Mr. Nostalgia Goes to Disney World: Part 9

Since Disney also owns the Muppets, they did some cool merging with them and Star Wars as well. You can guess some of the characters, Kermit as Luke Skywalker and Miss Piggy as Princess Leia. Link Hogthrob is Han Solo with Fozzy Bear as Chewbacca, and I’ve seen the Emperor played by a more obscure, but equally cool Muppet, Uncle Deadly, but I couldn’t find one to get a picture of. Below are just a few shots of some of the ones I saw that I thought were cool.

One of my favorites Sam the Eagle as Ben Kenobi, Gonzo the Great as Darth Vader (which fits in well since in an episode of The Muppet Show the “Stars of Star Wars” appeared with Mark Hamill, Gonzo dressed as Vader in it), and though not fully in the shot Camilla the chicken as an Imperial Stormtrooper.

Last but not least is a pretty cool set. Here we have Animal as Boba Fett, Scooter as Lando Calrissian, and Link Hogthrob (known from Muppet Show episodes that had Pigs in Space in them) as Han Solo frozen in Carbonite.
With Disney now also owning Marvel Comics, will it be soon that we’ll be seeing merged versions  of these characters? I can see it now: Mickey Mouse as Spider-man, Donald Duck as The Incredible Hulk, Goofy as The Mighty Thor and Stitch as Wolverine! That would be pretty cool.
Well, that’s all the picutres.  I apologize the posts didn’t originally work the first time we posted them, I believe that was my fault.  I hope for those of you who wanted to see what these toys looked like you finally got to and I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Sorry there were so many posts to this series, but I wanted to avoid the mistake I made last time and figured this was the best way to do so.
Until Next time,
Mr. Nostalgia

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