MOTU Masterverse Battlecat TOY REVIEW

In 2019 at Power-con, it was announced that the next generation of He-man and the Masters of the Universe would be MASTERVERSE.  A new all encompassing wave of MOTU figures from every type of media and a compliment to Masters of the Universe classics.

Based on the forthcoming Netflix series Masters of the Universe: Revelations, Mattel’s first offering in this new line is Battlecat/ Cringer


The box is a window box with hidden symbols surrounding the Masterverse logo. Brand new artwork from Eamon O’Donahue and new character description.

The saddle and helmet is made from a hard plastic based on the artwork from the new animated show.  The eyes are actually painted onto the helmet to differentiate from Cringer’s eyes.

The details on Battlecat are fantastic, you can really see the hair on the great beast.

The colors are bright but not too bright to make it look like a cartoon.

The articulation is fantastic in the paws, legs, shoulders, head, neck, head, mouth and tail.

I’m using Filmation He-man from Mattel because they both are from animated shows and you can tell just how huge this figure is compared to a six inch figure.

He-man fits really well on this Battle cat so some figures you can use on this Battlecat.

Both the saddle and helmet are easily removable and the figure becomes Cringer.

This is a great feature and it is something that MOTU fans have been asking for, however…

Compared to other figures even from other Masterverse figures, Cringer is just too big.  Even at seven inches, I think Cringer is just too big and should warrant a smaller figure.

Battlecat is a fantastic figured could fit into any interpretation of Masters of the Universe.

Other than Cringer being a too big, this is a powerful looking figure as Battlecat should always look.

Battlecat is now showing up as an exclusive at Target stores for $29.99


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