Mr. Nostalgia is back and he is not alone

It’s time for another trip down Memory Lane with Mr. Nostalgia in… Collectors in Arms
One of the greatest things I’ve learned about collecting isn’t the finding of the toy, it’s about getting there. “Life’s a journey, not a destination” they say, and I think that is true with toy collecting. There is more excitement in trying to get that “Holy Grail” you’re looking for than actually buying it. Case in point, all those days and nights in the early 90’s when I would go out with my friends looking for toys, trash talking each other, talking about movies, quoting lines from films, talking about toys and books in the most detailed way, observing every angle of the story, wondering what would happen if Darth Vader didn’t turn good at the end of Return of the Jedi, or just talking about our jobs.
Those were some of the greatest times ever, and even if we didn’t find anything we still walked out of the store smiling and laughing, not bothered in the least. So, to you, all my “Collectors in Arms”, this blog is dedicated to you and my many thanks for those great memories of going to toy stores and conventions.
First to my wife, Mrs. Nostalgia, who went on toy hunts with me when we were dating and wondered what she got herself into, but also for vacationing with me every year in Disney World, sharing my love for Disney, and collecting Disney art, pins, and anything else Disney related. For watching every Disney special that they air on TV even though we have already seen them 1,000 times already, and for being you.  I love you, Mrs. Nostalgia.
To my brother Chad, for never letting me play with your Star Wars toys but I did anyway. For those times in the 90’s when you’d go on toy hunts with us for the latest “new” Star Wars toys, looking for the potato chip bag to get the proof of purchase to send away for the Ben Kenobi Force figure and going to the Chiller Horror Movie Convetions. Thanks, and I swear I don’t have your signed Alex Ross Spider-man poster.
To my twin sister Jodie, who always went on toy hunts, collected more than I did, and got me tons of Disney stuff while away at Disney College Program, who went to conventions with us to Chiller, and talks Disney with me and Mrs. Nostalgia and Disney collecting. Thanks.
To Rich, who went to practically every convention I ever went to, for being my friend that all started with a tauntaun (you’ll read about that soon), and for hanging out constantly in the 90’s when we were in toy hunt fever, thank you. Now, give me my tauntaun back.
To Tommy, owner of this website, who lets me write about whatever I want and never says no, who went to conventions with me and Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash here in the great state of NJ, thank you for giving me this opportunity to write and for always watching out for Jodie when hanging out with her, and for being a great friend. Here’s to you, and move back to NJ already!
To my cousins Brian and Mark, who were younger than me in the 90’s but still went for rides with me and looked for toys for me.  I always looked at you two like younger brothers and I hope you saw me as an older brother, just one who didn’t give noogies.  I thank you for all those times, for playing Aladdin on Sega, for eating your dad’s Hungarian goulash, and for being great cousins.
To Jacques, who took me into New York City for autograph hunts, showed me the sights of the city, took me to collectible stores, went on toy hunts with me, and sends me and Mrs. Nostalgia tons of Disney stuff from Florida, thanks, and I will see you in a few weeks.
I like to think of these people as not only friends and family, but my fellow Collectors in Arms, and I value the collected memories I have of going out with them, looking for toys, sometimes finding them, sometimes not, but spending that time together. They were great times and make the 90’s special for that reason.
Mr. Nostalgia

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