Mr. Nostalgia Talks Coloring and Crayons? Again?

My sister, hearing of my relaxation technique of coloring picked me up these packs of Craoyla Twistable Crayons and Crayola Color Pencils as a surprise.


I told her about my work about going into detail making the characters look as they do in the comics, and she asked me to color her a picture she would hang on her refrigerator. Hey, if my niece can make it there, why can’t I? So I asked her what she would like, a Marvel picture perhaps, but she said Disney, and her favorite character no less, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty (released 1959 and voiced by Eleanor Audley, who previously voiced Lady Tremaine for Walt Disney in Cinderella in 1950). No problem, I said. (Don’t ask where I got the picture). So, I took out some of my Disney books to match the correct colors to the character, her skin tone especially, being a strange shade of green had to be chosen wisely. Let me just say this, Walt Disney and the gang really were on top of this character when they created her color wise. While most might see just a shade of black, they miss the nuisance of the purple undertones beneath the robe, the red sharp nails, the green skin, even her raven Diablo has a purplish-tone around the eyes besides just being black and having a yellow-ish beak. So, with my reference in hand I colored her picture. Here is the final product below:

Some artists use oils or pastels, some do wood carvings while others use computers. Me, I use Crayola products to color my pictures. Of course, these aren’t pictures I drew, but pictures from coloring books that I color. So, to show my appreciation to Crayola for helping me relax when times get stressful, here is a little something I wrote in my own version of Spoken Word:

I’m sitting on a stool on stage, a microphone in front of me, dressed in black with a beret on. My head is facing the stage floor and the lights are off. The café is dimly lit, the only source of light coming from the candles flickering on the tables and the lamps that are lit and hanging so low that they seem like they aren’t even on. The brew of coffee and Espresso fills the air. The crowd murmurs softly about my performance tonight, almost in a hush, as if they weren’t speaking at all. I pick out words like”…Nostalgia…new…Mr….spoken word”. This club is the utmost in underground Spoken Word. It’s so underground it’s below underground, that even moles don’t know their way in, only the fans do. A pack of new Crayola Twistables are in my back pocket. I lift my head and the spot light shines all in one fluid motion. The audience goes silent. I begin:

I see the world through the prism of a Crayola Color Chart and think what color would I color that tree, that sunset, the grass, the water, the ocean. I look at each page like a canvas and say “How can I convey the true feelings of the Green Goblin in this image? How can I make it come through that he is Spider-man’s deadliest enemy?

It’s almost like the pencils are one with me, they take over my mind, the colors choosing where they will go, and I am not the colorer and the Crayola the pencil, instead, I’m the pencil and the Crayola becomes me and colors through me, the conduit to the picture, so that in the end, there is no Mr. Nostalgia or Crayola, but one unified being creating.”

 I hang my head at the same time the spot light goes off. The crowd is silent, not a sound fills the room. There is no clapping, then, the thunderous sound of thumbs snapping.

Until next time,

Mr. Nostalgia



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