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With the success of the first wave of Marvel vinylmations, Disney is no doubt well on their way with creating the second wave. While there have been no announcements yet, I decided I’d make my list of who I’d like to see.

The first wave was released on October 11, 2013 and featured 12 characters in the case, including the chaser. Pictured below, the characters were:

Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Future Foundation Spider-man, Vision, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Spider-woman, Nick Fury and Ultron as the chaser. These figures were blind boxed, meaning they were wrapped in foil inside the box so you don’t know who you’re getting.

marvel wave 1

Released exclusively to the D Street store in Downtown Disney West Side is Hawkeye:


Sold exclusively to the park was Wasp and Yellowjacket:



With the movie Avengers team already “assembeled” (Ultron will be appearing in Avengers 2) my wave features a mix of characters, as well as some villains, which the first wave lacked.

Since Disney released a total of 12 in the first set, plus the 3 exclusive ones, I did the same and would like to see the following:

Wave 2 case:

Spider-man (red and blue costume)
Green Goblin
Silver Surfer
J Jonah Jameson
Rocket Raccoon – chaser

Cyclops and Jean Grey – 2 pack park exclusive
Angel – D Street store in Downtown Disney West Side

Time will tell if any of my picks makes the cut when Disney releases wave 2, but I think Wolverine is a sure bet to be in it, and with Guardians of the Galaxy coming to theatres, I think putting a member from the team (Rocket Raccoon) is a possibility, to get people to know about the book and movie.

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