Mr. Nostalgia Presents…the GI Joe Doll as Indiana Jones

I remember one vacation to Disney World in 2004 with my wife we were walking around Disney-MGM Studios enjoying our day. While we would do all the rides there, sometimes we would skip The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular for a few years, and then see it, that way it always remained fresh to us. I always made it a point though every year to check out the Indiana Jones merchandise at the Adventure Outpost or little cart they had.  I liked seeing what they were selling, and since Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in 1984, there hadn’t been any new Indy toys made until Disney started making park exclusive Indiana Jones merchandise.  But that day I was surprised to see something they had, because, while they had their regular exclusive merchandise, this was something else, something I had never seen them do before or since. It was a 12 inch doll dressed as Indiana Jones and on the box had the name G.I. Joe.

Now, this toy wasn’t supposed to be Indiana Jones himself like most toys are, but it was GI Joe AS Indiana Jones, as a stunt man for the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.  There were two versions of this Indiana Jones/GI Joe doll, one African American and one Caucasian.  Both were dressed as Indy would be and were in nice, large boxes that gave you a good view of what the toy came with, with the GI Joe logo on the top of the box and a nice Indiana Jones one on the bottom featuring Harrison Ford in the Indy gear.


This Hasbro figure is actually re-used from a toy line called “Adventure Team Secret of the Mummy’s Tomb” back when Hasbro started to release different Adventure Team play sets between 2000-2004, just in time for an Indiana Jones version.

The doll came with the following items: whip, side bag, leather jacket, torch, three jewels, three snakes and a sarcophagus with a mummy inside. The back of Indy’s jacket reads “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular” across it.

The box details are very nice, with a clear front as mentioned above.  The back has a great picture of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones from a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark where he is in the Cairo Market Place (and makes me think it might be the scene where Indy runs into the Cairo Swordsman) and has pictures across the top from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, and above those pictures the name Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.  The text over the image of Harrison Ford reads: “Facing death-defying obstacles and clashing with the enemy is part of a normal day for Indiana Jones. The epic tales of this globetrotting archeologist have fueled the imaginations of would-be thrill seekers around the world, thanks to the magic of movies.

Making that magic look real onscreen means taking real-life risks that can only be handled by highly trained stunt people and experts in explosives and weaponry. The Indiana JonesEpic Stunt Spectacular recreates those amazing scenes, pulse-pounding explosions and awesome clashes of Indiana Jones’ adventures for a live audience.

While watching the professional crew and stunt people in action, some of the guests may be chosen as extras, but the director chooses GI JOE to play the most important role – Indiana Jones himself.

GI JOE has extensive combat training and nerves of steel that make him a natural choice as he faces the perils of performing dangerous stunts. Fending off a gang of masked attackers, jumping from rooftops, even narrowly escaping before being crushed by an enormous boulder are all handled deftly by GI JOE.

Emerging unscathed among exploding fuel tanks and army vehicles, he proves that even in the fantasy world of moviemaking, a role like that of an Indiana Jones stuntman is serious business, where only professionals need apply.”

This is a really cool Indiana Jones and GI Joe collectible.  It doesn’t bother me that the face doesn’t look like Harrison Ford, I mean, does the 12 inch Kenner head really look like Harrison Ford?  Not really, nor does the 12 inch doll released in 2008 for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

I didn’t buy this that day, I figured I already had my Kenner 12 inch doll so I wouldn’t need another, but today I wish I did.  It sold back then for $40.00.  It’s kind of ironic, if you read one of my earlier posts about Indiana Jones where I was trying to find The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones action figure of Indiana Jones, I used to use a GI Joe figure and pretend he was Indy (that was until I traded a kid on the playground two bags of onion rings for the Indy figure, the deal cost me a total of 50 cents) and back in 2004 I could’ve had a 12 inch GI Joe doll and pretended he was Indiana Jones.  It’s the “Circle of Life” I tell you!

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