Mr. Nostalgia Goes to Disney World: Part 7

Here we have Mickey as an Indy bank holding a Disney version of the fertility idol from the beginning of Raiders. While I didn’t take a picture of the back, a small idol from each of the other Indy films is at the base: a Sankara store from Temple of Doom, the Holy Grail from Last Crusade, and the Crystal Skull from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Next an Indiana Jones Disney Racer car. I tell you, If I had these kind of cars as a kid I would totally have played with them and NOT destroyed them.  Essentially, the Disney Racer cars seem to highlight something of the character, so for example, while they can use Darth Vader’s mask to become a car or Yoda’s face, for Indy, they put his fedora on top of the car and painted it to look like the colors of his well known outfit.


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