My Childhood Dream

In 1914 Italian immigrant Antonio Pasin came to America in search of his dream.  He held several labor jobs before saving enough money to begin his own company, using his cabinet making skills which he learned from his grand-father & father to create phonograph cabinets. The company was named The Venetian Furniture Company after his home town near Venice Italy. A creative person, he built a wooden coaster he called The Liberty Coaster after the famous statue & soon he was creating & selling more wagons than cabinets.  Soon he began using steel instead of wood to create the wagons.  This is how the company became known as Radio Flyer, after the first steel wagon they built.

For 100 years Radio Flyer has been the leader in great wagons & has even created those based off of popular television shows or movies, like in the 1950’s when they teamed with Disney to put out wagons based off of the famous Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Club & Davy Crocket.

While Radio Flyer has had quite the impressive history, I think nothing could be cooler than their most recent release, something I wish was out when I was a child, an actual working Star Wars Landspeeder.  Based off of Luke Skywalker’s  X-34 speeder from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, the Radio Flyer Landspeeder can sit 2 children. The speeder comes with an interactive dashboard which features lights, actual sounds & dialogue from the movie (for sounds you get the Engine startup/shut down & the flying noise, while the dialogue has three lines, one from Luke Skywalker,  “Look it, there’s a Droid on the scanner. Dead ahead.  Might be our little Artoo unit. Hit the accelerator”, beeping noises of R2-D2 & from C3-P0, “There are several creatures approaching from the South East”.  These are the actual voices of Mark Hamill & Anthony Daniels.)

The speeder has a shift which can make it go between 2 to 5 miles forward, or 2 miles in reverse. It runs on a 12 Volt rechargeable battery & also comes with the charger.  The weight limit is 130 LBS & is for ages 4 & higher.  In Toys R Us it sells for $499.00.

I wish they had this out when I was a kid.

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