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With our Christmas presents unwrapped & the excitement of Toy Fair 2015 weeks away it’s time collectors turn their attention to the next craze of 2015. With all the toys that’re due to hit shelves this year be it new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Shopkins, or Disney’s Frozen toys, I think it’s safe to say the two most talked about toys are those that’re movie based.

The Avengers: The Age of Ultron & Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Unleashed. While The Avengers has show more in the trailer than Episode VII there’s no doubt there will be plenty of cool toys coming out this summer & Christmas for the films. Sure to be played with all summer long will be the new Avengers figures while sitting under every Christmas tree of 2015 will be Episode VII toys.

With Star Wars Rebels toys popular & collector’s collecting the Star Wars Black Line, you can bet Episode VII toys will be big on Christmas lists.  For those whose birthdays are in the summer, you can bet lots of Avengers toys will be received as presents.

Stay tuned to Toy-line for coverage on these toys & more as the toy craze of 2015 begins.

Mr. Nostl.

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