MOTUC Horde Troopers Review

Greeting Fellow Collectors,

I wanted to start this review off by saying that I have been waiting a long time for these figures and just like most of the MOTU Classics these figures did not disappoint.  Since I purchased an army of Palace Guards my shelf space has been waiting for another army worthy to challenge the Heroic Guards.  Finally that time has come as Matty Collector will release The Horde Troopers.


 The Troopers come in a white mailer which is pretty standard until next year when Mattel will release the figures in a brown recycled box.


 The box is standard window packaging with the Horde Logo displayed on the window. The back of the box features a new Bio for the Troopers.  Again this is a great opportunity to show how creative you can be by coming up with your own names for your army.


 The Articulation is standard, the Head moves back and forth up and down, side to side.  Articulation at the wrists,ankles, elbows, feet and arms along with the stomach crunch are standard on all the Classics figures including the Troopers.  Now on my set of Troopers the joints are really tight especially on the legs.  The left leg was so tight I thought I was going to snap it off.

There is a lot of unique tooling on this figure besides the Head and Armor.  It looks like a new crouch piece and legs.

The Troopers have amazing detail that was sculpted by the Four Horsemen.  Beneath the armor you can see wires and rivets that you can easily tell this is a machine.  My favorite part of the details is that they created a “trigger” finger on the left hand.  The Figure’s armor is soft rubber prominently showing the Evil Horde Symbol.  The paint colors were fine, no scratches or marks.

In this box set you will get one Trooper unharmed and one Trooper Battle Damaged.  (The one pictured here is the Battle Damaged one because he has more detail.  Showing burnt marks on his collar

The Head and Armor are both removable.  However when removing the HEAD please be careful!!  The head is somewhat soft and I had a difficult time removing it from the neck.  The Armor is easy to remove and has pegs to clip on the sides.


Both Troopers come with accessories (weapons).  A Horde Shield, Staff, Filmation inspired Stun Batons and a Horde Crossbow.

There is a Horde Dragon detail on the staff.

 The Shield just snaps right on the wrists.One of the cool details as I mentioned before is the “Trigger” finger on the left hand and with some adjusting you can actually position the Baton  straight along his arm.  If you use the rubber bands that hold the figures in place (in the packaging) you can have him keep that Baton position on his hand.

As with most MOTU Classics figures the head is removable to allow different heads to attach to the body.  However CAUTION, I did have some difficulty attaching He-man’s Head to the Trooper body.  After comparing, it looks like the ball is slightly bigger than the He-man figure.  (I also noticed this at Power Con at the Matty display.)  It is possible to place a He-man head on the body just be careful not to use too much force to get it in. It is possible to get the head on.

I had no trouble attaching the Hordak Head to the Trooper Body which is great to have different options on the figure.  You can even recreate scenes from Secret of the Sword.

If you are in to customizing your figures, the Horde armor can go on any standard MOTUC buck.  Which is great to create new or familiar characters.  I had wish that this set would have included a General Sunder head or a head with He-man’s hair sticking out (Ala Secret of the Sword).

Send some of your mix and match character pics to and we will be post the pics on our facebook site.

Ok now to discuss what everyone is concerned about since the figure was announced, ‘Can the Troopers eyes look like the ones on the Filmation series?’

This is the closest you can get the eyes to resemble the Filmation series Troopers.  Now because this figure is super tight I was playing around with him and for the most part he retained this look.  Unfortunately when you move his head to the side you see a lot more of the yellow in his eyes.  I didn’t have to mess with his head or armor much to get this look.  The Unharmed figure that he comes with, I did have minor difficulty achieving this look because his armor kept going lower.

If you want this look and have trouble getting it, there are some things you can do.  These are some suggestions from customizers.  You can get sticky tac and keep the armor in the exact position to achieve this look.  You will no longer be able to remove the armor without damaging the tac but you’ll have the look that you want.  The next suggestion is to simply spray paint the black over the yellow using tape to get the look you want.  These are just suggestions and are not guaranteed to get the results you want.  Always use caution when trying to change something on your figure.

These are incredible figures that I am happy to add to my collection. I couldn’t wait to get another army builder set to battle my Snakemen army or Palace Guards.  I just need to find time to play with them again and you should too.  Now I understand that not everyone is in to army building which is cool but I highly recommend getting at least one Horde Trooper set just to complete your Horde Collection.  You will not be disappointed!!

The Horde Troopers go on sale on October 15th on and is part of the Club Eternia Subscription as the Quarterly Two-pack that is offered.


Tom Romero

Contributing Editor

Mary Griffin (Photographer)









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