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With Christmas just finished and presents still underneath the tree, it made me think about presents I once gave. I’ve mentioned my good friend, my collector-in-arms, the thousandth man Rich here on my blog tons of times.  As you know, he isn’t doing very well and each day sometimes is a struggle when it comes to hearing this sort of information. I was looking at the presents and it made me think of two gifts I gave Rich and I thought I would share them.

The first is a vintage R2-D2 from the 12 inch doll line. One night when I had my first house Rich and I were sending links of vintage Star Wars toys that were being auctioned on eBay. Rich sent me one that said “Buy me this” and had the R2 toy in the link.  It was going for $25.00.  I didn’t let him know, but bid on it, won, and gave it to him for his birthday.  What’s cool is that it came with the Death Star plans.


Rich was really excited over this present and said there would be no way to top a gift like that.  I agreed, but took it on to prove him wrong.

Which leads me to his second gift.  A few summers ago Mrs. Nostalgia and I went to Disney World for vacation.  We came home on Rich’s birthday, and the good friend he is, he picked us up from the airport. A week before I had been watching an auction to get him a birthday gift, something I knew he would like.  I wound up winning the auction and paid right away, and it just worked out that when I was away the payment was received and the toy sent out. It was waiting for us with all the other mail we had coming to us.

Rich is a sci-fi geek and loves robots. Any kind of sci-fi he digs and he is always trying to get me to watch it. When I was a kid I liked this movie, but only for the robots, and now, I really can’t stand the movie, though I still think the toys are cool.  What movie? Disney’s The Black Hole which came out in 1979. The movie was in development for 5 years, took 14 months to make and cost Disney $20 million.  It didn’t make its money back by a long shot.

My favorite, as well as Rich’s, robots were V.I.N. CENT., voiced by Roddy McDowall and “Old” B.O.B. voiced by cowboy great Slim Pickens. V.I.N.CENT stood for Vital Information Necessary Centralized and B.O.B. stood for Bio-sanitation Battalion.  The V.I.N.CENT toy could cost you lots of money for a mint version, and the B.O.B. will cost you even more. I got lucky in being able to find him this toy for $40.00 plus shipping.  It came complete with the stand.


(V.IN.C.ENT and “Old” B.O.B. from The Black Hole movie)

(V.I.N.CENT toy)

Rich never saw this toy coming.  He was so shocked. He said when he was a kid he had this toy and he would put it in his pocket when he would do homework, and when he mother wasn’t looking, take the toy out to play with.  He lost it long before I met him.

I was really glad to give him this gift.  It really made his day and totally topped the gift of R2-D2.  I really don’t know what would top this gift, maybe a toy of B.O.B. or life-size replica’s of the robots.

Mr. Nostalgia

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