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Here at Toy Lines we take our job seriously, and I sadly made an error in my 2nd Stringers article.  While looking at Lone Ranger images on bing the other night I came across this great looking poster:

and I thought to myself, what a cool looking poster.  But, further down the line, I saw images of toys that said The Legend of the Lone Ranger with cards that looked like this, and I realized those were the toys from my 2nd Stringer article. As I said in the article “They were made for a cartoon series made by Filmation in 1980 called The Tarzan/Lone Ranger Adventure Hour, and later renamed in 1981 The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour that aired on CBS.”

Well, it turns out I was wrong.  The Lone Ranger toys were not created for that cartoon but for this movie that came out in 1981 and starred:

  1. Klinton Spilsbury  –  The Lone Ranger / John Reid
  2. Michael Horse –  Tonto
  3. Christopher Lloyd –  Maj. Bartholomew “Butch” Cavendish
  4. Richard Farnsworth  – Wild Bill Hickok
  5. Lincoln Tate – Gen.  George Custer
  6. Ted Flicker – Buffalo Bill Cody

On the film received 4.5stars out of 10, and many people seem to think it was pretty much a flop.

Presented below is the Lone Ranger half regarding the toys from the movie that I mistakenly gave credit to the cartoon along with some images:


The Legend of the Lone Ranger toys, as the card said, was black with a profile of the Lone Rangers mask and face on the left side of the card. On the bottom of the left side of the card was a picture of the Lone Ranger riding Silver in front of a sun over the mountains. The figures were bubbled on the right side. The back top of the card had a picture of all 5 characters with their guns and 3 horses, as well as a brief back story about the Lone Ranger.
The Lone Ranger figures were:
The Lone Ranger who came with two guns
Tonto who came with a dagger and gun
General George Custer who came with a gun
Buffalo Bill Cody who came with a rifle
The villainous Butch Cavendish who came with a gun.
The Lone Ranger’s horse Silver, Tonto’s horse Scout, and Butch Cavendish’s horse Smoke were sold separately (though the figures were sold with their horses together later on).
The card went through a variation when a small blurb reading “Free Western Town” replaced the image of The Lone Ranger riding before the sun. On the back of the card was a picture of the Western Town. To get it, all a child had to do was cut out the proof of purchase, which was the white name of the characters (four was necessary to send in and could have been any combination of figure and horse or just figures so long as four was sent in). The offer expired June 30th 1982 and they would receive it by August 1st 1982.
The free Western Town was nothing more than a cardboard backdrop with illustrations that read: The Gold Nugget Saloon and Casino, Carson City Bank, Arbuckle’s hotel, jail, Bok’s General Store, Blacksmith shop and stables, and came with streets and side walks.
I apologize for the error in giving credit to the cartoon series for these toys when they were clearly made for the movie.  I promise to give as much research as possible to the toys history that I’m researching and to do better in the future.
Mr. Nostalgia


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