accessories and holds the weapons tightly.  The fists have spikes coming from the fingers which is a great detail.

This is a fantastic One:12 figure and I do like the fact that they are trying new things (weighted cape and realistic sculpts).  You can get some interesting poses but I do miss the wire in the cape, it seems easier to use than the clips it comes with.  If you love Moon Knight, this is the figure to own.  It is sold out at the Mezco website but in the after market you may see prices from $80.00 and up but it is worth it.



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