Mezco Toyz One:12 Cable

Cable, the Marvel mutant militant warrior from the future who founded X-force has gotten the honor of becoming a One:12 figure from Mezco Toyz.


Created by Rob Liefeld and Louise Simonson in the pages of ‘The New Mutants’ Cable took a group of misplaced mutants and turned them into the powerhouse team known as X-force.  Since his first appearance Cable has saved the mutant race countless times and also discovered that he is also the son of X-men team leader Cyclops.


The box is the standard One:12 packaging.  Inside the figure is in multiple tray along with his accessories and stand.

The cracked marble behind the X-men symbol is a nice graphic cover to the bookend type box.  The rear show our figure and accessories.

 The three tray holds the figure and accessories.


The figure stands about 6 1/2″ tall and has a covered battery compartment on his back.

The buck is a standard One:12 buck but there is nice detail on his metallic arm.  The body armor has decent details with Rob Liefeld’s trademark pouches along his belt and legs.

The paint details are excellent especially on his metallic arm.

 Cable also includes light up features on his armor and on both of his heads.  As cool as it looks to see a figure with light up features, I don’t know if cable should have other light features other than his eye.  They should have saved some of those features for his weapons.

Cable includes two different heads, a ‘serious’ and a ‘grimace’ head.  Both head’s eyes light up and the paint on the faces are clean and well detailed on the hair.  The ‘grimace’ head looks flat out ugly.  The teeth are fine but the head itself doesn’t look anything like I’ve seen in the comics.  The more serious head looks great and I can see the soldier through this face.


The articulation is smooth with movement along the head, arms, elbows, hands, waist, thighs, and knees.

Cable comes with six other hands a laser rifle, grenade launcher, hand pistol and a knife.  The laser rifle has three translucent parts along the barrel which is a nice unique touch on an accessory.


Cable’s hands have no problem holding onto the weapons but I do have a problem with the stand he comes with.  The figure keeps falling off the stand when using just the foot peg.  The translucent arm is the only way to keep the figure from falling.


The overall figure is great to play with and use with other Mezco figures to create scenes.  The peg stand is really the only problem with the figure and I really don’t like the second head.

The figure is currently sold out on the Mezco website and will only be available on the second market for upwards of $80.00.

There will also be a PX previews cable figure with a different armor design coming soon, so it may be your second chance at a Cable figure.




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