Mr. Nostalgia: Disney/Pixar Cars toy…

My wife got me this for Christmas. It’s a die cast pick up sold exclusively at The Disney Store of John Lasseter called John Lassetire. This is the chase figure from the series. It’s titled “Surf’s Up” and has a few cool things. The first is the fact that it’s modeled after Pixar genius John Lasseter not only in name but in design also. The paint design resembles a Hawaiian shirt, something that John Lasseter is well known for. On the surf board is the ball from the Pixar short Luxo Jr (this ball can be found in many Pixar films and shorts). The surf board itself I like as a nod to something I really want to do: surf.

Living in the colds of Jotunheim, NJ makes me wish for warm weather. While I have a goal of getting to that, this little pick up will serve as a reminder of that goal and keep me moving towards it.

Mr. Nostalgia

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