Mr. Nostalgia thinks about his third date

When I started dating my wife we had several dates before we became “official”.  Our first date was to the movie “In & Out” (1997). I was hanging with my sister & our friend Lee before the date & his words of advice to an already nervous me was “Don’t F it up”.  Our second date was with my sister & Lee to a pumpkin patch, followed by Chinese in a place in China Town. The next day I was eating left overs when my fork hit something that I swear was cinder block. Our third date was really cool; we watched my favorite Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes Back.  My wife always liked the scene on Hoth with the At-At’s, & while in Target the other day I saw this little diorama with Legos, thought of that date, so snapped a picture.


Dedicated to my beautiful wife, Mrs. Nostalgia who has to put up with me carrying a camera wherever we go incase I see toys, me researching like a nerd about toys, & who had to sit through one too many Star Wars conversations with my buddy Rich. I’d face a whole bunch of At-At’s just to be with you.


Mr. Nostalgia

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